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3rd Generation ELISA

hiv test again. a few symptons

Hi, I had vaginal penetration at 21st of December, and at first it was with a condom, but then we di it without it the same night. i had no symptons. but i took the HIV 3th generatio test and the HIV 1&2 Ag & Ab tests (Elisa 4th generation) in 21st of january. it was negative.
now a had test hiv 3rd generation test again at 29 february and it was negative again. i feel flu symptoms. had mild diarrhea. but i was taking Sultamicillin.
i´m under so much stress.

can i still be sure I that i don´t have hiv? can i be sure with those test?

Cmia ag/ab test after 8 weeks

I had protected sex with sex worker in Dubai last December.

After 11 days i had first fourth generation Elisa test than after 21 and 27 days i had another fourth generation Elisa test
than i had HIV antibody test after 33 days and than another fourth generation Elisa test after 37 days.
I had cmia ag/ab hiv test after exact 8 weeks from that exposure.

Please tell me if i need to have further tests?And have you seen any test turn to positive after 8 weeks time?

hiv test

Hi, I had vaginal penetration at 21st of December, and at first it was with a condom, but then we di it without it the same night. i had no symptons. but i took the HIV 3th generatio test and the HIV 1&2 Ag & Ab tests (Elisa 4th generation) in 21st of january. it was negative.

can i be sure I that i don´t have hiv? can i be sure with that test?

Kissing with Gingivitis and Bleeding after flossing

First of all thank you very much for your service. On 31 January I picked a random girl and had involved in deep kissing without tongue it was lip to lip, immediately she spat out and I also spat out & washed my mouth with water. Ten hours before this incident I brushed my teeth & used tongue scraper very hard and I got blood may be four to five drops and the bleeding stops then & there. But am confident enough that am suffering with Geographic tongue. Fourteen days after this I met the physician since I had developed couple of sores on the lower gum and I asked is it herpes cold sore she confirmed it is Bacterial Infection. Since the physician is lady I couldn't explained about this kissing incident. My questions are 1) Assuming the girl has HIV & gum diseases the possibility of me suffering with HIV is negligible or low
2) Assume even I swallowed some drops of blood of that girl is my risk would be still negligible or it becomes low risk.
3) Tongue scraper bleeding created 10 hours before will provide access to blood stream considering the blood stop then & there.
My other risk are Nipple sucking after 10 hours of flossing, Hand to vulva touching (no fluids on the hand) Closed lip peeks, Receiving condom protected oral from a tranny & from African, african lady gives hand job after removing the condom with mild foam and african sucked my nipple to make me cum faster once for around 20 to 30 sec, lick the scrotum. I anal fisted the tranny with the male condom on my three fingers.
Prior to these incident a week back I have tested negative through ELISA 3 gen. I am scared to death from then , am from India currently in Malaysia my anxiety has produced all the symptoms can I test using fourth gen at 3-4 weeks & then using ELISA. Pls advice even Benzodiazepine are not helping to reduce my anxiety. Pls help.

What should I do?

I had protected sex with a female csw 15 months ago.Condom was intact till the end.Later I found her she is postive.Since that I am suffering from lots of symptoms like swollen lymph nodes in neck,white tongue,loose stool and sometimes shortness of breathing.Recently I noticed significant curving of my nail.I have been suffering from low grade fever for 2 weeks.I've tested negative several times with 3rd generation antibody test 13 weeks rapid test,24 weeks elisa,28 weeks rapid test.Now my questions are.

1.What are the chances of me being seronegative infection infected but did not produce antibody?
2.Are my symptoms typical of HIV infection?
3.Should I go for PCR test?
4.Have you seen any case when beyond the window period someone is antibody negative but detectable in PCR?
5.Was I at risk in the first place?
5.What should I do now?

Blood Might Have Washed Over Penis

I traveled to Manila (in a poor, third world country--the Philippines) on the 9th of January. While there, I hired a sex worker. We had protected sex. However, my condom was a little small, and only covered about 3/4 of my penis. We had sex for a couple of minutes. After a while, i noticed that she was bleeding. I am not sure if it was from the friction, or maybe she was menstruating. We immediately stopped.

I removed the condom carefully. I noticed that I had blood on my crotch area, and my testicles. After a few minutes (about 5 minutes), I washed off the the blood from my crotch and the base of my penis with soap. But later, I realized that was probably stupid, because some of the water might have flowed over to my penis (I am uncircumcised), carrying with it some of the blood to the head of my penis. I began to panic and freak out.

I waited for a while before getting tested. I couldn't wait any longer, and 3 days ago (exactly 35 days (5 weeks) after the incident) I went for an HIV test. I tested non reactive for the enzyme immunochromatography test. (The test results state that "INTEC" was used as the reagent, if that helps)

I am now waiting to retest after 3months. But in the meantime, I am still worried. Could I have been at risk from blood washing over my penis and foreskin with the water I was using to wash?

I regret my actions, and have vowed to be careful in the future.

Please advise.


-Worried Young Man


Thanks for replaying me.I have one doubt still i have some skin problems like pimbles,Any STI infection in my body.Already i took HCV ELISA,HBSAG ELISA,RPR(SERUM) test at 8 months from exposure.All test results are NON REACTIVE.Apart from these STI any other STI will infection in my body.

In 3rd week from exposure rash appear in lips one day it seems to be.after that it will disappear.This related any HIV Infection or else any other STI.please assure that i have no HIV Infection.

HSV1 ,HSV2 TEST means?

If I will take above two test?

please reply me.I desire to marry one girl after 6 months.so i have clarify my doubts.



I had oral sex with call girl 8 months back.after 3rd week from exposure rash appear inside mouth.one day it will appear.after that rashes was disappear.Now i have some skin problems like pimbles,black pimbles.

I had took HIV ELISA,HCV ELISA,HBSAG ELISA,RPR(SERUM) TESTS at 8 months from HIV exposure.These test results are NON REACTIVE.Now 8 months completed.

I have doubt these test results are final conclusive or else in future change those results means possibility of HIV Infection.I'm very worried about HIV Infection.please clarify my doubt.

Local doctor says that after 1 year will be considered as final result.

If i need to take HSV 1,HSV 2 test ?

Any STIs test i need to take please reply me .


I need an expert opinion. Vaginal Fluids

I had a encounter with a prostitute, this encounter i only touched her body with my hands. I touched the breasts and vagina. In the vagina, touched for a few seconds, like a little massage near the clitoris, about 10 seconds, i do not insert any finger into the vigina. Unfortunately I always have small wounds on the fingers, near the fingernails, I bite my nails. Once in the car I remember to be biting my nails. I am afraid of her vaginas fluids, may be infected. I've done two tests, third generation to see HIV1 and HIV2, the two were negative.
Like this encounter was an exception I do not know exactly the day. the first test I did was on 23 November and the second on 18 December, I think that gives me the 12 weeks required ........ These 12 weeks are really safe?
The tests were carried out in Portugal, a certified center for HIV testing, and there were two rapid tests.
I need of your advice please.

ELISA and HIV chemiluminescence test


I had protected sex with a hooker on 2nd Jan 2016 and several interactions with hookers before ... i have not any particular symptoms till date except for an occasional fever in oct 2015.... i got myself tested on Feb 5th for hiv chemiluminescence test (NON REACTIVE) and ELISA (NEGATIVE) .... Unable to go on with my normal life ,,i am living with fever of other STDs ..i have had unprotected oral before .... what are my chances of contracting STDs ? do i need another HIV test?


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