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3rd Generation ELISA

Scared of hiv after unprotected oral sex and developed a pain under the armpit

I had an unprotected oral sex on 12 February and a week later I had developed a dry cough , fatigue and muscle stiffness with no fever and two days ago I had developed a pain under my armpit with no lumps and swelling and a pain on my chest muscle , before oral sex I had a bleed from my gum due to wearing of my braces while brushing my teeth in the morning and I had an oral sex at night and I had swallowed the cum since I had heard that the stomach enzyme would kill all the virus. Do you think I migh get hiv infection . I have not when for an his test since since it is not three month,

About the CMIA test

Hello! I got a CMIA test at day 83 after a potential HIV exposure via unprotected vaginal sex. I got a negative result (0.28 result, cut-off value is 1), and I believe it is conclusive. However, I have a question about the CMIA test. Is the CMIA a 4th gen test, or are there older 3rd gen CMIA tests still used? If all CMIAs are indeed 4th gen tests, I would go for them over other standard testing formats for routine HIV checks. Please advise.

Thank you!

high risk and test result

first sorry for my English, i have been here for the last 6 months reading posts and giving me courage to wait for testing. after all this tie i have some question if someone can answer them please.
long story short by curiosity i met this trans over internet. we had sex i was top with condom and then i was bottom while i was bottom the condom slipped but she continued without stooping. after that i get freaked out i almost lost my mind i had some "symptoms" and then

4 weeks 3gen HIV1/HIV2 > negative
7 weeks 3gen HIV1/HIV2 > negative
12 weeks 4gen ab/Ag > negative
4 months 4gen ab/Ag > negative
at 6 months full std panned > all come back negative
now 6 months and 2 week 4 gen ab/Ag > negative

is test result always overrule exposure risk ?

1/what scares me the most is i m going to get married in 3 weeks, can i consider myself clear and no more testing ?

i lived in hell for the past 6 months tried every anti depressant/anxiety dug just to support the waiting

thank you in advance


I need your help I am to much in stress … I took my HIV 1-2 ECLIA TEST on 77 days .. its came result 0.32 (Non-Reactive).
I had only 1-2 min Virginia Sex with sex worker . I was too much under pressure boz doing first time outside girl. Only one time I did and lot of doubts I am facing.

Kindly let me know is it final result. Or need some more test ?

I had symptoms since first day not sure its by Stess lot I was carrying. Now I have Swelling also in my full Hand, Leg with Finger & EyeLid, Leg and Hand I feel low energy.

Kindly advise me what should do now …? plz reply asap

Thanks & Regards,

Inconclusive Results, ARS, Braces


I recently was tested for HIV and when my results came in I was called into the testing clinic. These were the results:

HIV 1/2 Ag/Ab Combo Screen: Reactive
HIV 1 p24 Antigen Screen: Non-reactive
HIV 1 Western Blot: Negative
HIV Final Interpretation: No HIV p24 antigen detected; inconclusive for HIV1/HIV2 antibodies

I have had two sexual partners in my life. With one we only had oral sex. With the second more recent one we had sex twice and used a condom both times (10 weeks prior to the first test) and the person that I had sex with said that he had been tested and was HIV free prior to sex. I am gay and was bottoming. Based on my history I questioned the result and immediately went for point of care rapid testing. The test came back negative and the doctor said that he questioned the initial result, thinking that there may be a non-HIV antibody in my blood triggering a false positive. However, he told me to abstain and sent off my blood for additional testing. I have about a week to go before I hear back. I have a few questions:

1. I have braces and I kissed someone deeply three weeks before the first test. Could I have contracted HIV in this way?
2. I have had cold/flu symptoms and swollen glands on and off for the past 3 or 4 weeks. Could these be symptoms of ARS? The symptoms seemed to be resolving and then worsened with the stress from the news of the first test.
3. What is the HIV 1/2 Ag/Ab Combo Screen? Is this the same as ELISA? How does it differ from the other tests that came out negative? What could lead to a false positive on this test?

Any info that you could provide me with would be great. Thanks.

How Scared should I be?

Hello- I had sex with a stranger In January of this year. I wore a condom the entire time- and it did not fail (ie break). I am a male and it was with a female. I took a Oraquick at home test 8 weeks post exposure with the results being negative. Is this enough information to begin moving on with my life?

Have you seen an 5 or 8 week HIV test change

5 week- 3rd gen Anti-bod-neg
8 Week-Rapid test blood-neg

Do you guys practice in a clinical setting? Have you ever seen any of these test change into a positive result at 3 months? How likely is it for a healthy individual to develop HIV antibody (seroconvert) after 8 weeks?

Thanks warmly....

This HIV scare is ruining my life, my grades in pharmacy school....this worry has worn me down... please help.

P24 antgin test only then antibody test only both are negative taht mean ? Each one separted not combo test

If i took p24 antign test only then take elisa antibody test only and both are negative results thats mean HIV finially negative in 5th week after exposure ?

African Risk

I had a risk in an African country, I have searched previous questions for an answer to my question, which I have, but it has generated another question. I noticed that on a similar question a volunteer said that the 4th generation test picks up all known types and subtypes, but tell your Dr just to be on the safe side. What other tests are available that would rule out Hiv after a risk in Africa?

HIV Risk

Hi all,

I would be grateful for any advice. Last week I had unprotected sex with a woman I met for the first time. I had been drinking and in the heat of the moment I failed to take precautions. The intercourse lasted no longer than 3 minutes, in truth I would be surprised if it lasted longer than one minute, I ejaculated inside her (not worried about pregnancy as she assured me she is on the pill), later (minutes after we had finished) she got her period.

In the past outside of relationships I’ve always been careful so I’ve never worried about HIV or passing it on to someone. It would be entirely hypocritical of me to be judgemental, but as she never asked me to take precautions I presume that she has not asked other partners to do the same. With that in mind I’m very worried that she could have picked up something that I may have caught. Short of her behaviour with me I’ve no reason to think that she may have anything. This week I’ve been so overwhelmed with worry that I felt I had to ask her if she had anything and her recent sexual history. She said that the last two people before me she had unsafe sex with were her partner of 5 years (who she split up with in December) and before that the father of her son. She said that while she has slept with other men since, she has always used protection until me as while she took a lot of risks before having her child (in the UK women are tested for HIV when they are pregnant) he was too important to her to do so again and that she has no STDs.

Additionally, I’m not sure if this is relevant but she also told me she has suffered from Endometriosis since she was 16 (she is now 31) and recently has had a full insertive pelvic exam and smear tests relating to this. I know only the HIV test actually checks for the virus but I presume other STDs are visible during the exam and come up in some of the tests. Could these tests give doctors an inclination if she was suffering from HIV? I mean if for instance her white blood cell count was low etc could that be cause for further query on the doctors part.

I have had friends who have had similar mistakes in the past and picked up things like Herpes and Chlamydia, when I googled for them I found HIV. I have read that it is unlikely for the penetrative partner in vaginal sex to pick up the virus but it’s a chance I’ll never take again if I’m lucky enough to avoid HIV this time. It may sound silly but at the moment I’m really unconcerned about having picked up other STDs from her – HIV seems to put them all into perspective. In terms of symptoms I’ve been so anxious that I’m interpreting everything in a really scary way. I have had a bruise from the gym, a red mark from leaning on my arm and a spot which I have attributed to HIV only for them to disappear within minutes or hours. Since the second day it happened throat has been mildly uncomfortable – particularly when I think about it, and I’m worried it could be a sign of the virus but I am hoping it is stress or even a common cold. I have a spot on the skin between my testicles and penile shaft, I called another STD nurse when I noticed and she told me this was not a symptom of HIV. My temperature does not appear to be fluctuating, although I know many people with HIV do not have symptoms.

I’m from Scotland in the UK and the women I had sex with was not African/Eastern European or a sex worker (not trying to offend anyone, those are just higher risk categories in the UK, along with men who have sex with men from what I have read). Nor is she an intra venus drug user. A sexual health nurse I spoke to on the phone said it was very unlikely that the woman would have HIV and even more unlikely that I’d pick it up…A volunteer on the phones of the Terence Higgins Trust (UK based HIV charity) had already said a similar thing to me but I just thought it would be worthwhile asking here. I

I wondered if more learned people than myself could answer a few questions. Firstly – does the length of contact matter? I understand that HIV can be passed the first time you come into contact with someone or may not be passed after 100 times, but I wasn’t sure if the length of time was a factor. Also, if she was menstruating while we had intercourse would that increase the likelihood of me picking up something? Finally I wondered how long I should wait before I get a test. I’ve heard of 11 day tests but when I spoke to the nurse/THT they suggested it was more common to wait a month for the first (and generally conclusive) test. I've also read that the 11 day RNA test has a high rate of false positives and I wondered if that was why it was generally only used for those who have almost definitely come into contact with HIV.

This has really worried me and I feel like it is the biggest mistake of my life. I feel like I have anxiety issues for worrying this much but I feel like I need to know as much as I can. I've managed to persuade the woman I had sex with to come with me for a Rapid HIV test next week, which if she's telling the truth about no unprotected sex, should reveal if I'm in danger (obviously I'll still go for further tests to be sure).

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, I’m very grateful for any advice and answers anyone can offer.


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