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New Posts for Thursday, July 28th
Question Risk Level Views
HIV transmission - fingering, possible exchange of body fluids 1,677
kalyan 509
New Posts for Wednesday, July 27th
Question Risk Level Views
Vaginal fluid touched penis after removing condom 2,629
Deep french kiss 588
Protected oral sex worried about HIV 1,086
tooth extraction and drink sharing
Categories: HIV Testing, No Risk
Worrying... 465
Superficial cut on finger/knuckle area? 1,446
Can I get HIV by only one time unprotected anal sex with HIV positive partner 3,817
New Posts for Tuesday, July 26th
Question Risk Level Views
HIV Testing
Categories: HIV Testing, PEP
HIV Transmition
Categories: HIV Transmission
Neosporin 469
oral sex 1,454
Blood on mouthpiece 514
Transmition Equation
Categories: HIV Transmission
I am scared pls help 574
Toilet bowl 583
New Posts for Monday, July 25th
Question Risk Level Views
oral sex
Categories: STIs
Question 393
Mutual masturbation Std worries 1,197


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