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New Posts for Thursday, February 26th
Question Risk Level Views
Should i consider PEP?
Categories: HIV Transmission
New Posts for Friday, February 20th
Question Risk Level Views
Massage and testing
Categories: HIV Testing, No Risk
New Posts for Thursday, February 19th
Question Risk Level Views
Condom bursted while havong sex with prostitute 11
8 weeks 20
Can you catch HIV this way? 13
Giving oral sex to a female who has aids, with other factors at work 9
rupturing of condom for a moment 6
Result at 12 Weeks (84 days).. 6
New Posts for Wednesday, February 18th
Question Risk Level Views
I have a question
Categories: HIV Transmission
Why is Condom Low Risk Sex and not No Risk or Negligable Risk?
Categories: HIV Transmission
Condom slipped while having protected sex with CSW. What is my risk of HIV? 5
Possible hiv infection?
Categories: HIV Transmission
HIV 1/2 & P24 Combo Test 23
Scratch 19
Michael-0606 26
New Posts for Tuesday, February 17th
Question Risk Level Views
NAT test after 54 days and tridot test after 90 days are conclusive?
Categories: HIV Testing, NAAT Test
Cigarette burns 17
Risk of transmission when fingered vaginally by an HIV+ male
Categories: HIV Transmission


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