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3rd Generation ELISA

HIV transmission

i had sex with three guys but note that i had done it at different time . but i have done it without condom is there any risk of HIV

pcr dna and p24combo test

One of my friend participated in sex with a girl but the condom was broken in middle...he completed his sex after that he find it was broken...any way he tested with pcr dna qualitative test after 22 days from exposure the result is negative...and after 35 days from exposure tested with hiv duo p24 combo test .
the result is negative. After 60 days from exposure tested with same p24 combo test result is negative...pls anybody can give detailed information about this early tests...we saw in some websites the pcr dna test works 2 to 3 weeks...after 3 weeks or after a month or later the pcr dna test detect the virus or not ...it detect only in early stage like 2 to 3 weeks...or the pcr dna qualitative test detect virus after 3 months or not ..and also the antigen p24and hiv duo combo test also mentioned that after the seroconversion period the antigens are undetectable...
We are in confusion..the p24 combo test results was valid or not after 5 weeks and 8 weeks after exposure...
if test with pcr rna qualitative test is that usefull after 2 months from exposure
my friend dont have any symptoms during this 2 months...but he had sex with his wife and he used condom during the sex..but he kissed her with lips with sour lips..both of them have sour lips cause of summer heat..
is there any problem with lip sour contact with kissing...pls answer with full details...thanq u.

HIV risk


A bit over six weeks ago I had an unprotected encounter (condom broke) with an HIV+ guy, I was the receptive partner (anal sex) . I found out about his status too late to start prep, therefore, I know there might be a high chance of infection. I have had a variety of symptoms since then, and was also tested positive for Chlamydia, I have had cold like symptoms (Sneezing, runny nose, swollen glands)- no fever, nor diarrhea, nor vomiting tho. I have been dealing with a nasty headache on a daily basis almost since day 4 after the incident, however , I have tested negative at 3 weeks (rapid test), 4 week ( P24 antigen) and 5.5 weeks ( 3rd generation Elisa), and although I know these tests aren't conclusive, is my negative 5.5 weeks somehow reassuring ? I am freaking out, and the headache, combined with the stomach pain I have developed after a course of antibiotics to treat chlamydia are taking a toll on my sanity and peace of mind, so thank you for your input!

HIV Infection

Hi There,

I have been to a lady a month back. I am little worried of myself now. What I did is I rubbed my penis on her vagina and while rubbing I inserted the tip of my penis and suddenly i realized and took off. Wore condom that had sex. But m still worried if I can get HIV transmitted. Since she was an unknown lady i am not sure of her. status. Please advice me. Thanks


I had a blood test done for hiv after 5 weeks but still haven't heard anything what kind of test would this be and as thet say no news is good news its been 9 days the results should be back by then in Canada yes what do you think

Positive Rapid Test but Negative ELISA test

I am a 32 year old male. I had an unprotected vaginal sex in mid December 2015. On January 26th (roughly 5 weeks after the exposure), I started feeling fatigued and had flush face for no apparent reason. Two days later, I had swollen lymph nodes (only in the neck), sore throat and oral thrush followed by a 38.2 degree fever.

The doctor told me it was probably tonsillitis and a throat infection that has caused the fever. I was given penicillin injections ( 3 applications, 1 daily for 3 days, 800 mg each) along with Paracetamol (500 mg capsules, 2 times a day) and Anti-inflammatory medicines (600 mg capsules, 2 times a day) for 3 days. My fever was gone in 3 days but I still had mild swelling in the lymph nodes with some pain and discomfort. The doctor did not feel necessary for me to continue with the anti inflammatory drugs and told me that the swelling will heal naturally.

On February 4th 2016, I told the doctor about my exposure to HIV risk and he said that although he doesn't think that I have HIV but it was wise to do a Rapid HIV test. The test was called "DoubleCheckGold" HIV 1&2. I got the result in approx. 1 hour and it was POSITIVE.
However, they said that they need to do a confirmatory ELISA 3rd Generation test to confirm. The ELISA test came out NEGATIVE. They ruled out the earlier test as a "False Positive".
I was asked to take another test 3 months after the exposure to be sure.

2 weeks later, I started having irritable bowel and diarrhea. The doctor gave me Omeprazol and IBS related medicines because I had a history of gastritis. However, they did not help. I saw a Gastroenterologist and he did not find anything serious and told me that had Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The doctor also said it was possibly due to stress and anxiety because of my HIV tests or anti inflammatory drugs. I still had swollen lymph nodes but no sore throat or pain. The stomach symptoms improved with medications.

I took ELISA 4th Generation Duo Test on March 30th i.e. roughly 3 months and 10 days after the exposure and it also came out NEGATIVE. 2 days earlier, the girl I had sex with also showed me her Rapid Test (which she took on March 25th) results and they were negative. However, I still have slightly enlarged lymph nodes although the doctor says he cannot see any swelling/redness but it definitely feels slightly bigger than normal. I also get flush face especially while eating. My blood test also showed that the percentage of lymphocytes was 15% and the normal range is between 20%-40%. According to the doctor, it was not something to be concerned about.

At this point, should I consider this test as conclusive or should I take another test in 3 months to be sure?

how conclusive is a negative result

what kind of checks are done to see that the accuracy of the rapid and EIA lab tests remain at about 99.6% sensitivity for true negatives? Outside the window period. And for how many people has this sensitivity ever been checked, how often?

Of course the more regularly one tests, the more certain one is of one's negative status, just by probability. But 99.6% on one test from the last encounter is still a chance of 4/1000 false negatives right? Or not?

No diagnostic screening test is clinically always 100% I have studied, so what is meant by the term "conclusive" after the window period.

Scared of hiv after unprotected oral sex and developed a pain under the armpit

I had an unprotected oral sex on 12 February and a week later I had developed a dry cough , fatigue and muscle stiffness with no fever and two days ago I had developed a pain under my armpit with no lumps and swelling and a pain on my chest muscle , before oral sex I had a bleed from my gum due to wearing of my braces while brushing my teeth in the morning and I had an oral sex at night and I had swallowed the cum since I had heard that the stomach enzyme would kill all the virus. Do you think I migh get hiv infection . I have not when for an his test since since it is not three month,

About the CMIA test

Hello! I got a CMIA test at day 83 after a potential HIV exposure via unprotected vaginal sex. I got a negative result (0.28 result, cut-off value is 1), and I believe it is conclusive. However, I have a question about the CMIA test. Is the CMIA a 4th gen test, or are there older 3rd gen CMIA tests still used? If all CMIAs are indeed 4th gen tests, I would go for them over other standard testing formats for routine HIV checks. Please advise.

Thank you!

high risk and test result

first sorry for my English, i have been here for the last 6 months reading posts and giving me courage to wait for testing. after all this tie i have some question if someone can answer them please.
long story short by curiosity i met this trans over internet. we had sex i was top with condom and then i was bottom while i was bottom the condom slipped but she continued without stooping. after that i get freaked out i almost lost my mind i had some "symptoms" and then

4 weeks 3gen HIV1/HIV2 > negative
7 weeks 3gen HIV1/HIV2 > negative
12 weeks 4gen ab/Ag > negative
4 months 4gen ab/Ag > negative
at 6 months full std panned > all come back negative
now 6 months and 2 week 4 gen ab/Ag > negative

is test result always overrule exposure risk ?

1/what scares me the most is i m going to get married in 3 weeks, can i consider myself clear and no more testing ?

i lived in hell for the past 6 months tried every anti depressant/anxiety dug just to support the waiting

thank you in advance


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