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New Posts for Saturday, October 18th
Question Risk Level Views
Protected vaginal sex with possible HIV infected person, what are my risk? 21
Semen in eye during mutual masturbation 25
please please help, I am desperate. am I infected?
hiv risk from badge
Categories: No Risk
worried 52
Are these symptoms? please help me. 44
mr worried 35
Condom Broke/ HIV Risk 42
New Posts for Friday, October 17th
Question Risk Level Views
Staple 2 26
11.5 months test result 49
So confused on OraQuick Result 42
Condom and HIV
Categories: HIV Transmission, STIs
Receive handjob and being licked 46
HandJob 24
New Posts for Thursday, October 16th
Question Risk Level Views
Conclusive? 44
85 days
Categories: HIV Testing, No Risk
First Positive and then Negative 49
Cuticle cutter 26
using condom for vaginal sex, is it safe
Categories: HIV Transmission
Oral Risk
Categories: HIV Transmission


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