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New Posts for Thursday, May 21st
Question Risk Level Views
Categories: HIV Testing
12 weeks 31
Spitting on Head of Penis
Categories: HIV Testing, No Risk
scared 20
Am I having possible HIV symptoms? 21
recieve oral sex, SD Bioline HIV 1/2 3.0, blessing gums 23
New Posts for Wednesday, May 20th
Question Risk Level Views
Trying to be As Cautious as possible 20
Unprotected anal sex 14
My mother helped keep me alive during a trauma And was exposed to my infected blood
Categories: HIV Transmission
Low risk or not low risk? I found two answers.
Categories: HIV Transmission
sd bioline hiv 1/2 3.0 14
Categories: HIV Testing
hiv test
Categories: HIV Testing
Constant worrying 14
Possibly Exposé to The blood borneo infections such as HIV 10
Hand job and massage
Categories: HIV Transmission
aids without detectable antibodies 18
Hiv ag/ab 5 weeks rapid 8 weeks 12
hiv worried 17
Hiv transmission through razors 8


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