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New Posts for Thursday, April 16th
Question Risk Level Views
Blood on cab seat follow up
New Posts for Tuesday, April 14th
Question Risk Level Views
2 month HIV blood test
Categories: HIV Testing
New Posts for Monday, April 13th
Question Risk Level Views
Question 30
Foot Blister and massage 22
Please help me! I am so upset.
Categories: HIV Transmission
Categories: HIV Transmission
New Posts for Sunday, April 12th
Question Risk Level Views
Real risk with CSW- high risk group 37
semen splash 30
hiv risk
Pimple popping 26
High risk exposure 63
Can pneumonia be caused by HIV ARS ? 66
3 test done in 49 days (3rd generation test, 4th generation, and RNA HIV testing) 41
Received unprotected Oral Sex
Categories: HIV Testing, Oral Sex
please Help- HIV test 54
am i HIV free?
Categories: HIV Testing
New Posts for Saturday, April 11th
Question Risk Level Views
Ejaculated when rubbing our penises... 32
hiv woes 42
Oral sex and anal fingering 38
Could I have HIV? 26


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