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3rd Generation ELISA


Please help me to clear my query. I had unprotected sex who HIV status is unknown. But, I suspect, she is HIV positive. My last exposure 8th December, 2015. I first tested WB testing on 12th April, 2016; the result was INDETERMINATE NEGATIVE (Bands present, but pattern does not meet criteria for POSITIVE). This put me in more worry. I then tested ELISA testing on 27th April, 2016; result was NEGATIVE.
What should I consider now? I am suffering from excessive flatulence and gassing. I get my nose block during bed time, at night. I have other unusual problems that I had never experienced and suffered in my life, earlier. Please help.

Mr. Coldblue

I tested positive with ELFA at 5 weeks post risky exposure, however i tested non reactive with sd bioline 1/2 rapid test at 5 weeks as well. I need to wait two weeks for western blot, what are the chances I am really positive?

HIV infection tests

i had an sexual intercourse with a call girl in thailand on last week of (30april2016). i had a protected sex but my condom became little loose later so i am not sure of protection. since then i am afraid of infection. i face some symptom on hiv like tired, dry mouth, loss of appetite, diahorrea, rashes.so by then i did some tests 30days after sex (30may2016). hiv anitbodies test result came was non-reactive . dna pcr test also i had taken results have not come still. can u please tell me that whether i am in safe state or have any other test to detect the hiv much earlier. some people say i have to wait for 3 to 6 months. i am confused. please help me.

SD hiv 1/2 hiv antibody test

I had a possible exposure to hiv last April 8, 2016. and on may 2 and 8 i had this test including the rpr, tp-pa and HBsAg both came non-reactive.
Can I breathe easy now?
and is the test accurate?

thanks in advance

Are my negative test results conclusive?

I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend for many months starting in november of 2015 which is where we lost our virginities to eachother (we are each others only partners; we both havent had sex with anyone else). during Mid march I became sick and looked up my symptoms and they matched up to the symptoms of HIV. I took both and oral swab test as well as a blood rapid test during the month of april both came out to be negative... are those tests conclusive or should i take another one? they were both taken around the 5 month mark but im still not sure if it was too early to tell. also if those symptoms were infact HIV symptoms then shouldn't my tests have come out positive? I am currently very anxious about all of this and I want to know if I should still be this apprehensive about it or should I just calm down and relax? thank you

I am from Romania, I've made a 12 weeks Elisa Ser Hiv Test 1+3


I am from Romania, at 3 months (12 weeks) I've made a Hiv Test Elisa Ser 1+2 and come back negative (I don't know the test generation but on the note is Test Hiv Elisa Ser 1+2). It is conclusive because I'm very very stressed and anxious, I want to kill myself...please reply as soon as possible..... In my country they insist at 6 months....why?

oral sex only

I had risky sex[oral sex only] activity 9 weeks ago. At 30 days (4 weeks and 2days ) and 50 days(7 weeks and 1 day), I took a ELISA HIV test in China and it came out negative[I never take drugs].
The WHO Web site display : Window period :This is the time between original infection with HIV and the appearance of Detectable antibodies to the virus, normally a period of about 14-21 days.[ WHO:http://www.who.int/diagnostics_laboratory/faq/window_period/en/] ,Can I rule out HIV? I need to test after 12 weeks or not?

Worried of HIV

I have been exposed to a protected vaginal sex 66 days a go. I did a ELISA HIV 1 & 2 test at 61 days and it shows 0.06 along with full checkup for Habitats B and C, ECG, lever, Heart. etc and all gave negative with less than 0.1 results.

the only thing wrong was slightly high SGPT at 53

Do I need to worry ?

I have a sore through for 7 days now, and I had a diarrhea for 2 days with no other symptoms.

willbroad kaovela

i had unprotected sex with affected girl 4 month but on 5week after infection are measured HIV Elisa but result was negative but now i suffered from some wound in my lips and my penis now giving some sort of pus.

Elise positive (1.3), rapid antigen test (negative), Western Blot ( Negative)

HI, I had oral sex 9 yr's before. After that I never had any sex or needle exposure. I'm having UTI symptoms since last 5 years, while each time my urine culture come negative (undocumented). Recently, I have HIV Elise test, which come out reactive (1.3), while cut-out was 1.0. I was so depressed and worried, that how come this happened to me after 9 yr's, though I have no HIV symptoms. I got tested for rapid antigen and western blot, Both come (Negative). I'm still worried, do I still have chances to get HIV? Do I need any further test? Why was my antibody count exceed so much that it marked me HIV infectious in ELise test? Does that mean I have HIV virus present in mu body ? I'm getting married and very nervous, Please help me.


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