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New Posts for Saturday, July 23rd
Question Risk Level Views
HIV Risk Assesment_ Please Help 1,171
kiss and lapdancing may cause hiv transmit? 604
HIV 717
put a band-aid on a cut. 623
Hiv from shaving 1,056
New Posts for Friday, July 22nd
Question Risk Level Views
HIV infection in healthcare setup 609
Blood on Cup 746
How long can a child be without symptoms if infected at birth?
Driver's Licence medical condition declaration
Cut on scrotum may have been in contact with vaginal fluids 1,302
Unsure About Current Symptoms
Categories: Low risk, Oral Sex
What is the risk? 854
panic after Commercial Sex Trade Worker gave me oral 1,371
transmission through jock itch
Categories: Cuts/bruises, Low risk
New Posts for Thursday, July 21st
Question Risk Level Views
HIV risk to mother while lactating
Categories: HIV Transmission
HIV RNA Test Reliability at 13-14 Days 5,251
Dried blood on watch 1,089
HIV 756
Am i at HIV risk? 761
At HIV risk 591


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