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New Posts for Tuesday, August 16th
Question Risk Level Views
Had sex with a ladyboy 1,408
New Posts for Sunday, August 14th
Question Risk Level Views
Cigarette burn finger is it risk ?
Is there posibilities you have HIV symtoms but tested negative
Categories: HIV Testing, Symptoms
Scared to death performed unprotected cunnilingus 876
New Posts for Wednesday, August 10th
Question Risk Level Views
i dont understand why you dont reply
question 881
New Posts for Tuesday, August 2nd
Question Risk Level Views
test at 6 month
Categories: HIV Testing
New Posts for Saturday, July 30th
Question Risk Level Views
Toilet bowl contact with hand/open cut 12
New Posts for Thursday, July 28th
Question Risk Level Views
Testing after 1 month of the risk activity 117
Kissing and masturbatiion risks 31
Wooried About Hiv Test 30
Is air conditioner's air able to kill Hiv just like outside air?
Categories: HIV Transmission
kalyan 41
New Posts for Wednesday, July 27th
Question Risk Level Views
Vaginal fluid touched penis after removing condom 60
Deep french kiss 36
Protected oral sex worried about HIV 65
tooth extraction and drink sharing
Categories: HIV Testing, No Risk
Worrying... 34
Superficial cut on finger/knuckle area? 27
Can I get HIV by only one time unprotected anal sex with HIV positive partner 52


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