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New Posts for Tuesday, August 16th
Question Risk Level Views
Had sex with a ladyboy 998
New Posts for Sunday, August 14th
Question Risk Level Views
Cigarette burn finger is it risk ?
Is there posibilities you have HIV symtoms but tested negative
Categories: HIV Testing, Symptoms
Scared to death performed unprotected cunnilingus 617
New Posts for Wednesday, August 10th
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i dont understand why you dont reply
question 701
New Posts for Wednesday, July 20th
Question Risk Level Views
Unprotected Oral sex 1,768
New Posts for Saturday, July 16th
Question Risk Level Views
Can HIV be transmitted through toilet seat 344
New Posts for Tuesday, July 12th
Question Risk Level Views
syringe phobia 3
Was my 10 month old exposed. Driving myself insane and my husband! 9
HIV Transmission 3
Menstrual blood on nose 4
while kissing 5
(only antigen or both antigen and antibody) HIV 1 & 2 WITH p24 Antigen - Method - CMIA 5
Can you get HIV if touching a door knob and then accidentally touching the tip of penis when urinating? 3
Condom probably inside vagina 7
transmission through finger prick? 5
New Posts for Monday, July 11th
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I was really drunk and kissed someone with cuts in my mouth..now super scared about HIV risk! 3
Hiv transmission through touching hiv+ persons skin then touching nose 5


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