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New Posts for Tuesday, March 31st
Question Risk Level Views
Worried sick
Categories: HIV Transmission
Hiv negative
Categories: HIV Testing
New Posts for Saturday, March 28th
Question Risk Level Views
can hiv be transmitted through electric shaver 18
is this a risk? bleeding knuckle due to dry skin. 19
Encounter with a sex worker with various acts but no penetration - risk?
Categories: HIV Transmission, STIs
New Posts for Friday, March 27th
Question Risk Level Views
Ars and cold sores?
Categories: HIV Transmission, STIs
Hiv negative at 3 months but recurrent symptoms for months now
Please answer?
Follow up to Blood in Fruit Question
Categories: No Risk
blood on penis 29
Antibody + PCR test questions - conclusive? 37
am I at risk?
Categories: No Risk
HIV exposire 23
Gym no supplements but taking PeP
Categories: HIV Testing, No Risk, PEP
Precum on outside of condom
Categories: HIV Transmission
HIV Through extended contact with underwear
Categories: No Risk
HIV Infection 41
HIV in toilet/restroom 21
New Posts for Thursday, March 26th
Question Risk Level Views
Risk Concern in Public Toilet 16
Straddling a Person/HIV Risk 21


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