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New Posts for Tuesday, December 4th
Question Risk Level Views
please reply , i have sent a mail also 220
Suspected HIV infection 276
Contact with sexual fluids 310
Hiv from popping my pimple please read 145
New Posts for Monday, December 3rd
Question Risk Level Views
Are my results conclusive? 415
HIV transmission through sharing a joint 212
Oral Sex 223
New Posts for Sunday, December 2nd
Question Risk Level Views
Nicked vulva while sharing a shaving razor? 204
New Posts for Saturday, December 1st
Question Risk Level Views
HIV through sharing a razor? 215
test vih 4 generation 308
New Posts for Friday, November 30th
Question Risk Level Views
Handjob at massage parlour, slight rubbing of vagina on penis, nipple sucking biting lick of me 179
blood on the subway train
Categories: No Risk
Protected Vaginal Sex & HIV RNA PCR (Mr AB) 167
Unprotected Sex 200
New Posts for Thursday, November 29th
Question Risk Level Views
Please I Beg for a kind reply (Anxiety at the top) 327
Got a bite on chest over my pimple 107
Please answer me! Am I at risk for hiv? 163
Blood in my mouth during Rugby tour 143
New Posts for Wednesday, November 28th
Question Risk Level Views
Oral sex and semen on eye, rash 9 days later. 332
Fsw used infected condom
Categories: HIV Testing, Symptoms


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