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4th Generation/DUO test

Are my HIV Tests conclusive?

Hi I had an unprotected encounter with a female - whose status I don't know, a sex worker. I had stray symptoms like sore throat and dry cough but I am anyway a toncilitis patient, and as I read from various threads in your forum not to go by symptoms. No fever, flu though. Some pimples here and there. After 6 weeks 3 days exactly after exposure, I got tested in 2 leading pathological clinincs who provide results online (i.e., I need not go back to the clinic again for report collection). The test results are like this at 6 weeks 3 days:
1. HIV I&II Antibody Screen (Rapid) - Non-Reactive
2. HIV Screening Test 1&2 Antibody - Enzyme Immuno Assay Technique - Non-Reactive
3. HIV 1/2 & P/24 COMBO TEST (Ref Range <1 Non-Reactive, >=1 Provisionally Reactive) - 0.32 Non-Reactive
4. HIV-1 RNA QUANTITATIVE, REAL TIME PCR using COBAS AMPLIPREP & TAQMAN( Linear Range <20 to 1.0 X 10power7) - Target Not Detected
5. Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 (HIV-1) RNA Quantification (Viral load) - COBAS TaqMan (Limit of Detection 20 - 10,000,000 copies/ml) - NOT APPLICABLE, BELOW 20 6. WESTERN BLOT - ALL [ENV],[GAG],[POL] NEGATIVE; Conclusion - HIV I & II Negative Is this conclusive or I need to test again @ 12 weeks? How much chance do I have to turn positive?

Mr. Ali Ahsan

I have had unprotected sex, 2 years ago and was in doubt of catching HIV/AIDS it happened in Pakistan with a married house wife.
I had three test within last week all of  them came NON- REACTIVE. Using CMIA, ELISA & ECLIA ( All HIV-1 and HIV-2  antibody, antigens P24).
   1. I want to know what should i conclude from them ?
2. Do these test look for rare subtypes/groups/ subgroups whatever.
3. Do i need to go some other tests like RNA, Western Blot ?
4. Do these tests  look for all subtypes/ subgroups ? i.e M,N,O,P ?
Thank You

hiv related risk

had unprotected sex with sex worker due to condom broke for 5 min.Had hiv ag/ab (cmia) combo test the next day which was unreactive. again went for same combo test after 10 days and it was negative. Is it a good sign becoz of no p24 pathogen detection .Advice me what sud i do next?when sud i get tested again and which test Combo or HIVPCR DNA qualitative for hiv1?

Combo test queries

hi there and thanks in advance that you all are doing such a good job ofrelaxing the tensions of lakhs of buddies like me...
i had following tension-i did combo test for hiv 4 timesfirst time 3 months post exposure index was 0.08,second time 4 monthsafter post exposure index was 0.11, third after 5th month index was0.14 and last one now around 7th month after post exposure index was0.18 my questions are-
1. am i infected with hiv
2. why is this increase in index all the times? this scares me a lotand also if this increament continues i will become hiv positive inapprox 33 months according to combo test.
3. i have done survey on internet from last 7 months and found thathiv subgroups n and p are newly introduced in 2007 and 2009 resp andno test reports this. also i have read that new subtypes are going tobe indroduced in future.. and i think according to the survey i havedone this is true.
i am very scared as i am suffering from the symptoms such as fatiguemostly and all other symptoms since last 6 and half months. tell methe truth please i will be very thankful to you all please help me iwill not repeat the mistake again. save me or else i will become maddue to all this.
4. i am from india and my question is that i know that there are manysubtypes and i think that i have infected with the newer and rearersubtype and the increase in index of combo and symptoms suggest it.Please clear all my doubts.
5.Western Blot is confirmatory test and shall I do it for the rearer subgroubs detection if i am infected.or else tell me a confirmatory test...
Once again a tons of thanks to all the voluntiers

RNA PCR test accuracy

Monica - First, thank you for taking the time to discuss my concerns earlier this week.  I just wanted to follow up re: the accuracy of RNA vs. antibody testing.  You mentioned the RNA test would be [only] 99% accurate at my testing point (1 year after exposure).  However, my understanding is that after 30 days this margin of error relates only to the chance of a false-positive, not to a false-negative (given that PEP was not used).  This distinction is important to me because my concern is the possibility of a false negative antibody/ 4th generation test at one year, which may be exceedingly rare, but (unlike RNA testing) could still occur.  I should add that I would not be worried were it not for the fact that I experienced very severe ARS-like symptoms in the weeks following the exposure.  However, due to the public health policy in Ontario, my GP has no way cross-check with an RNA test.  Best wishes.


i just had test using CMIA test and the result is non reactive. i tested after 5.5 weeks after possible exposure. My question is, is this test conclusive and reliable? i also found some article that said testing using CMIA is best around 3-4 weeks after possible exposure. How about if i tested it around 5.5 weeks? Thank you.

ELISA 4th Generation Test

Good afternoon!
I would like to ask if the ELISA 4th Generation test is sensitive enough to catch also less viruses (or antigens) in the body? I heard that if there was only a little bit of viruses getting into the body than the immune reaction is more slowly. I hope that in spite of that after six weeks it was able to detect at least the p24. Can you help me please?
Thank you in advance,Erica
P.S. I have rashes all over my body ( body, arms, legs ( up) but they are not the same. I have them for 4 weeks. Can they be HIV rashes? For how long they appear? And also, itchy skin can be also sign of HIV? Are HIV rashes the same in every part of the body? 


I opted for an HIV test at the BCCDC.  The nurse told me that the test consists of two portions, a portion that tests for antibodies and the other that looks for the virus.
I thought the 4th generation tests are not yet available in BC but this almost sounds like a 4th generation test.  Will you be able to tell me what tests were done please?  Also, how accurate is the portion that looks for the virus and does it have a window period as well?
Thank you!

P24 antigen and antibodies

If a late seroconversion is taking place and no antibodies are being produced then P24 antigen levels after 4 or more weeks should still be at high levels, am i right?
In other words: A DUO test will result "positive" for P24 antigen for a late seroconversion. True?


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