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4th Generation/DUO test

6 weeks and 8 weeks hiv duo test - negative

greetings from Europe!
I had unprotected vaginal sex 2 and half months ago and received unprotected oral sex 8 weeks ago at west Africa. Made 3 rapid tests and 6 & 8 weeks DUO
test - all negative.
Around foreskin of my penis there is redness and veins are blue and noticeably increased. I have visited many dermatologist, using different ointments, but above described changes are still there.
kindly asking for your opinion and help

4th generation/duo test available in Toronto

I don't mean to repeat this same question again as I know you had replied to someone and also provided with a number to get accurate information. 1-800-668-2437 The hotline do tell me that the 4th generation test is available in labs, and asked me to get further information from clinics. ( They're refering to the Hassel Free Clinic.) However, the clinic hardly answered my question about the 4 generation test, they even told me rapid testing they are always doing is the 4 generation. Frome my knowledg it's not likely what they said is right. I have also called other clinics that do not even know what the meaning of 4th generation lab test. I respect their professional knowledge, can you make a call to the clinic so as to find out if any 4 generation testing truly available in Toronto, please? The number is 416-922-0566. Sorry for bothering. Thank you so much!!


i had protected anal sex and had got a blow job without condom....i got hiv duo test after 26 days..its negative and i wil get another test in 60 dayz i wana to know how accurate is 25 dayz hiv dua test 4th generation...plz help


Please, I need your help. I had sex with a sex worker and I had two little scratches in the basis of my penis and maybe they were not covered by condom. I tested 6 weeks after the fact. The test was negative. I read in this Forum that if the test is 4th generation, the odds of HIV infection at this time is too low. But I don't know if my test is a 4th generation one. I ask in the clinic but they don't know and don't allow me to talk to the responsible person for the test. I live in Brasil. I'm gonna try to translate my test below. Antibody Anti-Hiv 1 and 2 Test Results - Nonreactive - 0.18 Method - Chemiluminescence Reference: Nonreactive: less than 1.0 Indeterminate: between 1.0 - 5.0 Reactive: more than 5.0 Lot 08559LI00 Validity march 2012 In case of suspicion of HIV infection, a new sample should be collected 30 days after the date of sample collection. According to the informations I gave you, could you know if the test I did looks for p24 antigen? Thank you very much

Am I HIV neg?

I've always used anal protection in my life. I recently went down to MIAMI oct 28-31 ... I've performed UNPROTECTED oral sex only throughout my trip there twice & got rimmed. All those encounters were less than 10 min each. I got tested dec 5 with a 3rd chemiluminescence hiv test. Some sites say antibodies react after 28 days but now Im living in fear in feb when i have to retest 3 months later ... scared it will be positive

40 hiv duo 62 elisa test, TURKEY

After a suspicious intercourse, the results of my test.
40 days after the HIV DUO, ab-ag, negative.
62 days after, ELISA negatif..
Suspicious woman, tests. His test results.
After 38 days, a negative ELISA.
48 days after the duo hiv negative.
After 48 days, a negative ELISA.
What is my risk that
Do I need to take another test?

Question regarding conclusiveness of tests

Hi, I had unprotected sex with a girl last october. After 4 weeks I did my first duo test 4th generation, after 6 weeks I did another duo test 4th generation and a PCR RNA test, after 10,5 weeks another duo test 4th generation and after 14 weeks my last duo test 4th generation, all of them were negative! my question is, are my results conclusive or do I have to keep on testing until 6 months or even 12 months. There are so many different statements on the internet regarding window period and I would just like to let go and relax again, however I do not know what is the right thing to do? Thank you!

MEIA test accuracy and CMIA accuracy

I had protected sex with a sex worker on May18- 2011, However i gave her a cunnilingus and she performed protected Fellatio, then, exactly 91 days after on the 21 Aug 2012 (3 month) i tested HIV by using MEIA test methodology and Hep B Surface Antigen test by using CMIA methodology
Both results came negative, however i am still concerned especially i am having Flu since 3 days with 38 deg C fever(actual date 23 jan 2012- 9 month after) because i went back on vacation and the weather was very cold, snowy and windy and all my family had flu
I am worried about the accuracy of the test
I am not having running nose or white spots at all
Please reply
Thank you

4th generation duo test

hello, i just want to know how encouraging a 4th generation duo test is after 3 weeks, i got tested on the 23 day, it was negative. also could u give me some more info about 4the generation combo test, antibodies and antigen
thank you

Test results conclusive?

Hi, I had a high risk exposure with a sex worker more than 3 months back. I got myself tested on the 90th day post exposure using the Chemiluminescence HIV test in a hospital in Mumbai, India. The report gives the following information about the test: -The test was performed on an Immunodiagnostic Vitros ECiQ Analyser and is used for the invitro qualitative detection of antibodies to HIV1 and HIV 2. -The vitros anti-HIV 1+2 assay uses 4 recombinant antigens such as HIV-1 env13, HIV-1 env10, HIV-1 p24 (core) and HIV-2 env AL. -My report reads Non reactive with a reading of 0.05. -The report says anything above 1.00 is considered reactive. The following are my questions: 1) Is the Chemiluminscence HIV test a reliable and an accurate one for HIV testing post 90 days of exposure. 2) I asked the hospital to perform an Elisa test but for some reason they did the Chemiluminscence HIV test despite having an Elisa test available with them. Is there any difference between the two tests and if so which of the one is an accurate one? 3) Do I need any further testing post this after 6 months, the reason being I was diagnosed with kidney stones during the 3 month window period, so was just wondering if that would have any effect on my HIV result. Also I read in many places on the internet that tests are not accurate till 6 months of exposure. 4) Which generation of the test is Chemiluminescence HIV test and what is its window period? Kindly let me know the answers to the above questions, I would be really grateful to you. Many thanks in advance.


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