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4th Generation/DUO test

HIV Infection

I am a male, 37 yrs old living alone and working on a project in another country. After possible exposure through unprotected oral given to me by a sex worker woman around Nov 20-2011 for less than few seconds, very next day i developed cough and serious fear that i contracted HIV. After 15 days I got HIV-1 RNA Qualitative (detection)-COBAS Taqman done 20 copies/ml, Result: Not Detectable. Meanwhile, I got very week, depressed and pain in my leg and limping. then I joined my family and got better. After 8 weeks, my HIV Anti-body test was negative, then my 12 weeks HIV I*II Abs+p.24Ag also negative. I moved back to my job in another country where i live alone. I recently had throat infection which got settled by anti-biotics and now i have ear blockage and cramps in legs, regular headache and still worried about possible HIV infection. I am very sensitive and feel something is wrong with me. Please, advise

Need urgent clarification

Hi Doctor,
I had done the following tests on day 17:
3)PCR RNA for HIV.
The PCR was real time and done using Cobas Taqman, v2.0.
All the tests were qualitative and were reported to be negative.
On the 27th day, I took HIV 1/HIV 2 antibody test with p24 antigen and that too was non-reactive and not detected. I had also taken the VDRL test and it is non-reactive.
The PCR was actually done from a good hospital and I was assured that this actually checks for HIV RNA virus and since it is not present, I am clear.
However, my doubt is that there also exists a HIV DNA PCR. So basically what is the difference between the 2, since HIV is an RNA virus should not people use PCR RNA for early detection and then maybe do PCR DNA or it a PCR RNA and HIV Combo test good enough?
I really appreciate your altruism in helping other people.
God Bless

Are these tests conclusive?

I want to ask that if I had an anal sex with a unknown HIV + or - sex worker, and without a condom, and I have took the following tests
After 21 days after exposer =========> P24 combo ag/ab =========> Negative.
After 28 days after exposer =========> I take P24 combo ag/ab again, and HIV ANTIBODY by EFLA method,and the tests==>CHLAMYDIA PCR, UROGENITAL MYCOPLASMA, gonorrhoeae, by PCR method ==> Negative.
And at the same day (28 after exposer) I took in another lab the tests====> HBsAg, Anti-HBs, Anti-HCV, HIV by ECLIA method,====> Negative.====>VDRL-RPR =========> Negative.
After 37 days after exposer =========> HIV-1 RNA (PCR), HIV Duo Ultra =========> Negative.
Today is the day 44 after exposer, I have took the testsHIV Duo Ultra =========> Negative.HBsAg, Anti-HBs, Anti-HCV, HIV by ECLIA method,====> Negative.VDRL-RPR =========> Negative.

Are these results conclusive either foe AIDS or Heptits B&C?
I mean can I have unprotected sex with my wife, she has never exposed to any kind of HIV risk (I am accurate of her), and I do not wnat any posibility to hurt her , I have children and I want her for them!!.
If not, I will be very patient and I can wait untill the conclusive time, but please tell me an acurate information about the accurate time and accurate test for AIDS, and Heptites B&C tests.
Thanks in advanced.
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HIV risk

Hi there,On 3rd of this month i had sexual exposure with a local guy. I had hot coffee in the afternoon which burned by lower lips, it was a raw burn with active bleeding spots( as I m on warfarin ). The area of erosion extended to the mucosal as well as the skin part of the lower lip. The guy got intimate with me and tried to kiss me on my lips.I tried to keep my mouth closed and avoided deep kissing. i could feel some saliva coming in contact with the area of erosion and seeping in my mouth, which i immediately avoided by wiping my lips with my hands. He also applied some oil to this penis ( circumsized ) and tried to enter me which immediately i opposed but i could feel his pressure of penis head on my anus.But i am sure i didnt allow him to enter me, so he eventually went for frottage and came in between my thighs in 2 mins. I am scared as later he told me that he has never been tested for HIV and he has ****** many guys with almost 50% guys with out condom.This has totally shattered me.Post episode i had a good bath with soap after 15 mins. I am really worried about the,1) Kiss where i had active bleeding spots2) If some cum has stuck to my anal opening3) The guy came in between my thighs. Is there any chance of HIV transmission if i Have scatches in between my thighs.After the incident i started getting pain in my anal region with constipation. I was examined by a surgeon who said that I have an anal fissure with sentinel pile. But I m aware of this sentinal pile since many days but was never aware of anal fissure.I am 100% sure that i didnt allow him to enter me but there was a single pressure on the pile. I am really worried.I also had Hepatitis B status since many years but negative for last 1 year, so i started myself on PEP of Duovir 1 tablet OD from 4th March and taking 1 tablet per day ( started on low dose because of history of hepatitis). But i started experiencing side effects with it like nausea right hypochondriac discomfort skin hypersensitivity oral soreness and feeling of body warmth. I also got my HIV Duo test done which is negative but my LFT is showing increased SGPT levels of 64.Plz advise me

3 months and 6 months, psychological collapsed?

Unprotected sexual intercourse, and tests?
40. day, Vidas HIV Duo Ultra, neg.
85. day, HIV 1/2 by ELISA( 3 gnr), neg.
105. gün, ELISA ( 3gnr )
HIV 1/2 neg.
Anti HCV neg.
Anti Hbs Poz.
VDRL neg.
Symptoms are still ongoing;
Arms and legs, numbness, burning, tingling;
The mouth, tongue and throat rust
Ears, skin rash, fungal, itching
Dizziness, imbalance
My Guts, the evening constantly rumbling and gas.
Underarm burning.
Tests did enough? Accurate and undoubtedly correct?
Signs where I live, my psychology collapsed.
One last time for the test in many places, 6 months is called? ( CDC-avert-aids.org)
My 6 month-end, you must repeat the test again?
What is my chance to, HIV +?
Thank you;

DUO (4th Generation) test

is HIV DUO test give conclusive result after 13 months with high risk exposure?

HIV query

Sir, I recently had an unprotected sex with a sex trade worker on 4/12/2012.After that I had Rashes, Headache, Dry Cough, Weight loss and Loss of Apetite. I went for a H1 , H2 antibody & P24 antigen test (4th generation test)on 24th, 62nd and 88th day in a private laboratory and all came back non-reactive.. So what is the accuracy level of the test on 88th day ? My physician is insisting me on going for a government hiv lab test and according to him my tests are only 95 % accurate.So what should I do now??? thanks.

Microparticle Enzyme Immuno-Assay

what is the Microparticle Enzyme Immuno-Assay (MEIA)?is this test accurate like ELISA..is meia test accurate?i did it aftr 3 months...

Combi test elecsys roch 4th g

Dear aidsvancouver,
Thx alot for this site that provide a lot of information which I am usually look at it.
Befor 12 weeks I hav protected contact for few min and unprotected oral sex and deep French kisses..
I start hav symptom..a lot of symptom which is last to today...but am not gona listed because tested over symptom...
I have tested :
1. 27 days rapid test
2. 38 (5 weeks) combi test 4th gn by Roche elecsys e411
3. 6 week  combi test 4th gn by Roche elecsys 2010
4. 12 weeks mark  combi test 4th gn by Roche elecsys 2010 
I have 2 question which make me concern a lot:
1. Does my test ( roche elecsys 2010 combi test ) are relible and approved and should trust it
2. Dose my test conclusive and should I put HIV behind me 
Thx a lot and best wishes,, looking forward to hearing from u..


I had an unprtected vaginal sex . I had 4th generation a test 92 days after exposure and a PCR RNA (20 copies/ml undetectable is it enough?thnaks


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