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Anonymous HIV Testing

Anonymous HIV testing is now available as a pilot program in Vancouver.

What is anonymous testing?

In order to provide completely anonymous HIV testing, no personal contact information (such as name, address or phone number) will be collected or stored. A numbered testing code is provided to you to ensure that access to test results is strictly restricted. As such, when results are ready it is your responsibility to contact the clinic to get your result using your code.

If the test result is found negative, no followup is required. If positive, your code number will be reported to public health, as HIV is a reportable infection in BC. If you test positive and choose to receive support from public health nurses, you will be required to retest using your real name.

For more information, please consult the Smart Sex Resource. Additional information regarding anonymous testing is available here.

Where is anonymous testing available?

Currently, anonymous testing is available in Vancouver at the following locations.

Health Initiative for Men (HIM)
421-1033 Davie Street
604 488 1001 ext. 223 or 227

Health Initiative for Men (HIM) on "The Drive"
1723 Grant Street (Commercial Drive)
778 808 3568

Bute Street Clinic
1170 Bute Street
604 707 2796

STI & HIV Clinic - BC Centre for Disease Control
655 West 12th Avenue
604 707 5600

Smart Sex Resource