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4th Generation/DUO test

95 days and symptoms

Hello,i had these HIV tests
PCR RNA at 15 and 37 days - negativeAb/Ag test (cmia) at 60 and 95 days- negative
i know that the last test is considered conclusive,however the last days and during my last test i have a white spot and a big white pimple on my tongue.1)is it possible to have HIV symptoms after 95 days?2)is it possible to have HIV symptoms and still the cmia test be negative?thanks in advance 

Exposure Scare

I am from India, I had protected sex with a lady of unknown status, way back
in October last year. The condom didn't fail, or break atleast as my
understanding was. It looked intact with a bubble like thing in the tip. The
lady also said after I finished that it was fine.
This was my first ever sex encounter and the last till date. I was somehow
not comfortable with what I did and since then I had a couple of tests done
for HIV, hepatitis and Syphilis.
The first HIV test I did was at the 10 weeks mark, a simple antibody for both
the strains, with some mothod called "ElectroChemiluminescence Immuno Assay."
It was negative.
The second I did at 12.5 weeks mark, this time for Hep and syphilis as well.
This time, the test done was a duo (or thats how I understood it, as it said
Ag+Ab). It was also negative with the results for hep and syphilis also
negative. The test for HIV this time stated "Chemiluminescence".
This was in the last week of Jan.
I have a few questions
1. How risky was my incident in the first place? Did it even warrant testing?
2. How conclusive are my results?
3. These tests are not ELISA, so what are these? EIA or ECLIA? I tested in
India. Are these methods and tests reliable at all. If so, are they as
reliable as ELISA?
4. I am healthy, have no diagnosied health probelsm till date. In this case,
can late sero conversion happen? (The reason for this is for the past 15
days, I have been suffering from extreme joint and muscle pains. I don't have
flu symptoms)
5. The duo test I have taken (If at all my belief that it is DUO is correct),
by any chance if Antibodies are not formed, should it mean that the Ag part
should have been picked up?
Thanks a lot for your time. Due to these body pains, I am very worried.

antiboty and antigen test

Hello,I had a HIV test, which looks for antiboty and antigen of HIV, after 92 days.The result was negative (0.37).However the people in the test center just told me that this test was perfomed by enzyme immunoassay method and definetely not ELISA.They also did not know the generation of the test.1)since the test looked for both antiboty and antigen of HIV was it certainly a 4th generation test?2)92 days are sufficient for an HIV test whatever the method perfomed was?thanks in advance

late detection


hallo, is 4 th gen test is conclusive at 4 months? me tested at 90 days and 125 days got negative result. but i am usually sick with throat probelems, feaver, flue etc.. i also have small pimples in different parts of skin including penis. i really doubt is it a late sero convertion.?
i had a shot time masturbation with a guy of un known status, now 5 months before. no vaginal or anal sex. 
my first result shows 0.11 2 nd 0.24 is this index have any relevence?
i am really scared,please help me.



Hello I had a HIV test and the results said antigen and antibody so i guess its a duo test how reliable are they


i took electrochemiluminescence test after 6 months of exposurethe value came as 0.208 and the cut off value is 1. am so scared. why i got 0.208.please let me know


Hi Doctor 
The facts: 
-Test made on 07/05/2012. Name: HIV combi (elisa) (results was available after 24 hours). 
-I had protected sex (never broken condom) with about 12  sex workers when i was in the army (before 6 to 7 years and more). 
-About 2 months before the HIV test I had an MRI test.  
-At the time of the HIV test i was little cold with a little  cough/flu.
1) What is HIV combi (elisa) test, is it an approved test?
2)Should I rely on my HIV result NEGATIVE, is it conclusive or should I retake the same test or any new other HIV test? 
2) Does MRI, flu/cold affect the results?

HIV Testing

Hi, Close to 6 months ago, I had unprotected vaginal sex with a sex worker (Not sure in what state of mind I did that, but I did that...). Since then I got tested twice.
a 74th day test and a 88th day test.
The first test at 73 days says:
Detection of HIV I and II antibodies - Result : Non-reactive (.31)
The 2nd one at 87 days says:
HIV - 1+2 screening(Ag+Ab) : Non-Reactive
Method: chemiluminescence
Are these tests reliable? I am from India... and I did the first test in a diagnostic center and the 2nd one in a very large, reputed superspeciality hospital.
By any chance, is the 2nd test a 4th gen DUO? If it is, will that be reliable for Antigen testing that late?
Can my test results be considered conclusive?
I am suffering from knee joint pains and some other dicomfort like acne... So I am worried...
Thanks for your help

test hiv at 8 weeks post exposure

i have done a test gen.4 hiv combi (antibodyes+antigen) at 8 weeks post exposure (56days) , it`s negativ, it`s this conclusive?

4th generation test positive but negative with PCR DNA test

I'm a male 25 years old. I had an hiv test with one fourth generation and two 3rd generation. the fourth generation test return positive while the two 3rd gerenation tests return negative. i take the tests twice and the results were the same. So I took PCR DNA test with a negative result. what should i do to have a conclusive result.


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