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New Posts for Wednesday, July 20th
Question Risk Level Views
Unprotected Oral sex 2,832
scratched by a sharp blister strip 282
HIV symptoms occurred at 4 weeks, but duo test was negative at 6 weeks. Confused, please help. 1,313
Massage Parlor 545
Genital-Hand-Genital HIV Transmission 618
Possibly consumed HIV+ blood while actively bleeding in the mouth? 592
New Posts for Tuesday, July 19th
Question Risk Level Views
HIV transmission through sucking of nipples 452
Risk of contraction? 329
Shared Fleshlight 1,445
nail bites infection 265
In real trouble!! Please help me out
Categories: HIV Testing
Worried i have a std 296
HIV infection from deep kissing 677
Third generation detection 1,676
Hiv from sperm on glass? 459
sexual health question? 458
worried sick 678
New Posts for Monday, July 18th
Question Risk Level Views
Kissing with potential blood to blood lips? 1,679
Categories: HIV Testing
Wisdom Teeth Removal/HIV 293


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