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4th Generation/DUO test

elisa 4th generation(pls guide me)

hi i had a sexual encounter on 07th of july with a sex worker. it was preotected sex as i believe, i use the durex condom. during the intercourse she bites me on my chest. after 2 days from the expouser  the palce where she bite got dark black colour. its disapper after 6th days. after that i had fever which last cor 2days, sore throat which i beleive still i have. i consistently checkeing my body tem. its 97.5 max. till date. my major concern is that my right arm pit lymph nodes got enlarge after 15th days and still it has i think. i had the following test since than.p24- negative(at 11th days)elisa 4th generation- negative index value was 043(at 18th days)hiv antibody+p-24  -  negative(at 27th days)p-24 antigen- negative(at 34th days)elisa 4th genaration- negative index value was 0.40(at 34th days)please tell me what should i do. is the result conclusive. its difficult for me to concentrate on another things, every time i think i have all the symptom. please help.

4th generation tests

Hello to all of you and thanks ofr all the support you provide in here,
Just a question: Are there any HIV AG/AB tests available in the market that are not 4th generation tests? Or all tests that combine P24 with antibodies are 4th generation tests?
Again Thank you 

Contact with the vaginal fluid of the penis

Firest of all, thank you very much for your help in advanced.
26 days ago, I was with a woman who has touched her vagina for the purpose of sexual foreplay and then I wore a condom and masturbated and then took off the condom by my hand, which was a little wet from vaginal fluid.
I checked with doctor and I did urine analysis and RPR and it was all negative, and he told me I should not worry about HIV and no need for HIV test. I am married person and till now I could not touch my wife. My questions:-
1- am I at risk of HIV?
2- shall I follow doctor advise to not doing a test?
3- is combo test enough to know after 26 days of the sexual event?

ELISA 4th generation - Lili


I have been to test after 6 weeks. It was negative. Can it be, tghat I were at the test exactly that time when p24 was already not present and the antibodies not present yet? I fear so much, I am at 10th week, still have some rashes, which appeares e.g. last evening ( 4 in my arms ) and almost disappered for the morning. And I have sometimes higjet temperature ( 37 degrees. ) Can my test be false negative?


4th generation combo test

I have 2-step questions I hope you can help me.
1. I did the 4th generation test on the 25th day after the possible exposure and the result is negative. I had sore throat during the 2nd and 3rd week, so I was very anxious. Could I at least exclude the symptom caused by HIV? If the symptom is caused by HIV, the test on antigens can be detected, right?
2. My possible exposure was breast sex and hand job by a sex worker. I also took a bath with her. No oral, vagina, and anal sex was performed. According to the risk assessment, it is no risk. Should I go for another test?

Hiv dou test

Index of antibody =0.07
Index of P24 Antigen =0.00
Threshold and interpretation of result:
Index i interpretation
i less than 0.25 Non-reactive for Antigen (P24)And Antibody i grater than 0.25 Reactive for Antigen (P24) Or Antibody
this serult is + or -??

4 generation comment mean

What does this comment mean?: 
COMMENT:The kit simultaneously detects: 
i)HIV-1 antibodies (lgG & lgM class of sub-type O & gp41) and HIV-2 antibodies (lgG class of gp36) 
ii) P24 antigen 
*The test aims to reduce the window period and picks the patient in very early stage. 
Note:High Antibody level may mask the antigen result and vice versa. The test value is not displayed for the masked result and the message ND - NOT DETERMINABLE appears in the result.


Hi There,
I had a sexual encounter on the 6th of May 2012 and i m still under uncertainty. My wife is pregnant and i m really scared due to my stupidity. 
I had the following tests since then:
08/06/2012 which is 33 days after ECLIA antobodies test Negative
18/06/2012 which is 6 weeks HIV AG/AB TEST NON REACTIVE
20/06/2012 which is 6 weeks and 3 days ELISA 3rd generation antibodies test NEGATIVE
02/07/2012 which is 8 weeks pcr rna test real time negative.
06/07/2012 which is almost 9 weeks ELISA antibodies 3rd generation test NEGATIVE
30/07/2012 which is 12 weeks exactly HIV AG/AB Test non reactive
01/08/2012 which is 12 weeks and 3 days 87 days in total ELISA 3rd generation antibodies test Negative
My questions are:
1. What is the window period 12 weeks or 3 months because i m confused with this? 3 months is 13 weeks so why all say 12 weeks? Does it makes any serious difference the 5 days?
2. I have experienced all serious symptoms and still have them. I started having them from 6 weeks post exposure they stopped at 11 week and started again after the 12 week. Is this possible?
3. Should i get tested again or i m fine? 
Thanks in advance for your kind reply

ELISA 4th generation + medicines

I would like to ask you, can pefloxacinum and ciprofloxacini hydrochloricum monohydricum make false negative HIV test? I took 2 antibiotics before testing which include these two ingredients. MY test was done after 6 weeks from risk. Thank you for your answer.

p24 - for how many weeks

Good afternnon. you always say, that p24 is present at the blood for some weeks. What does it meen SOME? I mean how many weeks you mean? Thank you.


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