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New Posts for Tuesday, May 21st
Question Risk Level Views
Please Respond, So Depressed 44
Please answer me, i'm very anxious
Categories: No Risk
New Posts for Monday, May 20th
Question Risk Level Views
Blood Splattered into my Eye 32
Hiv from a band aid
Categories: No Risk
New Posts for Sunday, May 19th
Question Risk Level Views
Unprotected anal sex and PEP
Categories: High Risk, PEP
Can I get HIV from an object? 36
Contamination from Knife cut to an Open Wound in Mouth 37
I Pray We'll Be Ready 34
New Posts for Saturday, May 18th
Question Risk Level Views
Negative results from 4th generation DUO test after 6 weeks & 10 weeks & 2 days. 39
New Posts for Friday, May 17th
Question Risk Level Views
Gonorrhea and Chlamydia from blowjob 27
New Posts for Thursday, May 16th
Question Risk Level Views
vagina fluids on condom 76
New Posts for Wednesday, May 15th
Question Risk Level Views
Probability of HIV infection of 20 second insertion of the penis in an anus 67
my ass has "wound", but then i got fingered at a wet spa.. it goes on? 44
HIV DUO combo Interpretation 71
risk from blood on the surface 110
Hiv from sharing coke straw via sniffing
New Posts for Tuesday, May 14th
Question Risk Level Views
Dentist : blood from another patient : risk ? 58
Analingus with chapped lips 54
risk of hiv from food 80
Should I do the PEP or not? 83


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