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New Posts for Sunday, May 24th
Question Risk Level Views
sharing eye makeup ! 12
Testing for HIV, Hepatitis C and other STIs 23
Fingering, unprotected receiving and giving sex, direct contact with semen 22
Im a mess
Categories: HIV Testing, No Risk
scared of symptoms..... 17
Several test but Still concern hiv 22
precum risks 20
Bloody Booger 23
Slight penetration 50
I am worried plz help me as soon as possible
Categories: HIV Testing
New Posts for Saturday, May 23rd
Question Risk Level Views
Hookah sharing exposure
Categories: HIV Transmission
HIV Tranamission from Penis Tip Touching Urine on Toilet Seat? 23
accuray and reliability of tests in terms of time 62
HIV testing date 44
Make a difference? 38
please help me lower my anxiety
Categories: HIV Testing
1 or both
Condom broke 26
Follow up question on HIV transmission 26
HIV related quaestion 23


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