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3rd Generation ELISA

plz help on hiv test

i had unprotected sex with woman( only 3 min maybe) i do not know any about her health condition
and i had many test
1- p24 combo ag ab at 14 day(2week)>>>NEG>>
2-p24 combo ag ab at 34 day (4week)>>>NEG>>
3-elisa ab at 44 day (6week)>>>>>>>>>>NEG>>
4-p24 combo ag ab at 48 day(6week)>>>>NEG>>
5-p24 combo ag ab at 54 day(7week)>>>>NEG>>
6-p24 combo ag ab at 70 day(10week)>>>NEG>>
my Q is
1- is that conclusiv results???
2- do i need any further test??
godbless you

4th generation/duo test available in Toronto

I don't mean to repeat this same question again as I know you had replied to someone and also provided with a number to get accurate information. 1-800-668-2437 The hotline do tell me that the 4th generation test is available in labs, and asked me to get further information from clinics. ( They're refering to the Hassel Free Clinic.) However, the clinic hardly answered my question about the 4 generation test, they even told me rapid testing they are always doing is the 4 generation. Frome my knowledg it's not likely what they said is right. I have also called other clinics that do not even know what the meaning of 4th generation lab test. I respect their professional knowledge, can you make a call to the clinic so as to find out if any 4 generation testing truly available in Toronto, please? The number is 416-922-0566. Sorry for bothering. Thank you so much!!

40 hiv duo 62 elisa test, TURKEY

After a suspicious intercourse, the results of my test.
40 days after the HIV DUO, ab-ag, negative.
62 days after, ELISA negatif..
Suspicious woman, tests. His test results.
After 38 days, a negative ELISA.
48 days after the duo hiv negative.
After 48 days, a negative ELISA.
What is my risk that
Do I need to take another test?

HIV Testing

In short, I was exposed to vaginal secretions for roughly 5 seconds before putting on a condom. So I decided to take a HIV test. I'm pretty confused at the moment. I had a HIV test at week 16 through LifeLabs which came back negative. As I was reading the archives on this site, some of the moderators are suggestion a Western Blot to be 100% sure I'm not HIV +.
According to CPHA, Western Blot is only used as a confirmation test if the ELISA test came back reactive. So can I consider myself HIV negative or?
Also, as recommended by the site, I was also screened for the more common STD's which all came back negative. Thanks in advance.


still aving symptoms after 15 months and 4 hiv tests mouth problems and oral thrush my mouth is driving me crazy can it really be hiv and tests not picking the infection up

combo test

first of all here is my risk...
i had sex with a sex worker the oral was without condom,she licked my balls also my anal part. and i used condom for verginal sex....in next round again oral was unprotected, and i used condom for anal..i only inserted my penis in her *** for a min, i did not discharge, i pulled it out and change the condom...i put new condom on for verginal sex, i again didnot dischange, then she took the condom off and she dischaged me by giving oral and hand job....
now my sysmtoms..
a week after this, i started having flue like symptoms,,,almost 9 dayz after i started feeling sick, extreme diearea and vomiting..... then few weeks later i have a sour throat, few red tiny dots kind pimples on my stomach that hurt. i m getting stiff neck and pain in throat....
i read on the internet the condom are not always 100% for hiv, is it true,,,i used a lubricated condom which was not expired,
also can hiv trasmit thoguh oral, i recevied oral withour condom....
i m so worried...
now the tests..
the test i did was "a anti hiv is a chemiluminescent mictroparticle immunoassay for the simultaneous qualitative detection of HIV p24 antigen and antibodies to human immunodeficiency virus type 1 and/or type 2 in human serum.""elisa methoad was used/..
i have done 4of these test so far,,,
1st right after the sex, results, non-reactive, and viral load is 0.8
2nd 5 days after results non-reactive and viral load is 0.9
3rd 2 weeks after results non reactive and viral rate is 0.10
last 23 days after, results non reactive and viral rate is 0.12
thank you

Should I go to somewhere else to get the test?

I heard DUO test or HIV RNA by PCR can be done after 6 weeks or so from the day started. I cant really wait for 3 months since I cannot stop worry about this. Are these tests available in Canada?

can I rely on my results?

 Hi, I had unprotected sex with a CSW in Cuba back in July 25. I have tested negative at 1, 4, 8 and 13 weeks here in DC area. The tests were EIA 3rd generation (only antibody). Can I consider my 13 weeks test as conclusive?


 Sir, I recently had an unprotected sex with a commercial sex worker on 4/12/2012. I went for a H1 , H2 antibody & P24 antigen test on 28/12/2011 which is exactly on 24th day of unprotected exposure. I have heard that test on 28th day gives 95% accuracy. So what is the accuracy level of the test on 24th day ? I will obviously go for another test on 6th week and 3 months. thanks.

HIV testing

Hi there,
I was wondering how long after my sexual encounter should I wait before I get an HIV test? What's the safest amount of time I should wait, but also the best time to go to make sure I get 100% accurate results?


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