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New Posts for Wednesday, October 10th
Question Risk Level Views
Kiss on the lips with dry lips, can I get HIV? 38
New Posts for Tuesday, October 9th
Question Risk Level Views
I Beg for Help 128
Share something with HIV person, any risk?
Categories: No Risk
Please Help! 55
Blood in ice water
Categories: No Risk
Can HIV survive in vomit for 5 minutes?
Categories: No Risk
New Posts for Monday, October 8th
Question Risk Level Views
Deep Kissing on the lips and Risk of HIV Transmission (Worried)
Categories: No Risk, Symptoms
New partner, should I retest for HIV ? Should I worry about unprotected intercourse? 34
Swollen Lymph Nodes? 51
New Posts for Saturday, October 6th
Question Risk Level Views
can hiv transmitted through dirty water 19
Am I infected 51
New Posts for Friday, October 5th
Question Risk Level Views
Tip of Penis - Anal 72
New Posts for Thursday, October 4th
Question Risk Level Views
Please asses my risk 82
New Posts for Wednesday, October 3rd
Question Risk Level Views
Questions about HIV transmission
Categories: Cuts/bruises, No Risk
Getting HIV as a Tattoo Artist, Got Poked by the Needle 107
HIV Transmission During Anal and Penis Examination
Categories: Negligible risk
New Posts for Tuesday, October 2nd
Question Risk Level Views
Conclusiveness of HIV Test ? 136
Potentially semen/urine in food
Categories: No Risk
HIV Insti rapid test 91
Unprotected fellatio...fully protected vaginal sex....Latex condom being intact.. 147


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