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4th Generation/DUO test

3 months and 6 months, psychological collapsed?

Unprotected sexual intercourse, and tests?
40. day, Vidas HIV Duo Ultra, neg.
85. day, HIV 1/2 by ELISA( 3 gnr), neg.
105. gün, ELISA ( 3gnr )
HIV 1/2 neg.
Anti HCV neg.
Anti Hbs Poz.
VDRL neg.
Symptoms are still ongoing;
Arms and legs, numbness, burning, tingling;
The mouth, tongue and throat rust
Ears, skin rash, fungal, itching
Dizziness, imbalance
My Guts, the evening constantly rumbling and gas.
Underarm burning.
Tests did enough? Accurate and undoubtedly correct?
Signs where I live, my psychology collapsed.
One last time for the test in many places, 6 months is called? ( CDC-avert-aids.org)
My 6 month-end, you must repeat the test again?
What is my chance to, HIV +?
Thank you;

DUO (4th Generation) test

is HIV DUO test give conclusive result after 13 months with high risk exposure?

HIV query

Sir, I recently had an unprotected sex with a sex trade worker on 4/12/2012.After that I had Rashes, Headache, Dry Cough, Weight loss and Loss of Apetite. I went for a H1 , H2 antibody & P24 antigen test (4th generation test)on 24th, 62nd and 88th day in a private laboratory and all came back non-reactive.. So what is the accuracy level of the test on 88th day ? My physician is insisting me on going for a government hiv lab test and according to him my tests are only 95 % accurate.So what should I do now??? thanks.

Microparticle Enzyme Immuno-Assay

what is the Microparticle Enzyme Immuno-Assay (MEIA)?is this test accurate like ELISA..is meia test accurate?i did it aftr 3 months...

Combi test elecsys roch 4th g

Dear aidsvancouver,
Thx alot for this site that provide a lot of information which I am usually look at it.
Befor 12 weeks I hav protected contact for few min and unprotected oral sex and deep French kisses..
I start hav symptom..a lot of symptom which is last to today...but am not gona listed because tested over symptom...
I have tested :
1. 27 days rapid test
2. 38 (5 weeks) combi test 4th gn by Roche elecsys e411
3. 6 week  combi test 4th gn by Roche elecsys 2010
4. 12 weeks mark  combi test 4th gn by Roche elecsys 2010 
I have 2 question which make me concern a lot:
1. Does my test ( roche elecsys 2010 combi test ) are relible and approved and should trust it
2. Dose my test conclusive and should I put HIV behind me 
Thx a lot and best wishes,, looking forward to hearing from u..


I had an unprtected vaginal sex . I had 4th generation a test 92 days after exposure and a PCR RNA (20 copies/ml undetectable is it enough?thnaks

Sex worker, unprotected sex. Test. Sex worker, unprotected sex. Test.

Intercourse, 37 days later, the combo test ag / ab negative. 84 days after, HIV-1/2 (EIA) Ab test, negative. Is only enough? I another test?Thank you?

Late seroconversion

I had sex with a sex worker but I used condom. Some days later I noticed two little scrachtes at the base of my penis. I am concerned about the possibility of they were not covered by condom. So I tested PCR Quantitative For HIV 13 days later and it was ok. 43 days after this exposure I tested again (3rd generation HIV 1 & 2) and 59 days I tested again (4th generation test). They all were negative. But 5 days ago I had fever (38,5ºC) and yesterday again (39ºC). I have some problemes with Diarrheya too. These problemes began at 9 weeks after the risk situation and come again at 10 weeks after the risk situation. So I am afraid that it can be late seroconversion. What do you think? I'm scared.
The 4th generation test can find p24. But I tested 59 days after the risk situation. Is it reliable? Let's suppose I am positive, the test could find the p24 antigen if I had not developed yet the antibody for hiv?
Please, help me.

HIV through Oral Sex

Dear Drs.
Im 26 years of age !
This is a very serious question for me and I have become terrified and I need your expert advice.

Actually i performed unprotected oral sex 48 days ago with a sex worker, All i did through oral sex, and in the end i discharged in her mouth. I did not do anal or vaginal Sex.
I had done 2 HIV Test, which is 25 days and 45 days of incident,
1st Report : After 25 Days
Test HIV Ab/Ag (Combo)
Patient's Value 0.24 S/CO (Non-Reactive)
Method Used
Positive : More than 4.0 S/CO
Negative : Less than 1.0 S/CO
BorderLine : Between 1.0 - 4.0 S/CO
Method Chemiluminescent Microparticle Immunoassay (CMIA)
2nd Report : After 45 Days
HIV 1&2 Non Reactive (0.146)
Cutoff rate is 1.0
Normal Ranges (**** Please tell me Which Kinds of these ranges ? )
(Test Performed By ECLIA)_____________________________________________________
I wants to ask you am I at risk of getting HIV ? Should I be tested again ?
And can HIV spreads through saliva ?
Would you recommend that I get another test done in 3-6 months just to be sure ?
And how reliable these reports ?

worried plz help

Hi there,
I visited Dubai 18 days ago , I got drunk and i took an Asian CSW to my hotel , I asked her if she's clean and she told me that she's fine (but I think she didn't understand my question well because of her bad English) we kissed then she gave me unprotected oral sex, then she wanted me to have anal sex with her, I put a condom on and there was no lube, I rubbed her anus for about a minute then, while i was trying to push my penis into her anus the condom broke (am sure that my penis head didn't enter her anus) but what concerns me is that the tip of my penis head may have entered her anus (less than 0.5 cm) and that only was for 3 seconds or less. i didn't notice any fluids on my penis.
Igot tested 14 days after the event (duo test ) and came back negative .
So would you please tell me what's my risk?


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