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New Posts for Saturday, August 31st
Question Risk Level Views
4th Generation Antigens/Antibody Test at 9 Days Post Exposure 468
New Posts for Friday, August 30th
Question Risk Level Views
hiv sharing food 145
Categories: No Risk
please answer im scared 168
New Posts for Thursday, August 29th
Question Risk Level Views
hiv in sugar 121
Combo Ag/Ab Test After 72 Days 191
Very Worried, Please Help - HIV and Milk 125
Risk of HIV/AIDS in one-time gay sex 252
New Posts for Wednesday, August 28th
Question Risk Level Views
Please Help Scab
Categories: Cuts/bruises, No Risk
Negative but high risk and red flag symptoms 226
Dental instrument cut hand 125
Am I in danger? 251
New Posts for Monday, August 26th
Question Risk Level Views
Need clarification on risk 158
Risk of HIV infection or hep C after contact with dried blood? 153
Pricked with a sewing needle 168
Categories: HIV Transmission
Symptoms after 2 days of exposure and continues till 2 weeks 336
New Posts for Sunday, August 25th
Question Risk Level Views
Is it possible to get HIV from toilet bowl water? 135
living in anxiety and fear 173
New Posts for Friday, August 23rd
Question Risk Level Views
Hiv in the park 105


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