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4th Generation/DUO test

Infections By Group N

Hello, my name is Alex.
I've heard that this strain is a lot more virulent than the rest, I mean,
that in general, the people who have it show quite soon severe symptoms and a
decline of C4 cells. Is it true that this strain is very aggressive and that
its symptoms show up short time after being infected?
And I also heard that ELISA 4º Generation may not detect sometimes this
strain, remaining undetected and being a reason of false negative in some this
cases. It's quite confusing, as I also read that many (if not all) infections
by this strain were detected by ELISAs. What do you think about
Thanks in advance, and sorry if my English is not very accurate.

6 month test after 14 week negative test

 This is a message from UK to worried wells. My goal is to inform them regarding to window period in UK. 
I have been exposed to HIV (unprotected sex) four weeks ago. I went to a GUM clinic (google it: 56 Dean Street London) and was tested at 28th day: negative. I deliberately asked the doctor my next appointment for re-testing. She told me that they and other two GUM clinics they are connected never test patients after 4 weeks as the new window period is 28 days with 4th Gen. testing mechanism. I asked 3 months issue. She advised me not to expect the same window period with 2nd gen and 4th gen tests. 
Well, you have to wait 1 week  for an appointment from the three GUM clinics I mentioned. This means that, they are extremely busy and they explain the same thing to hundreds of people every week. They would not do that if they could not be totally sure.
You will find many statements on 3months window period. This is normal because these are global, huge organizations taking account of every single individual who lives in, for instance, a country that uses 1st gen hiv test.
I hope this helps. 

Testing results 40 days and in Asia

 I got the 40 days negative result at a government hospital in Asia by blood test,but i didn't konw the kinds of test.
is it conclusive? or how much is it conclusive?
Thank you !


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