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New Posts for Tuesday, January 20th
Question Risk Level Views
HIV by shaking hands with a drug addict 76
New Posts for Monday, January 19th
Question Risk Level Views
condom broke while removing from the penis shaft
Hiv test without chase buffer
help me222
Categories: HIV Testing
Rapid test 13
Risk of having cum on penis head (May enter uthera)
Categories: HIV Transmission
2 symptomps in 10 days after unprotected intercourse... 13
Want to know my risk level.. 8
symptons causing distress
Categories: HIV Testing
New Posts for Sunday, January 18th
Question Risk Level Views
Categories: No Risk
Going Crazy. Please Respond 16
Very scared 13
Receiving oral 14
HIV Oral and symptoms 15
bukkake risk 16
New Posts for Saturday, January 17th
Question Risk Level Views
doubtful symptoms after fingering
Categories: HIV Transmission
Rapid HIV Test Accuracy at 8 weeks 18
I'm losing it!!!!!! 13
New Posts for Friday, January 16th
Question Risk Level Views
Symptoms VS Testing?????
Categories: HIV Testing
ARS late symptoms? 9


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