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New Posts for Tuesday, April 23rd
Question Risk Level Views
Receiving oral sex 338
squeezed acne 173
Protected fingering 143
Had sex with CSW and Breakage of condom. 273
New Posts for Monday, April 22nd
Question Risk Level Views
Semen from mouth on penis
Categories: Oral Sex
High risk
Categories: Symptoms
New Posts for Saturday, April 20th
Question Risk Level Views
Please Help! 122
std from handjob with spit? 120
My Question was answered but not completely : PLEASE answer the 2nd part of it which got missed perhaps : FINGER PRICKED WITH LANCET AND FINGERED CSW 24 HOURS LATER WITH SAME FINGER 105
New Posts for Thursday, April 18th
Question Risk Level Views
unsterile procedure 83
Was this a risk???
Categories: No Risk
Penis head Insertion for 10-20 seconds. Post-PEP testing 163
New Posts for Wednesday, April 17th
Question Risk Level Views
Risk of hiv from fresh blood on the mouth of cup 179
New Posts for Tuesday, April 16th
Question Risk Level Views
Possible exposure - very worried 101
Want to know the Risk of STIs
New Posts for Monday, April 15th
Question Risk Level Views
Hiv from Massage Parlour 202
Stupid Mistake 255
Semen on hand from masturbation
Condom Broke 163
New Posts for Thursday, April 11th
Question Risk Level Views
Hope you can help me. 217


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