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4th Generation/DUO test

HIV transmission

i had sex with three guys but note that i had done it at different time . but i have done it without condom is there any risk of HIV

pcr dna and p24combo test

One of my friend participated in sex with a girl but the condom was broken in middle...he completed his sex after that he find it was broken...any way he tested with pcr dna qualitative test after 22 days from exposure the result is negative...and after 35 days from exposure tested with hiv duo p24 combo test .
the result is negative. After 60 days from exposure tested with same p24 combo test result is negative...pls anybody can give detailed information about this early tests...we saw in some websites the pcr dna test works 2 to 3 weeks...after 3 weeks or after a month or later the pcr dna test detect the virus or not ...it detect only in early stage like 2 to 3 weeks...or the pcr dna qualitative test detect virus after 3 months or not ..and also the antigen p24and hiv duo combo test also mentioned that after the seroconversion period the antigens are undetectable...
We are in confusion..the p24 combo test results was valid or not after 5 weeks and 8 weeks after exposure...
if test with pcr rna qualitative test is that usefull after 2 months from exposure
my friend dont have any symptoms during this 2 months...but he had sex with his wife and he used condom during the sex..but he kissed her with lips with sour lips..both of them have sour lips cause of summer heat..
is there any problem with lip sour contact with kissing...pls answer with full details...thanq u.

HIV risk


A bit over six weeks ago I had an unprotected encounter (condom broke) with an HIV+ guy, I was the receptive partner (anal sex) . I found out about his status too late to start prep, therefore, I know there might be a high chance of infection. I have had a variety of symptoms since then, and was also tested positive for Chlamydia, I have had cold like symptoms (Sneezing, runny nose, swollen glands)- no fever, nor diarrhea, nor vomiting tho. I have been dealing with a nasty headache on a daily basis almost since day 4 after the incident, however , I have tested negative at 3 weeks (rapid test), 4 week ( P24 antigen) and 5.5 weeks ( 3rd generation Elisa), and although I know these tests aren't conclusive, is my negative 5.5 weeks somehow reassuring ? I am freaking out, and the headache, combined with the stomach pain I have developed after a course of antibiotics to treat chlamydia are taking a toll on my sanity and peace of mind, so thank you for your input!

need help please


6 weeks a go i did a 10 injection in my head for hair growth which called the mesotherapy treatment in clinic
now i am so scared that i might contract hiv through this way i test DUO P24 -antibodies 28 days after expourse the result was negative but actually this does not relief my fear especially i am pregnant now
my questions are :
1) if the injection was unclean and it contain hiv virus , how is my possible chance of aquir hiv ?
2) if the injection contain hiv is the virus live in the content of mesotherapy or it dies as i read in the body website that hiv virus does not live in the tatto ink long so i think the ink is same as the mesotherapy injection ?
3) if the nurse are going to use the used syring , i heard that there is a rule that prevent them to reuse of syring by making them just for one use and then does not work it damege ?
4) i saw the injection while she did that for me and there were no blood in syringe , so my question is in order for hiv to transmit is it required the blood is syringe i mean it appears or not
5) is my fear normal or just i am obbsessive ?
6) the clinic that i was did the treatment was licensed, so is it possible to get hiv from clinic ?

HIV negative after 13 months

I had a condom break with a CSW and immidiately took all HIV tests which came out negative. Then i took a test at 13 months after the exposure which also came out negative. The test done at 13 months was maybe a rapid test because i got the results after 2 hours itself. Are these kind of tests reliable and do i need to worry if i am negative after 13 months. Also today i again gave my sample at 18 months after exposure for antigen p24 and hiv 1 and hiv 2 screening tests. What are my chances of testing bad?

HIV Infection

Hi There,

I have been to a lady a month back. I am little worried of myself now. What I did is I rubbed my penis on her vagina and while rubbing I inserted the tip of my penis and suddenly i realized and took off. Wore condom that had sex. But m still worried if I can get HIV transmitted. Since she was an unknown lady i am not sure of her. status. Please advice me. Thanks

received oral and then had sex with a condom


I had received oral from a women and after put a condom on for vaginal sex and 4 weeks later my mouth because very dry and white. I had a 4th generation hiv test done alone with 6 other std tests done all came out negative. Now 6 weeks later my mouth is still very dry and my mouth a little sore but not as much white spots could I have hiv.


I had a blood test done for hiv after 5 weeks but still haven't heard anything what kind of test would this be and as thet say no news is good news its been 9 days the results should be back by then in Canada yes what do you think


Hello. i had a possible exposure on april 2 nd 2016 and wanted to test for HIV. can you please tell me what is the best time to go for test? and HIV type please? i know that you don't consider any test conclusive till 3 months, but a 4th generation test taken at 28 days after some possible exposure have any value? like upto 90 percent?. In between i have some spine issue and my university doctor gave me some medicines 1) Ibuprofen 2) cyclobenzaprine. If i take this medicines before getting tested is there any chance that it will make HIV test to give false negative? like proling of production of antibodies in the body? is there at least 0.0001 percent chance for this? Thanks a lot for answering my question in advance.

can pcr detect hiv 2

the exposure was in India so HIV 2 is a concern. DUO test was a negative after 3 months but there are reports online of carriers of the HIV 2 virus in India who somehow did not seroconvert (would really appreciate if someone go through the article). My question is, can PCR RNA detect both HIV 1 and 2 virus and all subtypes if the DUO missed it? Is this the right test for this situation for patients who do not seroconvert? thank you.


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