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New Posts for Monday, September 3rd
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Marijuana & 4th Gen Test, Conclusive? 175
New Posts for Sunday, September 2nd
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False Positive Tests?
Categories: HIV Testing
I had unprotected oral sex; scared of getting HIV 450
New Posts for Saturday, September 1st
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Saliva, HIV Transmission? 171
oral sex without condom 255
HIV transmission through receiving oral sex 369
New Posts for Friday, August 31st
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Accuracy and Window Period of 4th Generation HIV Screening 391
New Posts for Thursday, August 30th
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HIV from mosquito bite
Categories: No Risk
HIV transmission through a deep kiss with biting and blood 156
New Posts for Wednesday, August 29th
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how safe is it to have sex if viral load is unknown but taking medicine regularly and indulge in safe sex 229
Reactive Point of Care Test Result 362
I am lost 357
HIV transmission vaginal fluids to skin wound 378
New Posts for Monday, August 27th
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Hiv exposure blood to gum contact
New Posts for Sunday, August 26th
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HIV through breastfeeding 110
New Posts for Wednesday, August 22nd
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Accuracy of Point of Care HIV Test 423
mutual masturbation penis cut
New Posts for Tuesday, August 21st
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Can you get infected with HIV through dental equipment? 234
Rubbing Penis Against Vagina With Soreness/Irritation
Conclusive at 21 days post exposure?
Categories: HIV Testing, NAAT Test


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