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4th Generation/DUO test


i just had test using CMIA test and the result is non reactive. i tested after 5.5 weeks after possible exposure. My question is, is this test conclusive and reliable? i also found some article that said testing using CMIA is best around 3-4 weeks after possible exposure. How about if i tested it around 5.5 weeks? Thank you.

ELISA 4th Generation Test

Good afternoon!
I would like to ask if the ELISA 4th Generation test is sensitive enough to catch also less viruses (or antigens) in the body? I heard that if there was only a little bit of viruses getting into the body than the immune reaction is more slowly. I hope that in spite of that after six weeks it was able to detect at least the p24. Can you help me please?
Thank you in advance,Erica
P.S. I have rashes all over my body ( body, arms, legs ( up) but they are not the same. I have them for 4 weeks. Can they be HIV rashes? For how long they appear? And also, itchy skin can be also sign of HIV? Are HIV rashes the same in every part of the body? 


I opted for an HIV test at the BCCDC.  The nurse told me that the test consists of two portions, a portion that tests for antibodies and the other that looks for the virus.
I thought the 4th generation tests are not yet available in BC but this almost sounds like a 4th generation test.  Will you be able to tell me what tests were done please?  Also, how accurate is the portion that looks for the virus and does it have a window period as well?
Thank you!

P24 antigen and antibodies

If a late seroconversion is taking place and no antibodies are being produced then P24 antigen levels after 4 or more weeks should still be at high levels, am i right?
In other words: A DUO test will result "positive" for P24 antigen for a late seroconversion. True?


Good afternoon! I would like to ask you whether ELISA CMIA also
checks IgM and IgG, or only p24? Thank you in advance.   Kathy

concern about hiv DUO test

I have had unprotected sex with my ex 4 times (June 8, 9, 22, 23) she claims to be negative and that she did not sleep with anyone before, yet I somehow can not trust her now after i found out that she tried to steal from me, the sex did not take more than 5 or 6 mins. 

On July 5 I have had a fever (did not exceed 99 F) that lasted for less than 2 days On July 5 I have had a productive cough with runny nose that persisted till now On July 7 I have had a an itchy feeling on the arms but they come and go and are mild. in addition there is this occasional uncomfortable feeling under the armpits. On July 13 I found out that my lymph node (Right side of the neck) is slightly swollen. 
Now I do not have any symptoms...
I took my HIV DUO test on the 16 July it came back negative....Can I trust these results?



Let us say someone have ARS symptoms and these are for real. Does this means the body is producing antibodies?. If so, an HIV DUO test at this point should become POSITIVE?

6 weeks HIV test

Sorry, but i still have a doubt. A few days ago i posted this question :
Regarding to your kindly answer there is something that still remains in the
air, so, to be more clear:
2.- Am i at risk of HIV from the "possible" one single time vaginal
penetration (in and out) and the brief oral sex? (Condom was used from start
to end and didn't brake)
And in addition to this query:
I received the results from my 6 weeks 4th generation test (HIV Combi Roche
Cobas ECLIA). The result was NON REACTIVE. How possible is for this result to
change in time?
I still will go for the 3 months test.
Thanks for the time, you are doing a great job here.

Elisa with antigenes ( dualtest )after 6 weeks

Good afternoon! I had unprotected sex in Jordan, ejaculation was outside my body. I was diving there, and I felt cold that time under the sea, and before it I had that wet diving set on myself for 15 minutes on the windy boat while waiting for to go to dive. After 5-6 days I start to have urological problems ( cold from down) I felt tingling during urination. It lasted 3 days, after I started to fell pain in my kidneys and also had fever
38 C. I went ot see a doctor, I had E coli in my urine, there was imflamation i my urine and aslo in my blood. My sedimentation was 100/ 34, monocytas 15,34, I had less "iron" . All other things in my blood was okay ( also lymfocytas and white blood cells ) .This test was made 2 weeks after the risk. She gave me medicine Abaktal. She sent me to Urological doctor, he noticed b sonograpf that I have a little bit bigger spleen, and left kidney.
So he gave me another medicine, Ciplox and Aescin. The controll test was made to me on 5th week after the risk, everything was okay, no imflamation ( high sedimentation ) now, and also no anemia. On the third week I hade rashes in my breast and on my legs ( on my legs bigger, on my body smaller), some of them disappeared for next day, some of them not. A felt pain in my left hand and in my left leg, maybe in my joints too. I am in 7th week from the risk, some rashes appered in my back, als in my legs I have also, but they are not the same as 3 weeks ago. I am hypochonder, and I feel excessive anxiety from diseases, all the day I am controlling my body. From the nervosity I have almost always temperature 36,9 or 37,1, and I feel my face burning. So I can say, that I had almost all possible symhtomes of privary HIV infection except diarrhea.... . So I went to make test for HIV, it is negative. It was done now, exactly 6 weeks from the risk. Can I be sure, that I am healthy? The test was Elisa, but the Dualtest, whis controls also antigenes (CMIA ) . I worry, that because the two antibiotics can cause alse negative result?
Today afternoon, after I know the negative resul, I feel much more better, only that 5-6 rashes on my back make me worry.  It is not "too late" now in 7th week from risk to appear new rashes if itwould be HIV rashes?  Thank you in advance for your answer. Wish you the best. Trinity


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