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New Posts for Tuesday, November 6th
Question Risk Level Views
Protected vaginal intercourse and unprotected oral sex - risk and symptoms? 95
Risky Exposure with Commercial Sex Worker 120
Can HIV be transmitted from tissues? 14
New Posts for Sunday, November 4th
Question Risk Level Views
Question about possible large exposure to urine 33
HIV and hotel
Categories: No Risk
New Posts for Saturday, November 3rd
Question Risk Level Views
He Didn't Tell ME 66
Bleeding injection point and handles 11
Can HIV be transmitted through hair?
Categories: No Risk
New Posts for Friday, November 2nd
Question Risk Level Views
I was mugged, should be tested? 44
New Posts for Thursday, November 1st
Question Risk Level Views
HIV through abdominal ultrasound? Should I be concerned? 26
hiv test and symptomps 82
Oral msm risk 33
New Posts for Wednesday, October 31st
Question Risk Level Views
Really scared of getting hiv
Categories: Cuts/bruises, No Risk
Can I get HIV if my penis touched a vagina for a few seconds,but no penetration at all ?
Categories: Negligible risk
HIV Transmission through Cut in Mouth 147
Sex with Female (possibly HIV positive) 168
Worried and Need Advice
Categories: HIV Testing, Low risk
Woman catches HIV after having her nails done using shared manicure equipment
Categories: HIV Transmission
New Posts for Tuesday, October 30th
Question Risk Level Views
Pulled Hangnail, Cut, Touching, UTI, 105
HIV Transmission From Hand Washing 63


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