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4th Generation/DUO test


Hi there!, I just want to ask what do you call the test where a blood is extracted to your arm (vein).Thanks!

HIV Index

I have been exposed to sex with 2 men around 8 years back. At that time i was just 14 years.
Even though that was not an anal sex, but i came in contact with seminal fluids through cuts in my body, i guess.

I have done a test (4th Gen) and the index in 0.18 Non reactive result.Kindly let me know what to do ?Wil the value incerase with time ?Am i at a risk of developing AIDS ?Do ndividuals have 0.00 level ?Kindly help


I am Very afraid

I have kissed a girl 3 weeks ago, and know i realized that i had putted me in risk, every time that I brush my teeth my gum bleeds a little bit, so I am very worried if i had an open cut when I have kissed that girl, I don't know if she has or not HIV, but she had a lot of sexual partners...I am very afraid, I just want to know if I need to do the test, please help me! If i need, do you think the elisa 4th generation will be conclusive at this time? thank you so much

HIV Risk. I'm desperate

First of all i need a truly answer (please), doesn't matter if it's for worse. 

45 days ago i went with a few friends to a very well known night club. I spend most of the night talking and kissing with a stripper (open mouth to mouth gently). Later on we went to the VIP area, once there she put me some disinfectant in my hands, i took a sit and she took my pants off, she opened a new condom and put it on me, immediately she tries to jump on my penis, i react and take her away from me (i don't know if a single time penetration took place, i did't feel it, condom was too thick). Again, she tries to give me oral sex with the condom still on, she sucked my member 6 or 7 times (no more) finally all ended up with a hand job, i came inside the condom. Condom never broke. Later on i found out girls at that place are tested every single week, but maybe is just a rumor.
For the record, no symptoms till today, just some muscle inner tight pain due to anxiety. Anyway, i have heard most people doesn't have symptoms.
So, my questions are: 
1.- Am i at risk of HIV from the gently open mouth to mouth kissing with the stripper? (I have tooth decay, some bad caries, but no bleeding gums. Also, at that time i had a small sore inside my lower lip almost healed because next day it was gone)
2.- Am i at risk of HIV from the "possible" one single time penetration and the brief oral sex? (Condom was used from start to end and didn't brake)
3.- Next tuesdey i will take a 6 weeks HIV DUO test (Abbot / Roche). How conclussive will it be?
Please, i beg you, take time to kindly answer these questions in an explicit way.

6 months HIV test combo

Hellow aidsvancouver,

I would love to thank you for great job for helping us and educate us on HIV.
I have had a protected vaginal sex and unprotected oral sex. I show up alot of symptoms and I test at 3 months combo test and thx god it was negative and agin at sex months combo it was also thx god negative
My question is does the combo tes HIV 1,2 ab+ag work at that time or I should take Elisa and just ab test .. What I mean does my combo test at 6 months consider conclousive. 
Best wishes 


Transmission Risks

I am wondering if you could tell me the HIV risk associated with these scenarios.  I do know this person so this is not really a random person I never see.  
Receiving oral sex (no ejaculation):  I briefly received oral sex.  I am not aware of any blood or cuts in the giver's mouth  Has there ever been a claimed or confirmed case of this route of transmission? 
Deep kissing:  I was recovering from oral surgery 6 weeks early but my wounds were pretty well healed and not bleeding.  Would this increase Saliva's ability to infect me if no  blood was involved. Even if there was a small amount of blood (which I doubt) Wouln't the saliva would likely neutralize any HIV in the blood?  
A minor cut in possible contact with precum:  I had a cut on my thumb from pulling a piece of skin off.  This was at least a few hours or more prior, and I may or may not have gotten precum on it (not sure).  I dont think it was actively bleeding but may have been a little raw.  Would this be a transmission route if my cut was pretty healed and would the air also kill the virus?
I also questioned the person involved and he was adamant he never has anal sex and what we did was the most he has ever done with someone before. He also said he is clean from any STDs.
Other than this exposure, I am not sexually active.  Should I test for this experience alone?  Also, is the duo test offered in the USA, I can't seem to find the answer to this.  
Thank you.

HIV free?

helo...i done 4 weeks duo test ag/ab and non reactive..If I could've said to be HIV free?I was risky events is receiver oral sex (just it) thx

HIV test

After 12 weeks of incident, the HIV 1/2 EIA with reflect is NOT REACTIVE and also HIV-1 RNA quant real time PCR (< 20) is NOT DETECTED (negative). Does this confirm negative result or further testing is required?

ELISA 4th Generation DUO

Hi volunteer,
I had unprotected oral sex but protected vaginal sex with a sex worker 2 weeks ago. So two weeks later (15 days) I went to do a ELISA 4th generation duo test, and the result came out negative. Do you think this result is reliable? I know the official testing is the antibodies test 3 months after exposure but I have great anxiety and can't sleep well every night


hii there..im confused about window period of p24test,some sites I read said
p24 can detect soon between one week to 3 weeks,before it disappears because antibodies are formed.for example a person forming antibodies after 2 months,Whether p24 stay there until 2 months or only three weeks and subsequently lost?i had duo test in 2 weeks exposed,non reactive....can i trust it?


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