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3rd Generation ELISA

Late seroconversion (after 5 months)

Dear Sir or Madam:

I had unprotected vaginal contact (5 minutes at most, no eyaculation) almost 6 months ago. I had rapid POCT tests done at weeks 8,12,16 and 21 all non-reactive. Standards in Canada, the US and Mexico are 12 weeks for tests to be cocnclusive. Notwithstanding the specific cases of late seroconversion in a healthy 29 year old woman are there any extra concerns for late seroconversion?

Am I just feeling normal anxiety for having been so wreckless?

Thank you so much


hello whats my chance to turn positive for hiv in six months , after 6-8-10-12 weeks , 3 months and 17 weeks hiv negative , i tested with rapid test hiv1/2 i think is only for antibodies and i dont know what generation is it ??
can i move on ? please help me ...

HIV 4th Generation test after 84 days


I had unprotected vaginal sex with a call girl on 12th october 2015, after that i tested my self with 3rd generation test on 52nd day, then on 65th day with 4th generation test after that on 84th day with same combo 4th gen CMIA test. They all are negetive. I dont have any symptoms just acidity some time. Should i test for any other STD as i dont have any symptom till today just headache sometimes....Can you please help as I am worried that am I infected with something as I am getting married soon.

HIV test on 50 & 55 days

I am kurra, bisex. Recently I had sex (anal and oral) with a a guy. After few weeks, the guy told me that he had mouth ulcer, penis ulcer and HIV and syphilis positive. He suspect he getting from me. Hence, I tested for HIV (50 & 55 days after potential exposure and syphilis (55 days after potential exposure). I used rapid test kit (3rd generation antibody test kit with 99.8% sensitivity) and both tests showed negative. However, I am worried because there are few muscles (i don't know lymph nodes or not) swollen on my neck. I need some advice and is the HIV result is conclusive? I know window period is up to 90 days but just for peace of mind I want to know how likely I will get the same results after 90 days?

I am worried about my hiv status

hi,I have unprotected oral sex with a gay 3 times and protected anal sex,after 10 days symptoms developed
like muscle pain,weight loss,nausea,abdominal pain,night sweating,fatigue
no fever no flu no lymph nodes

i tested 6 weeks elisa test and it came back negative
waiting for 12 weeks,can you please let me know what are chances of me geting HIV?
is 6 week is good indicator? almost conclusive?
i still have symptoms

HIV CIMA 4th generation test


i am male 28 years old , my story is that i was involved in a low risk activity ( received oral ) early October 2015 from a women with unknown status . 2 weeks after the exposure i had a mild flu ( blocked nose only ) for one day and then i had a sore throat for three days ( no fever ) . 3 weeks after exposure i went for testing , the test was ELISA fourth generation and the result was negative . i was relieved by this result , but then after 8 weeks of exposure i had my tonsils swollen badly . i start worrying again and my life turned to hell and start feeling my body weak and feel like i contracted HIV . 3 months after exposure i went to the lab and get tested and this time i was tested using CIMA fourth generation and result come out non reactive . i read that 3 months results are conclusive . but i still feel weak and not normal as old days . please advice is the result conclusive and is it accurate as well . ( by the way i live in malaysia ) .

Skin rash on 7 Week

Hi aids vancouver,
several weeks ago i visiting message parlour. exposure i have to at those time is oral sex.
and on 6 week i try to test my self. result is negative. on those test written if they use advance intec i notice is not very realible test kit. from what i hear, its not approved on FDA.
after 7 week, i begin to develop several skin rash around my chest, shoulder, and several other places.

now its been 12 week after exposure, and i wait until end of this month to test again.
may i know what chance i catch HIV from this point?


I had a vaginal sex with a sex worker and While having sex, She realized that condom slipped off. She appeared really calm and used her fingers to get the condom out of her vagina. Since then I have had the most difficult 80 days of my life from then until today. I am very scared and haven't been able to function, can´t sleep, the anxiety is taking my life away, I think about that all the time. Due to all the different information I have been reading I do not know what to believe. Strange bodily occurrences have been happening to me, one thing after the other (specially swollen gums which is really annoying). I have taken meticulous notes on my physical condition and have now seeked out your forum with hope that one of your experts could analyze these occurrences and give me their honest point of view on the situation. I took an Elisa test after 46 days after and it came out negative.
I ask you to first assess my risk. I am un-circumcised, It was vaginal sex just for a couple of second? How are the possibilities the seroconverting after this test?
Thank you in advance for your answers.

Oral sex and bleeding gums


About 4 weeks ago I had unprotected oral sex with a person whose hiv status I don't know, exactly one week after possible exposure I got flu, strong productive cough, mild fever, problems breathing - shortness of breath (my doctor said that this is because of my asthma). doctor gave me antibiotic which didn't help at all, and for 3 weeks already I have runny nose, peristant cough, last week I felt fatigue. It seems though I'm getting better, and my doctor said it is probably common cold virus, but I worry because it lasts for quite a time. I was checking symptoms online and I don't have swollen lymph nodes, and also no rash.
As I have mentioned one week before the flu-like symptoms appeared I had unprotected oral sex, with some deep kissing involved also. I gave oral sex to partner and he also gave one to me. No ejacualtion happened in mouth though, but I worry about possible pre-cum maybe. The thing is that I usually have bleeding gums while brushing teeth, and that's why I worry the most. I brushed my teeth at least couple hours before contact last time. There was also some alcohol in my bloodstream.

Considering that this happened just 4 weeks ago I think it might be too early to get tested, I don't know what generation tests they use in my country (I live in Poland)

Should I really worry about the hiv possibility, and do these symptoms look like hiv? What do you think about testing during this week (it would be 4 and half weeks after possible exposure).

Thank you so much for your answer, I appreciate it very much.
Kind regards,

Test after acute phase

if symptoms of acute phase appears in the sixth week after exposure risk and be performs a fourth generation test in the seventh week and a third-generation in the eighth week. can they come non reactive? I read that after the acute phase, the testing return non reactive.

which opinion about it!

thank you!


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