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3rd Generation ELISA

Mr. Coldblue

I tested positive with ELFA at 5 weeks post risky exposure, however i tested non reactive with sd bioline 1/2 rapid test at 5 weeks as well. I need to wait two weeks for western blot, what are the chances I am really positive?

HIV infection tests

i had an sexual intercourse with a call girl in thailand on last week of (30april2016). i had a protected sex but my condom became little loose later so i am not sure of protection. since then i am afraid of infection. i face some symptom on hiv like tired, dry mouth, loss of appetite, diahorrea, rashes.so by then i did some tests 30days after sex (30may2016). hiv anitbodies test result came was non-reactive . dna pcr test also i had taken results have not come still. can u please tell me that whether i am in safe state or have any other test to detect the hiv much earlier. some people say i have to wait for 3 to 6 months. i am confused. please help me.

SD hiv 1/2 hiv antibody test

I had a possible exposure to hiv last April 8, 2016. and on may 2 and 8 i had this test including the rpr, tp-pa and HBsAg both came non-reactive.
Can I breathe easy now?
and is the test accurate?

thanks in advance

Are my negative test results conclusive?

I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend for many months starting in november of 2015 which is where we lost our virginities to eachother (we are each others only partners; we both havent had sex with anyone else). during Mid march I became sick and looked up my symptoms and they matched up to the symptoms of HIV. I took both and oral swab test as well as a blood rapid test during the month of april both came out to be negative... are those tests conclusive or should i take another one? they were both taken around the 5 month mark but im still not sure if it was too early to tell. also if those symptoms were infact HIV symptoms then shouldn't my tests have come out positive? I am currently very anxious about all of this and I want to know if I should still be this apprehensive about it or should I just calm down and relax? thank you

I am from Romania, I've made a 12 weeks Elisa Ser Hiv Test 1+3


I am from Romania, at 3 months (12 weeks) I've made a Hiv Test Elisa Ser 1+2 and come back negative (I don't know the test generation but on the note is Test Hiv Elisa Ser 1+2). It is conclusive because I'm very very stressed and anxious, I want to kill myself...please reply as soon as possible..... In my country they insist at 6 months....why?

oral sex only

I had risky sex[oral sex only] activity 9 weeks ago. At 30 days (4 weeks and 2days ) and 50 days(7 weeks and 1 day), I took a ELISA HIV test in China and it came out negative[I never take drugs].
The WHO Web site display : Window period :This is the time between original infection with HIV and the appearance of Detectable antibodies to the virus, normally a period of about 14-21 days.[ WHO:http://www.who.int/diagnostics_laboratory/faq/window_period/en/] ,Can I rule out HIV? I need to test after 12 weeks or not?

Worried of HIV

I have been exposed to a protected vaginal sex 66 days a go. I did a ELISA HIV 1 & 2 test at 61 days and it shows 0.06 along with full checkup for Habitats B and C, ECG, lever, Heart. etc and all gave negative with less than 0.1 results.

the only thing wrong was slightly high SGPT at 53

Do I need to worry ?

I have a sore through for 7 days now, and I had a diarrhea for 2 days with no other symptoms.

willbroad kaovela

i had unprotected sex with affected girl 4 month but on 5week after infection are measured HIV Elisa but result was negative but now i suffered from some wound in my lips and my penis now giving some sort of pus.

Elise positive (1.3), rapid antigen test (negative), Western Blot ( Negative)

HI, I had oral sex 9 yr's before. After that I never had any sex or needle exposure. I'm having UTI symptoms since last 5 years, while each time my urine culture come negative (undocumented). Recently, I have HIV Elise test, which come out reactive (1.3), while cut-out was 1.0. I was so depressed and worried, that how come this happened to me after 9 yr's, though I have no HIV symptoms. I got tested for rapid antigen and western blot, Both come (Negative). I'm still worried, do I still have chances to get HIV? Do I need any further test? Why was my antibody count exceed so much that it marked me HIV infectious in ELise test? Does that mean I have HIV virus present in mu body ? I'm getting married and very nervous, Please help me.

Fingering with a 1 day old cut, 20 seconds oral sex

long story short, after a couple of french kisses, I proceed to finger her with a slight cut that burned slightly and them some oral sex which only featured one or two licks, then attempted to insert my penis (not hard) in her briefly and failed then she attempted oral sex on me but gave up after me not getting hard..
I suffered from a dry sore throat 2 weeks in and a one day long fever. No other symptoms arise so far besides bad breath which I remember having the day of the infection because I asked for tooth paste and a slight white tongue which a doctor denied being oral thrush.. also one painful gland under the chin which didn't hurt until I checked for swollen glands about 25 times.
I had bloodwork done for antibodies and antigens done 3 weeks in after the day of risk, and then I preformed an oral swab test a couple days later (both returned negative), her on the other hand had a HIV test 2 month prior and another oral swab one when I did.. They both returned negative which scares me even more because acute infections carry the most virus..
Am I at risk of anything or am I being delusional?


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