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3rd Generation ELISA

Antibody test after 21 week is conclusive

I had unprotected sex with my neighbour and tested for HIV antibody test at 35th day ,73 rd day ,113th day and 147th day .All were negative.but I have skin rashes on my back. I am from india.The test which i taken is HIV 1&2 ELISA. I think this is standard elisa test. Please guide me .Am scared.


what is the approximate widow period range for determine,statpak and uni-gold strips in detection of HIV

6 week negative HIV test.

24M bisexual here. In a commited relationship with a female..
Anyways, on Mar 16th I made the biggest mistake of my life and hooked up with another male I met on a hookup site. He told me he was clean, and negative. I topped. The sex lasted about 3 minutes and I pulled out. About a week later I had what I believe was an HPV outbreak (my first) and thats when I started to get concerned.

I got my first HIV antibody test done at 20 days : Results were negative.
I started reading about the window period, and decided to get an antibody/antigen combo test done at 6 weeks (44 days post exposure) and the result to that test was negative also.

At this point, I was feeling pretty comforted with the negative results. But then my significant other started showing signs of ARS, 2 weeks to the day after the last time we had intercourse. She's having night sweats, diarrhea, slight fever.

What are the risks of me catching HIV as a top from a one time exposure? and what are the chances that my 6 week negative HIV test will actually turn positive at the 3 month mark?

I'm terrified that not only I am sick, but my significant other to.

Clearview Complete Test at 15 weeks

Recently I have been extremely concerned about my HIV testing, especially since I have/am experiencing a few symptoms. I am a nineteen year old female and my possible exposure was on November 1st of 2015 with a male through vaginal intercourse. I unfortunately did not know his status. While were were having sex, at some point the condom broke. I do not remember the details, (I was somewhat intoxicated and this was quite a while ago) but I fear that he did not realize the condom had broken until after he had finished. I then performed oral sex on him (I know that is low risk but I am just trying to be as specific as I can be). I then saw him about a week and a half later on Nov. 11 and we had protected sex and I performed oral again (unprotected). After this (2 weeks) I went to the Women's Clinic at my university and tested negative for chlamydia and gonorrhea. At this point I was not experiencing any symptoms of ARS (at least I don't remember any). A little less than two months later I got a deep cough and sore throat after a late night out in the cold. The sore throat went away in a day but the cough has been on and off ever since, sometimes with phlegm, sometimes without. I then started to think about HIV. At 81 days after the unprotected sex and about 10 weeks after the protected, I tested negative with an Oraquick Home Rapid Test. I might add that I was extremely careful with following the instructions. This test provided me with some relief, but a couple of weeks later (13 weeks past possible exposure) I got a cold. The cough was worse and with congestion in my head/nose and a sore throat. The doctor said my lymph nodes in my neck were a bit swollen but not too bad, no fever or anything. She have me some cold medicine and it cleared up in a week, but the cough still lingers on and off today. Because of the cold, I decided to test again with Oraquick (seeing that the first test was not past 12 weeks since exposure). At exactly 14 weeks since the most recent possible exposure (the protected sex and unprotected oral on Nov. 11th) I tested negative with Oraquick. Being me, I was still extremely freaked out as I dwelled on the experiences and scheduled a test at my clinic. On February 23rd (16+ weeks post the high risk unprotected sex and 15 weeks since the lower oral risk) I was tested with a Clearview Complete rapid antibody HIV 1/2 Test, which I think is a 2nd Gen. test. The result came back nonreactive. Despite these few tests I cannot shake the idea that I could be HIV positive, especially since I am still experiencing the cough with a few other symptoms like occasional headaches, congestion and some mild joint pain. I have been to the doctor several times since and she has told me not to worry too much, seeing that it is most likely due to allergies and the weather here, but nothing really seems to work. I have even expressed my fear of HIV to her. My main fear is that I have/am seroconverting late so my tests would not have picked up antibodies. I know that some say the window period is 3 months, but I have also read i that you cannot be sure you are negative until after a 6 month test, especially after you had a high risk event like mine, or if your "medical history is incompatible with the tests". I really do not understand that last statement, does it mean that since I still have symptoms I should test again? I'll add that I have not had any health issues in the past so I really do not know why I would be a late seroconverter, nor am I on any serious meds. Since the experiences I have not engaged in any high risk actives, out of fear that I will infect someone I care about. Also, I really do not know much about the Clearview Complete test, just that it is only a second gen. test. Which makes me worry if it is as updated/popular/recommend as other tests. I am getting a 6 month test (Clearview) on Tuesday, but am terrified! Is there a large likelihood that I will be positive? Are these rapid antibody tests that I have been taking any less reliable then a blood test? Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to my worries, it is extremely appreciated!

CMIA Test -ve but still worried, please help!

Hi Doctor, I had sex with an unknown person on 10 Dec 2015, During sex, condom broke and I might have exposed my penis to a high risk. I have got myself checked four times and the results are as below
CMIA: 9 Jan (after 29 days)- 0.29
Elisa 3rg gen 12 Feb (after about 60 days) - Negative
CMIA: 24 Feb (after 76 days) - 0.21
CMIA: 15 Mar (after 95 days) - 0.1

I have not had any risk exposure (stayed away from sex) since 12 Dec. Should I still be worried?

HIV tests at 90 days - Still having fear

Hi All,


I am from india, I had a brief exposure with a prostitute in honkgong exactly before 99 days. I used condom, as this is the first time I was having vaginal sex, but I don't was there any break or slippage.

I was licking her vagina for 10 seconds and kissing her continuously in nipples, mouth.

I started to get lot of symptoms from 20 th day onwards

Rashes, mild fever, 3 small lymph nodes in neck, weight loss of about 5 kg, sometimes high fever about 100 f.

I started my tests as follows,

29the day rapid test - negative
33rd day rapid test - negative
33rd day REAL TIME pcr - viral load - hiv 1 - Target not detected
43rd day - elisa - non reactive
49th day - HIV DUO CMIA - non reactive
56th day - elisa - negative
63rd day - elisa - negative
70th day - elisa - negative
77th day - HIV DUO CMIA - non reactive
81st day HIV 1 RNA DETECTION using cobas taqman - not detectable
90th day - HIV DUO CMIA - non reactive
90th day - ELISA - negative

Other than these tests, I took STD tests on 88th day - for chlamydia, syphilis, HSV 1 and 2, HbsAg, CMV, RPR/VDRL, TPHL, TOXOPLASMA, rubella. Everything is negative other than rubella IgG with value of 136.

1. Is my tests are conclusive, should I need to take any tests in 6 months,

2.from 2 week onwards I am getting rashes on/off. is it related to HIV

3. What could be the cause of lymph nodes near ear and neck, this are not noticeable and not paint, May be around 1 cm.

4.I was using Alprazolam 0.25 MG for anxiety, will this have any effects on HIV tests.

5.is my other STD tests are conclusive?

worries about HIV

Hai Sir,

I am having as unprotected sex 20 years back.I check after 3 years (Elisa test) its comes negative , And now last 10 years iam working in dubai.Every 2 years thay are taking blood for for testing (i hope so) & all are passed.

Now the problem i feel is a lymph node on right side of my neck (i took heavy antibiotic but not going down) & feel too much tired.

Is this any chance of HIV. Iam too much worried,Please help me sir.



I've been through two incidents prior to this, the first (unprotected sex) and second (dabbing) which had caused me to live in anxiety for a long time. However I was tested negative for both situations (multiple tests over three months period after exposure) and stopped having sex.

However recently I just got into another incident, where the guy did not have a condom and rubbed his penis on me for minute? I immediately told him to stop after feeling a slight jab on my anus. I don't think it penetrated, there was no lube and I did not feel any pain at all. I was also able to stop the movement with my buttcheeks. I fear it penetrated, since I did not have sex for a long time and rarely do in the first place I would not know. Also there was no fluid, as the whole situation was very abrupt.

Again now im suffering from anxiety and counting the days until i can get tested in six weeks, meanwhile unable to do anything because of my agonizing mind. It may be because I had such bad prior experiences, that im so used to worrying. I was hoping that you could briefly asses my risk? also for future reference, what signals/feelings constitutes that something has penetrated into me?

HIV test

I am Prince from UAE. I recently did an HIV test using ECLIA. The result for me was negative. Now the recommended range showin the test is above 1 is positive. The value recorded for me was 0.2. My question is,

Is it common to have small traces of HIV virus in humans? Can this be cured completely?

Also is Hepatitis B transmitted by sex or is it by any other means? My Hepatitis B test was also done using ECLIA and my recorded value was 0.53.

Can this also be reduced?

HIV transmission

i had sex with three guys but note that i had done it at different time . but i have done it without condom is there any risk of HIV


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