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New Posts for Sunday, July 31st
Question Risk Level Views
HIV Through Oral Sex with Precum 6,929
is it possible 6 month negative result can be positive at next time. 3,263
Please assess my risk 5,929
can i belive serum antiobies test of hiv1 and 2 after 8 months 1,762
body to body massage hiv scare few symptoms 9,042
touched guy dicks with my ripped calluses and it shoots blood, does that mean If he have hiv I got it? 1,091
Doubting HIV test results 3,557
New Posts for Saturday, July 30th
Question Risk Level Views
Blood contact from massage 987
Mr 711
Toilet bowl contact with hand/open cut 1,205
accuracy of rapid test 1,163
HIV risk 1,648
Scared I have HIV 4,004
New Posts for Friday, July 29th
Question Risk Level Views
I test my HIV after 5 month, and 6 month of exposer. ELISA and rapid strip test mtheod. I have no any ohter symptom. But I am felling mental anaxaity. Am I free from HIV? 1,031
Unprotected sex 2,833
Possible Hiv transmission<HELP> 2,283
Reused condom 1,576
HIV 1 Ag and total ABS to HIV I and II 1,338
New Posts for Thursday, July 28th
Question Risk Level Views
blood donation 1,410


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