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4th Generation/DUO test

HIV testing

Hello Doctor70 days ago i had an anal sex with a girl and after 8 days i made an antibody test for the girl and it was negative but i didn't feel good so i made for myself these testsPCR RNA after 12 dayhiv ab/ag by cmia after 3 weekshiv ab/ag by cmia after 4 weekshiv ab/ag by cmia after 5 weekshiv ab/ag by cmia after 6 weekshiv ab/ag by cmia after 8 weeksand all tests are negative,sir the problem that i took an antibiotic  injection in the same sex accident day and the second day  names (sofotax) and im afraid it make the antibody delay, please advice because i didnt touch my wife 2 month ago.

Should i still worry for an HIV infection?

i am a 33 year male and 42 days ago i had protected sex with a sex worker.Since i couldnt ejaculate, she took out my condom and she started mastrubating me.
1. Is it possible that with mastrubation you can be infected with HIV?What if her vaginal fluid were in my penis and with the mastrubation they enter into my urithra?she used also lubricant during the mastrubation.
2. Since then i have done one month after the intercourse a RNA PCR test which was negative, below 20 copies per ml, a rapid test and a Duo test 42 days after exposure, which were also negative.
Should i worry? do i need to repeat any other tests?

HIV ab/ag Index went up

Hi guys,
4 weeks ago, I've had sex with a girl and condom broke. I immediately pulled out and went to bathroom to wash my penis and hands.
I've had a PCR RNA HIV test as well as the Antibodies/p24 antigen test after
10 days and both came back negative.
I've repeated both tests again after 4 weeks and once again both came back negative.
However, I've noticed that the index for the ab/ag test went up after the 2nd test compared to the index of the 1st test. (0.15 after 10 days and 0.31 after 4 weeks).
Both indexes are way below 1 but would the higher latest index mean there is a  conversion in progress...?
2nd question : is PCR RNA testing after 4 weeks conclusive?
many thanks.


I had one unprotected vaginal sex with unknown status woman in the middle
east  :
63 days > rapid test
75 days > rapid test
84 days > Tri-Dot test
91 days > rapid test
95 days > rapid test
95 days > MEIA abs (3rd Gen)
106 days > ECLIA p24 + abs (4th Gen)
108 days > ELISA p24 + abs (4th Gen)
RESULT : Negative
please can i feel HIV free and move on ?
im worried about the rare subtypes ?
should i do PCR or DNA ?
thank you alot

Acute Hiv-infection?

Hello, I had 5.5 weeks ago unprotected sex with a sex worker. I know that this was very stupid.
 2 weeks after the infection I had a sore throat. I have that now, after 5.5 weeks still, if a bit better. After 2.5 weeks I had then got even mild diarrhea occurred occasionally in 2 weeks again. The lymph nodes felt swollen at times. A doctor and no nurse but could not feel anything.
 After just over 3 weeks ago I went to the doctor. HIV antigen-antibody test was negative. Normal blood count.
 After 5 weeks, I got 4 strange pimple. They looked just like a little bubble and are now still little red hat is pick.
 Unfortunately, I totally scared. Are these signs of an acute Hiv-infection? How safe it was a test after 3 weeks?

Unprotected sex

- The ears and face, scaly skin rash, dandruff and itching (no red)
- I never stop, bowel movements and excessive gas. Continued.
- Dizziness. 1 months continued.
- Burning and pain in my back. 1 months continued.
- In my eyes, burning, pain, stinging, and blurred. Continued.
- Scrotum skin rashes. Three months continues.
- With my tongue a white layer.
- Mouth, teeth lumps, the ceiling of the mouth, dry, oily dish. No saliva.
12 weeks after ;
Hiv ab/ag neg.
Anti hcv neg.
Hbsag  neg
Anti hbs poz.
Vdrl neg.
26 weeks after
Hiv ab/ag neg.
Anti hcv neg.
Hbsag  neg
Anti hbs poz.
Vdrl neg.
27 weeks after
Hiv ab/ag neg.
Anti hcv neg.
Hbsag  neg
Anti hbs poz.
Vdrl neg.
Are all manifestations, but definitive tests?

4 generation test 6 week 4 days

4 generation test 6 week 4 days result are conclusive yes or not??
result after 12 weeks  will most likely change OR not ?4 generation test 6 week 4 days result are conclusive yes or not??result after 12 weeks  will most likely change OR not ?

4th gen accuracy

is the4th gen neg result at 90 day and 125 days is conclusive or need to retest after 6 month again? i doubt is the seroconvertion is late and fell sick pimles on penis, tiredness.my doc told it is not accurate before 1 yr.


Hi, do you think that a p24 antigen test in isolation (no antibody) at 18 days post exposure is at all useful. My theory was that if P24 peaks circa 16 days then if I had contracted HIV there would be anough P24 in my system and it would have been positive.Do you think there is any reassurance from an 18 day p24 negative?Thanks

HIV scared

here is my story ..
i have went to the one of the strip club and only had french kiss and little scared about the incident is there any change will get the hiv through kissing
here is my test results
3 & 4 week p24 duo test nagative
7 week antobody nagative ....
is conclusive for my incident ...
Thanks ....


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