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New Posts for Friday, January 23rd
Question Risk Level Views
risk from alcohol swab ?
Categories: No Risk
HIV1/HIV2 and RNA tests
Categories: HIV Testing
New Posts for Thursday, January 22nd
Question Risk Level Views
HIV test 5 months after exposure. 59
am i infected?
Categories: No Risk
Have I Got The infection?
New Posts for Wednesday, January 21st
Question Risk Level Views
Giving Oral Sex
Categories: Oral Sex
Cut on penis
condom broke while removing from the penis shaft
worried 43
hugging , face over face , eye
Categories: HIV Transmission
worried 36
Std risk from hand job 23
ARS symptoms and ict acuracy test 29
New Posts for Tuesday, January 20th
Question Risk Level Views
Rapid hiv test 26
Scared but tested 33
blood contact on hand 27
HIV Test After 5 Month is Conclusive? 23
Hiv Questions 37
hiv with blood on penis 36
Please help with std question 32


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