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4th Generation/DUO test

Please assess my risk and test i have done

I had my exposure on 12-07-12 and stater my Basic PEP truvada on 13-07-12(42hrs). 14-07-12 HIV Antibodies,Serum-Enzyme Immunoassy(Rapid) was negative, My doc asked me to get this done. Finished PEP on 10-08-12 and Got my HIV DNA Detedtor-DNA PCR test on 20/08/12, show NOT DETECTED, but it only for HIV-1 not HIV-2 that confuses me.
On 22/08/2012 i got my 1) HIV P24 Antigen + HIV Antibodies(HIV Early Screen-Micrpparticle Enzyme-Immuno-Assay/Electrochemiluminescence/CMIA)
& 2) HIV Antibodies,Serum-Enzyme Immunoassy(Rapid).
Are these test 3 or 4 generation test. Are there any false-negative as well in test or just false positives.
Why there is only HIV-1 test in DNA PCR
HIV p24 doesnot specify HIV-1 or HIV-2 just says negative.
For HIV-2 should i go for any other test?   I am really scared
How conclusive would you consider my reports?  My exposure was due to, condom slip and not sure when it slipped but it came out with my P**** and was hanging over it.Not sure if it was around or over, light were closed. Source was CSW. Status unknown.
Thanks in advance

Minocycline and HIV Testing

Hi there-
I have been taking minocycline on and off for that past few years to treat my skin.
I remember reading online somewhere that minocycline can sometimes be used to stop HIV from replicating.
Anyways, my question is, could my being on minocycline possibly result in a false negative HIV test?


Dear Doctor,
Recently high on alcohol i had sex with a sex worker in China, & during the couse the Condom got torned, after 45 days i got my self tested for HIV under test named HIV 1/2 & P24 Combo Test ( CMIA) & THE RESULT IS NON REACTIVE , Index : value 0.24.
After goping through different theories on internet , some suggest Test can be done after 4-6 weeks, & some suggest that one has to wail for 3 Months for geeting the result, I feel very angry of my self & feels like killing my self for doing such childish thing.
Please suggest what is best & what to do under these circumstance.

HIV test ater 1 year it came negative

dear staff,
   i had sex with girl  1.6 years ago. i not used condom.. still now i didnt get symptoms.. after days any possible of exposure in my bodies possible exposure before 1.3 year tetroid test - negative before 1 year western blot - negative before 6 month normal test - negative before 2 days hiv duo tet - non reactive
plz reply

late seroconversity

Good morning. Thank you for your answer from 16th August. I want to ask you one more thing: Can my symptomes yet in 11th week mean late seroconversity ( and false negative test 4th generation after 6th week) ? Thank you for your answer. Trinity    

HIV-1 antigen and total antibodies to HIV-1 and HIV-2

How accurate is this test at 6 and 9 weeks after exposure compared to other 4th generation tests?This is the link with the kit specifications of the manufacturer:http://rochecanada.com/fmfiles/re7234008/package_inserts/HIVCOMBI-048604... in advance

confused with the window period

will p24 antigen be detectable until antibodies become detectable with DUO 4th genration test??

test negative but symptoms

I dont understand something. My friend took an HIV test, it was negative (he did not have sex before, just with me). I went to test after 6 weeks that we made love together, just to be sure. It was an EIA 4TH GENERATION, negative. this week is the 11th week from exposure, and I have found white something in my gums up, it went down easy, and I loose my hair and also last two weeks I had sweated feet and palms. THESE THING SEEMS TO ME VERY SUSPICIOUS, because I know that these symptoms can have HIV too. DO YOU THINK THAT IN SPITE OF THE TWO NEGATIVE TESTS WE HAVE THESE SIGNS CAN BE CAUSED BY HIV?  Or what is it?????    Please answer me......

AIDS Vancouver you guys ROCK XD

Greetings from Germany :DI have contacted you guys around a month ago while I was in the middle of a really REALLY bad scare from a very risky encounter (four times unprotected vaginal sex at June 8,9,22 and 23) with my ex, you guys helped me with my scare sooo much and I decided to test...
I have tested as follows:1) HIV DUO test at 23 days from the last exposure2) HIV DUO test at 38 days from the last exposure3) STD test (including HIV) at 42 days
all came out negative...Thankfully
after the second test my doctor told me you are conclusively free of HIV...but roaming around the internet really breaks some spines here :P
Can I trust my results now? Please note that I will take the 12 weeks test if necessary ONLY.

is this a 4th generation tests

Hi there I have a question for you . Recently I've had a risk contact and therefore I did a ECLIA test on the third week from the risk which turned out to be negative. In my test results there is a commentary which states "this test performs the  qualitative determination of the HIV's 1 Ag P24 and the HIV's 1 antibodies, including those from group O, and against HIV 2" is this a 4th generation test? I've scanned some of your answers and in the question posted on Monday agust 13 by trinity you stated that ECLIA is a third generation tests , so please clarify this point


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