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New Posts for Thursday, August 4th
Question Risk Level Views
Deep kissing and protectd blow job 3,693
HIV cut wound. 2,597
New Posts for Wednesday, August 3rd
Question Risk Level Views
Can I get Hiv from someone's blood getting into my mosquito bite? 1,306
hi I am from bangladesh 2,952
Categories: HIV Transmission
Needle prick 1,725
hiv from handjob and massage 3,672
New Posts for Tuesday, August 2nd
Question Risk Level Views
test at 6 month
Categories: HIV Testing
Had unprotected anal sex with a 'shemale' 7,246
hiv window period 1,479
New Posts for Monday, August 1st
Question Risk Level Views
HIV infected semen in water 2,364
HIV Infected semen into open cut 3,150
can HIV spread through environment? 1,847
i think i have been infected with HIV...
Categories: HIV Testing, Symptoms
possible blood contact 1,553
hiv transmission 1,158
Long time Hepatitis C Treatment affect on HIV Test
Wound in the fingure 1,228
can i get hiv aids through deep kissing 2,205
New Posts for Sunday, July 31st
Question Risk Level Views
At home HIV testing
Categories: HIV Testing


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