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4th Generation/DUO test

Oral Sex with Man CMIA test @ day 20th will be reliable


I am male 29 yrs old.

1st day - Risk Exposure with Unknown Man 30 yrs Old man (100% Suspecting HIV+). Both Insert & Receptive unprotected Oral Sex with Deep Mouth Kissing. No Anal Sex. No Ejaculations in Mouth. All Happened in 20 Mins. After that 30 Mins, i took shower and mouth brushed.
in-between the day risk exposures up to 20th day - Symptoms realized Mild Fever 2 days, Fatigue 2 days, Some throat infection and felt unconformable but no pain. Hot exhausts from body 3-4 days during sleeping in nights. unable to sleep, Rashes, Stiff neck, Muscle Tensions, 2 Times felt nausea during dinner, No Diarrhea, Weight loss & Headache, Feel pain around neck (seems swelling), Armpit & Groin Area in 2 days.

20 days later - HIV-1 & HIV-2 Test - Neg. & CMIA Test - Neg.

Could you pl. tell me the CMIA test @ day 20th will be reliable or not?

I am really struggling with more paranoid and anxious and crying frequently.

Worried abt symptoms after 7 weeks also .

I had protected veginal intercource with wome after week i had fever and diariaha

Took HIV RNA PCR between 2to 3 weeks (not detected) Finger pric test for AB after 13 days and 31 days (non reactive)

Taken HIV 4h generation CIMA test (0.11)Non reactive .
IS this confirm shall i need to take another test
I am still having symptoms of swolen lymphnode worried plzzz help

Positive Rapid Test but Negative ELISA test

I am a 32 year old male. I had an unprotected vaginal sex in mid December 2015. On January 26th (roughly 5 weeks after the exposure), I started feeling fatigued and had flush face for no apparent reason. Two days later, I had swollen lymph nodes (only in the neck), sore throat and oral thrush followed by a 38.2 degree fever.

The doctor told me it was probably tonsillitis and a throat infection that has caused the fever. I was given penicillin injections ( 3 applications, 1 daily for 3 days, 800 mg each) along with Paracetamol (500 mg capsules, 2 times a day) and Anti-inflammatory medicines (600 mg capsules, 2 times a day) for 3 days. My fever was gone in 3 days but I still had mild swelling in the lymph nodes with some pain and discomfort. The doctor did not feel necessary for me to continue with the anti inflammatory drugs and told me that the swelling will heal naturally.

On February 4th 2016, I told the doctor about my exposure to HIV risk and he said that although he doesn't think that I have HIV but it was wise to do a Rapid HIV test. The test was called "DoubleCheckGold" HIV 1&2. I got the result in approx. 1 hour and it was POSITIVE.
However, they said that they need to do a confirmatory ELISA 3rd Generation test to confirm. The ELISA test came out NEGATIVE. They ruled out the earlier test as a "False Positive".
I was asked to take another test 3 months after the exposure to be sure.

2 weeks later, I started having irritable bowel and diarrhea. The doctor gave me Omeprazol and IBS related medicines because I had a history of gastritis. However, they did not help. I saw a Gastroenterologist and he did not find anything serious and told me that had Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The doctor also said it was possibly due to stress and anxiety because of my HIV tests or anti inflammatory drugs. I still had swollen lymph nodes but no sore throat or pain. The stomach symptoms improved with medications.

I took ELISA 4th Generation Duo Test on March 30th i.e. roughly 3 months and 10 days after the exposure and it also came out NEGATIVE. 2 days earlier, the girl I had sex with also showed me her Rapid Test (which she took on March 25th) results and they were negative. However, I still have slightly enlarged lymph nodes although the doctor says he cannot see any swelling/redness but it definitely feels slightly bigger than normal. I also get flush face especially while eating. My blood test also showed that the percentage of lymphocytes was 15% and the normal range is between 20%-40%. According to the doctor, it was not something to be concerned about.

At this point, should I consider this test as conclusive or should I take another test in 3 months to be sure?

hiv test accuracy if the white cells are low.

Hello, thank you for viewing and answering my question. Here is the story:
Ten weeks ago I had an encounter with a sex worker whose hiv status was unknown for me. I stopped just after some contacts so we didn't really have penetrated sex. During the encounter, she kissed/licked my chest and genital area and did oral sex on me with a condom. Later I noticed I have some fresh scratches and open wounds on my chest, not sure if any cuts on the genital area, so I started to have some worries. After 2 weeks I started to feel fatigue and a bit chilling feeling, it lasted a few days. On the 62 days after the encounter, I did a 4th-generation ag/ab test of hiv, and the result was negative. I also did a full blood test, which shows my white cell was 3.6, below the normal range 4 to 10. Among the white cells, neutrophils was 1.9; lymphocytes was 1.4; monocytes was 0.2; eosinophils and basophils were 0.1. Now it is 70 days after the encounter, I get a fever, pharyngitis and nasitis. I also felt a bit fatigue. I'm now worried again. My questions are: (1) how accurate was my hiv test? (2) Because I have low white cell, will it delay the time that the virus can be detected? (3) if I want to do one more hiv test on 12 weeks, will the result be conclusive considering my low white cell counts?

Thank you very much!

HIV ECLIA TEST AT 77/92 DAYS and inquiry abt NAT Test

Dear Doctor,

Thanks for your lovely reply as you confirm I don’t have any problem of HIV with two ECLIA TEST
TEST done detail meantion below :-

First test - at 77 days – result – 0.32 (Non-Reactive) ECLIA COMBO
Second test - at 92 days – result – 0.325 (Non-Reactive) ECLIA COMBO
Hepositic B – 0.48 (Non-Reactive) at 92 days ECLIA
Syphilis - (Non-Reactive) at 92 days .. Digit not mention in Report

I want to ask actually my Visa going to renew for that Medical fitness to be done before they will check HIV blood check, UAE Government doing HIV testing by NAT method.

As I mention you early I have symptoms now point itching muscles & joint pain. Swelling in very less on hand ,leg, face and lip inside . When I took one tablet Asprin medicine getting relex of 4 day. dont know why it Is may be too much Stress I am carrying ?

1. Could you please let me know, is any chances ECLIA COMBO result or NAT result will differ at 92 days result?
2. Is NAT test will be scanning only HIV test or can do Herpes (HSV) testing also same time when they will do HIV?
3. Means if they do NAT TEST for HIV is any chances Herpes or any STD/STI decease can deduct automatically ?

I need to go within 24 hour for testing.

Kindly reply very early …..

Thanks & Regards,

Scared of hiv after unprotected oral sex and developed a pain under the armpit

I had an unprotected oral sex on 12 February and a week later I had developed a dry cough , fatigue and muscle stiffness with no fever and two days ago I had developed a pain under my armpit with no lumps and swelling and a pain on my chest muscle , before oral sex I had a bleed from my gum due to wearing of my braces while brushing my teeth in the morning and I had an oral sex at night and I had swallowed the cum since I had heard that the stomach enzyme would kill all the virus. Do you think I migh get hiv infection . I have not when for an his test since since it is not three month,

HIV exposure and testing

I have an oral sex from Jan 15th 2016. My local doctor prescribed PrEP with "tenofovir disoproxil and emtricitabine". I completed the medication in Feb 11th 2016. 2 weeks later, I took the 4th generation test (combi test) and negative. I am going to take the test after 3 months on this weekend by rapid test as my local doctor's requirements. However, I am so worried and stressed that it turns into positive. Could you please help to advise my likelihood of negative status in this case?
Thanks so much,


Dear Doctor,
Thanks a lot for your answer… as you suggest I did one more test of ECLIA HIV COMBO
First test - at 77 days – result – 0.32 (Non-Reactive) ECLIA COMBO
Second test - at 92 days – result – 0.325 (Non-Reactive) ECLIA COMBO
Hepositic B – 0.48 (Non-Reactive) at 92 days
Syphilis - (Non-Reactive) at 92 days
Kindly advsie now what I have status and now what should I do ..
plz reply asap
Thanks & Regards,

About the CMIA test

Hello! I got a CMIA test at day 83 after a potential HIV exposure via unprotected vaginal sex. I got a negative result (0.28 result, cut-off value is 1), and I believe it is conclusive. However, I have a question about the CMIA test. Is the CMIA a 4th gen test, or are there older 3rd gen CMIA tests still used? If all CMIAs are indeed 4th gen tests, I would go for them over other standard testing formats for routine HIV checks. Please advise.

Thank you!

Cmia ag/ab test after 83 days

Hi there i had cmia ag/ab test after 83 days from my last possible sexual exposure and the result came back as negative.Previously i had cmia ag/ab test on 58th 63rd and 79th day also and the value for those tests also came back as negative.Are my tests conclusive?


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