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3rd Generation ELISA

EIA detection

i had a 3rd generation EIA blood test performed at 5 months. would this detect both HIV 1 and 2?!?!?!



Condom broke

Help please! I had a encounter with a csw. entire time the condom was intact but it broke in the end at the tip. I realised it after about a min as I ejaculated. She told me that she is not infected. However i did a test after 14 days and then also at 31 days (DNA PCR + antibody). Both came negative. How assured can I be that I am not at a risk now?

Microparticle Enzyme Immuno-Assay

what is the Microparticle Enzyme Immuno-Assay (MEIA)?is this test accurate like ELISA..is meia test accurate?i did it aftr 3 months...


i want to know is Electrochemiluminescence is reliable?

Microparticle Enzyme Immuno-Assay / Electrochemiluminescence

i took after 6 months HIV-1&2 ANTIBODIES, SERUM  by  Microparticle Enzyme Immuno-Assay / Electrochemiluminescence test ..which was non reactive.. what kind of this test. is it raliable..?

Sex worker, unprotected sex. Test. Sex worker, unprotected sex. Test.

Intercourse, 37 days later, the combo test ag / ab negative. 84 days after, HIV-1/2 (EIA) Ab test, negative. Is only enough? I another test?Thank you?

Late seroconversion

I had sex with a sex worker but I used condom. Some days later I noticed two little scrachtes at the base of my penis. I am concerned about the possibility of they were not covered by condom. So I tested PCR Quantitative For HIV 13 days later and it was ok. 43 days after this exposure I tested again (3rd generation HIV 1 & 2) and 59 days I tested again (4th generation test). They all were negative. But 5 days ago I had fever (38,5ºC) and yesterday again (39ºC). I have some problemes with Diarrheya too. These problemes began at 9 weeks after the risk situation and come again at 10 weeks after the risk situation. So I am afraid that it can be late seroconversion. What do you think? I'm scared.
The 4th generation test can find p24. But I tested 59 days after the risk situation. Is it reliable? Let's suppose I am positive, the test could find the p24 antigen if I had not developed yet the antibody for hiv?
Please, help me.

test on 84 th day in india shows 0.6 and 0.7 test result

test on 84 th day in india shows 0.6 and 0.7 test result by elisa are negative non reactive means we are free from hiv or not pl tell so worried


is it possible hiv antibodies not detects after 13 months after post exposure ?


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