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New Posts for Sunday, July 10th
Question Risk Level Views
Can HIV be spread through infected razor blades which left red scratches around the neck and partially popped pimples? 990
New Posts for Saturday, July 9th
Question Risk Level Views
Difference between 84 days and 90 days
Categories: HIV Testing
Can tonsillitis affect the HIV test? 728
hiv test results 872
trevor 518
used condom masturbation 835
HIV possible from razor? 662
New Posts for Friday, July 8th
Question Risk Level Views
How can I be sure Im HIV negative? 647
Handjob with scrapes of penis - HIV worries... 489
18 weeks negative but still symptoms 721
Excessive Naked Frottage Risk 1,859
Blood on mouthpeace 335
New Posts for Thursday, July 7th
Question Risk Level Views
Apparently very low risk but ALL symptoms 686
blood on my hand at work 356
HIV risk through a trimmer cut on Lip
Categories: HIV Transmission
Transmission from tooth explorers 946
New Posts for Wednesday, July 6th
Question Risk Level Views
I am a little freaked out right now 601
3 times asked never reply. I beg your help please. 353
Bitting and touching condom
I'm worried I got the hiv through a pin 1,370


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