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New Posts for Tuesday, July 12th
Question Risk Level Views
HIV Transmission 438
Menstrual blood on nose 438
while kissing 492
(only antigen or both antigen and antibody) HIV 1 & 2 WITH p24 Antigen - Method - CMIA 514
Can you get HIV if touching a door knob and then accidentally touching the tip of penis when urinating? 424
Condom probably inside vagina 488
transmission through finger prick? 1,052
New Posts for Monday, July 11th
Question Risk Level Views
I was really drunk and kissed someone with cuts in my mouth..now super scared about HIV risk! 425
Hiv transmission through touching hiv+ persons skin then touching nose 514
HIV risk from hands and then touching my underwear?
Categories: No Risk
Can Hiv be transmitted through blood splatter ?
Categories: HIV Transmission
Hiv through touch
Categories: HIV Transmission
i have my right elbow pain its pain in a gap of 2 - 2 min and swollen gland and had vomiting and tierdness and some other symptoms. 714
Chance of Getting a HIV virus 479
New Posts for Sunday, July 10th
Question Risk Level Views
I am from Romania, 3 months ELISA Combo 1+2 negative and 4 months and 1 week Eclia Duo Negative. Please.....
Categories: HIV Testing
New Roommate, Masturbation, Transmission. 464
Please answer. Am I overthinking
Categories: Low risk
Am I experiencing HIV ARS?
Hiv from sanitary napkin?? 563
Worn bikini
Categories: No Risk


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