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New Posts for Thursday, July 30th
Question Risk Level Views
Should i get tested for HIV? 27
New Posts for Thursday, July 23rd
Question Risk Level Views
Blood donation
Categories: HIV Testing
metal (no one asked) 13
Kissing 10
Is there any risk? Please help 19
New Posts for Wednesday, July 22nd
Question Risk Level Views
precum, masturbation on hand with a little burn on index finger knukcle 13
Worried about cut 17
cuts from blood test 12
Curious 18
Handjob with molluscum contagiosum. Am I At risk?
Categories: No Risk
Unprotected Oral Sex and Touching Vagina with Hand Wart 16
Receiving a blowjob , kissing and touching the vagina 10
Risk from pre-ejaculation? 17
Unprotected Sex 14
razor blade quetions 11
New Posts for Tuesday, July 21st
Question Risk Level Views
Query 17
Severe HIV anxiety- Please please reply 12
Oral sex under the shower 9
Friend visit house - hiv risk from contamination 8
Slight Skin Cut/HIV Risk 17


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