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3rd Generation ELISA

Sex worker, unprotected sex. Test. Sex worker, unprotected sex. Test.

Intercourse, 37 days later, the combo test ag / ab negative. 84 days after, HIV-1/2 (EIA) Ab test, negative. Is only enough? I another test?Thank you?

Late seroconversion

I had sex with a sex worker but I used condom. Some days later I noticed two little scrachtes at the base of my penis. I am concerned about the possibility of they were not covered by condom. So I tested PCR Quantitative For HIV 13 days later and it was ok. 43 days after this exposure I tested again (3rd generation HIV 1 & 2) and 59 days I tested again (4th generation test). They all were negative. But 5 days ago I had fever (38,5ºC) and yesterday again (39ºC). I have some problemes with Diarrheya too. These problemes began at 9 weeks after the risk situation and come again at 10 weeks after the risk situation. So I am afraid that it can be late seroconversion. What do you think? I'm scared.
The 4th generation test can find p24. But I tested 59 days after the risk situation. Is it reliable? Let's suppose I am positive, the test could find the p24 antigen if I had not developed yet the antibody for hiv?
Please, help me.

test on 84 th day in india shows 0.6 and 0.7 test result

test on 84 th day in india shows 0.6 and 0.7 test result by elisa are negative non reactive means we are free from hiv or not pl tell so worried


is it possible hiv antibodies not detects after 13 months after post exposure ?

Could i be Hiv - or +

First of all i want to thank you so much for this useful site that help many. My question is this...I had a unprotected sex in between September 15 and 30 2011. I went to the VCT on December 2 and i tested negative i later went for another test on 21 December and i tested negative.
I tried to calculate from 15 September if it could be the possible exposure date and it comes to 97 days and when i calculate from 30th Sept to 21st Dec it comes to 82 days. Am afraid of going back to test again for possible infection. Am i safe with the 82 days. I normally have night sweets and have lost 2kgs of my wait.
Thank you for a sincere response.

Risk Level ?

I had a protected encounter in the last week of January. I am feeling extremely nervous if I could have been exposed since hands were also involved. Is it possible to get infected through unbroken skin ?
I do want to get tested to be at peace in my mind. Is the minimum time post encounter 3 months ? Or is there any way to get tested prior to that too ?
What are the places which administer an anonymous test ?  

HIV Pooled Nucleic Acid Testing vs RNA Quantitative, Real-time PCR

I am planning to perform HIV screening after potential incident(oral sex) at 5 weeks.
I am planning to perform antigen (ICMA,Western-blot) test however if i am in window period this test may come negative so in addition to this test i am also planning to perform either HIV Pooled Nucleic Acid Test or RNA Quantitative, Real-time PCR.
Please advice which test should i take in addition to antigen test for near conclusive results. Please let me know difference between these two Pooled NAAT vs RNA Real-Time PCR test.
I have psoriasis which being auto-immune disorder, can it affect any of the test results?
Thank you.

window period

hi there..i had 5 times test with elisa,vidas duo ultra,cmia 12 months 10 days after post exposure..all is non reactive. but many doctors in lab where i test told me that window period can more than 12 monts,is it true??

hiv test.

The results of my test after unprotected intercourse. After 26 days of, anti-HIV 1/2 neg. 35 days after the, elisa neg. (3 gn.) 40 days later, the duo hiv ag / ab neg. 48 days later, the elisa neg. (3 gn.) 62 days later, the elisa neg. (3 gn.) 73 days later, the elisa neg. (3 gn.) What is the risk that I get. Please comment.

plz help on hiv test

i had unprotected sex with woman( only 3 min maybe) i do not know any about her health condition
and i had many test
1- p24 combo ag ab at 14 day(2week)>>>NEG>>
2-p24 combo ag ab at 34 day (4week)>>>NEG>>
3-elisa ab at 44 day (6week)>>>>>>>>>>NEG>>
4-p24 combo ag ab at 48 day(6week)>>>>NEG>>
5-p24 combo ag ab at 54 day(7week)>>>>NEG>>
6-p24 combo ag ab at 70 day(10week)>>>NEG>>
my Q is
1- is that conclusiv results???
2- do i need any further test??
godbless you


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