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4th Generation/DUO test

my last test ..P24 combo

I had unprotected sex with a woman (only 3 min maybe).  I do not know anything about her health conditions and so I have had many tests.
1.p24 combo ag ab at 14 day(2week)>>>NEG>>
2.p24 combo ag ab at 34 day (4week)>>>NEG>> 3.ELISA ab at 44 day (6week)>>>>>>>>>>NEG>>
4.p24 combo ag ab at 48 day(6week)>>>>NEG>>
5.p24 combo ag ab at 54 day(7week)>>>>NEG>>
6.p24 combo ag ab at 70 day(10week)>>>NEG>>
7 P24 COMBO AG AB AT 130 day>>>NEG>> that is last one ( before 5 day ) My Questions are:
1- Are those conclusive results???
2- Do I need any further tests??
Godbless you!


I just took the EIA test, but how can I know that is the 4th Generation EIA (aka Duo or Combo)?

going cuckoo

Here's the situation: Unprotected vaginal for about 10 min. with a stranger of unknown status. Already an idiot, I know. Three weeks later following symptoms: bad nausea and vomiting, headache, slight lymph nodes, bad foot and hand swelling and serious joint pain arms and legs fell asleep really easily, really strange dry skin that was almost like the top layer was ready to slough off ... weird and I've never seen it before. Tested negative with blood draw in ON at 1 month. I don't know if that means 3rd or 4th gen.
Persisting symptoms have been loss of weight, tingling of extremities now eye floater sore neck lymph nodes although I don't feel swelling, burning under arm pits, but no swelling, headache. Recently, 3, 4and 5 month results negative. I'm sure you can see why I'm untrusting of the results. Could I be an outlier? Could I be late to convert? Thanks you


I had unprotected sex with a woman (only 3 min maybe).  I do not know anything about her health conditions and so I have had many tests.
p24 combo ag ab at 14 day(2week)>>>NEG>>
p24 combo ag ab at 34 day (4week)>>>NEG>>
ELISA ab at 44 day (6week)>>>>>>>>>>NEG>>
p24 combo ag ab at 48 day(6week)>>>>NEG>>
p24 combo ag ab at 54 day(7week)>>>>NEG>>
p24 combo ag ab at 70 day(10week)>>>NEG>>
My Questions are:
1- Are those conclusive results???
2- Do I need any further tests??
Godbless you!

2 Questions Re: 4th Generation Tests

Hi, I'm very sick and having a hard time putting HIV worries out of my mind. 
I've been tested with 4th Gen Ag/Ab HIV tests 7, 14, 21 & 28 days after my last sexual exposure (vaginal unprotected sex). I also had a Rapid POC Test taken 33 days after my last exposure. All results Negative.
I have two questions. First, if antigens were detected in one of my 4th Gen tests, but antibodies were NOT detected, would my results come back as "Non-Reactive" or would they have come back as "Indeterminate" or some other result? Mine came back as "Non-Reactive." I know Non-Reactive means Antibodies were not detected, but I'm wondering whether Non-Reactive also means that Antigens were also NOT detected.
Second. I've had all the classic ARS symptoms but they've lasted over a month now. Does an unusually long, drawn out symptomatic ARS phase bear any correlation with a later than usual Seroconversion? I'm guessing that the two would be linked since seroconversion occurs when Antibodies are formed. And antibodies counter act the Virus, thus causing a disappearance of symptoms. Is this reasoning correct? Do you know of any "long ARS phase - late seroconversion" correlation? 
Finally, at what point can I put HIV worries out of my mind? Do I need to retest? Are my results conclusive? 

Inderterminate Result

I had sex with a sex worker twice on Jan 20th. I used condom but I was not sure whether it was broken or not because the condom was too small. She gave me oral sex (no condom) for me when I was cum. She had orthodontics with her teeth. However, I felt hurt (may be from the intensely sex) for a couple of days. On Feb29th (5 weeks and 4 days from the exposure), I had an anti-hiv test and the results showed 'positive' on first ECLIA 4th gen test but 'Negative' on another ECLIA and Immonochromatography anti-hiv test. So, the results was 'Inderterminate'. Then, I tested HIV PCR the next day. And the result showed Negative. I was still not so sure about the result, so I had another Anti-HIV 4th gen and HIV PCR test at another hospital on Mar 10th (7 weeks from the exposure). And both results came out Negative. I also tested on WB on 8weeks after the exposure and the result was 'negative'. The question is Am I safe now? Do I need a further test? Why the first anti-hiv test was positive?

Symptoms so early?

I've been making myself ill with worry and was hoping someone could help. 
About 6 weeks ago I stupidly had unprotected sex ( albeit without ejaculation..) with a guy, who has been tested , and is negative as far as he knows . 
For the past 5 weeks I've had a UTI that does not seemed to be cured with anti-biotics.  I've been swabbed for STIs , but seem to be paralized with worry about getting HIV tested.
Is there anyway that my immune system could be affected that quickly that it would prevent a UTI from getting better?
thank you for any words of wisdom 

HIV Infection

I am a male, 37 yrs old living alone and working on a project in another country. After possible exposure through unprotected oral given to me by a sex worker woman around Nov 20-2011 for less than few seconds, very next day i developed cough and serious fear that i contracted HIV. After 15 days I got HIV-1 RNA Qualitative (detection)-COBAS Taqman done 20 copies/ml, Result: Not Detectable. Meanwhile, I got very week, depressed and pain in my leg and limping. then I joined my family and got better. After 8 weeks, my HIV Anti-body test was negative, then my 12 weeks HIV I*II Abs+p.24Ag also negative. I moved back to my job in another country where i live alone. I recently had throat infection which got settled by anti-biotics and now i have ear blockage and cramps in legs, regular headache and still worried about possible HIV infection. I am very sensitive and feel something is wrong with me. Please, advise

Need urgent clarification

Hi Doctor,
I had done the following tests on day 17:
3)PCR RNA for HIV.
The PCR was real time and done using Cobas Taqman, v2.0.
All the tests were qualitative and were reported to be negative.
On the 27th day, I took HIV 1/HIV 2 antibody test with p24 antigen and that too was non-reactive and not detected. I had also taken the VDRL test and it is non-reactive.
The PCR was actually done from a good hospital and I was assured that this actually checks for HIV RNA virus and since it is not present, I am clear.
However, my doubt is that there also exists a HIV DNA PCR. So basically what is the difference between the 2, since HIV is an RNA virus should not people use PCR RNA for early detection and then maybe do PCR DNA or it a PCR RNA and HIV Combo test good enough?
I really appreciate your altruism in helping other people.
God Bless

Are these tests conclusive?

I want to ask that if I had an anal sex with a unknown HIV + or - sex worker, and without a condom, and I have took the following tests
After 21 days after exposer =========> P24 combo ag/ab =========> Negative.
After 28 days after exposer =========> I take P24 combo ag/ab again, and HIV ANTIBODY by EFLA method,and the tests==>CHLAMYDIA PCR, UROGENITAL MYCOPLASMA, gonorrhoeae, by PCR method ==> Negative.
And at the same day (28 after exposer) I took in another lab the tests====> HBsAg, Anti-HBs, Anti-HCV, HIV by ECLIA method,====> Negative.====>VDRL-RPR =========> Negative.
After 37 days after exposer =========> HIV-1 RNA (PCR), HIV Duo Ultra =========> Negative.
Today is the day 44 after exposer, I have took the testsHIV Duo Ultra =========> Negative.HBsAg, Anti-HBs, Anti-HCV, HIV by ECLIA method,====> Negative.VDRL-RPR =========> Negative.

Are these results conclusive either foe AIDS or Heptits B&C?
I mean can I have unprotected sex with my wife, she has never exposed to any kind of HIV risk (I am accurate of her), and I do not wnat any posibility to hurt her , I have children and I want her for them!!.
If not, I will be very patient and I can wait untill the conclusive time, but please tell me an acurate information about the accurate time and accurate test for AIDS, and Heptites B&C tests.
Thanks in advanced.
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