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New Posts for Monday, July 18th
Question Risk Level Views
HIV and Lancet
Annalingus HIV concern 819
High Risk, need help.
Categories: HIV Testing, Symptoms
New Posts for Sunday, July 17th
Question Risk Level Views
Possible HIV risk? 373
vacuatainer tubes 323
Acute HIV, fluid contacts 630
Diabetes lancet 1,469
http://helpline.aidsvancouver.org/question-categories/hiv-transmission 399
Hiv from touching eye 481
PEP IN 25TH DAY, 707
HIV Risk 497
Insertive vaginal sex during menstuation with condom broke 809
New Posts for Saturday, July 16th
Question Risk Level Views
Can HIV be transmitted through toilet seat 826
steroid to stack with testosterone
Health Worker 394
Worried about Massage 524
HIV 2,072
New Posts for Friday, July 15th
Question Risk Level Views
Hand job with injured penis 725
so worry about needle pricking 485
lesbian frottage 541


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