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4th Generation/DUO test

HIV P24 Ag and ABS (HIV COMBO) at 7 weeks after exposure

Hi Sir,

I am male 37 years old. I had unprotected vaginal sex after drinking in a night club. 7 weeks later I did all sti's test in the lab including HIV P24 Ag and ABS (HIV COMBO) which turns Non-Reactive. Can I consider this test as conclusive?

Mr. Afraid (Shared Sex Toy)

my question is that i went to a Chinese massage parlor.i got a protected (with condom on my penis) oral from her.when i ejaculated she removed the condom and cleaned my penis with baby wipes. then she waited for 5 to 7 minutes and held my penis (non protected without a condom)and massaged it to make it erect. as it got erected she used some oil to give me a boob-fuck(unprotected)and while i was just about to ejaculate she used a artificial vagina(again unprotected)( she claims that artificial vagina was disposable and was put in come glass container filled with water )to ejaculate me .after this ejaculation which was my second ejaculation i felt tired and wanted to go . but she insisted me to give me a (one more hand job because i had paid her already for this )and massaged my penis for 5 to 10 minutes to make it erect but it could not erect so i went back.
from that day to now i have extreme anxiety.my doctor already have prescribed me praxil.my concern is that
1>can hiv be transmitted in above senerio?
2>if that artificial vagina was not disposable and was the used one having hiv+ semen contamination and putted in water and then used on me then can it effect me?
3>if her hands or boobs have some left over semen from previous customer and my penis was rubbed on it (unprotected) then is there any chance of transmission of hiv because in the last try she was massaging my penis hard to make it erect and she tried to make it erect my massaging it for 5-10 minutes which is a big time duration?
4>do you advise me to get tested?i already got tested on 17th day 21st day and 28th day after exposure with fourth generation test for hiv i.e.(Abbot Alinity i - Combo test (p24 & HIV - 1 & 2 Antbodies) all are negative. should i retest my self at 3 months mark?
5>do you put this activity in a hiv trasnmission risk?
please reply i beg for your guidance

HIV Ag/Ab tests

I had sex with 5 escorts within the span of one year (2015-2016). I am not sure about the condom breakage . For past one year (2017-till now ) i have been getting sore throat swollen lymph node and fevers , mouth sores and body aches cold sores ( 2-3 times in a month) , headcahes , dizziness and a stiff neck . I took 9 oraqucik tests( July - septmeber) 4 blood tests HIV AG/AB with reflexes ( July - september) all came back negative not sure what's causing these symptoms should i trust my test results and go ahead with my life or any other tests recommended ? And can you please shed some knowledge on HIV AG/AB tests will the antigens and antibodies be detected for the whole life if infected ? And also what are the factors that don't cause HIV antibodies in the body ? I dont have any auto immune disease my blood work( Liver tests , CBC , other STD's came back normal and fine .

Still thinking on HIV

I am from India, 34 years male, I have a few exposures in past when I was young and bachelor(12 to 13 month before) one or two among those were unprotected but after having family I had the last one almost 98th day back(though it was protected).I started feeling guilt and shame, and promised to self to return to life, leaving all this.A strong belief got in my mind that I am infected and started testing after the last exposure(which was though protected).I cannot think anything else than this my professional life shattered.
I first tested the source lady(a spa girl) with whom I had protected vaginal sex 98 days back on 5th day /7th week/9th week/12 week from date of exposure and she is negative in all in all teh time.I was testing her so many times only to know whether she was on window period.I tested her on ECLIA COMBO DUO and WESTERN Blot and all negative.

Now my turn I tested myself on 10th day/15th day/18th day/28th day/35th day/42nd day/50th day/56th day/87th day/97th day with HV AG/ab combo test only and all came back as negative.Done it from two different renound labs alternatively.
I tested on VDRL/TPHA/HBSAg/HCV all came back negative.
Can I get piece of mind and be 100% sure that I am not infected myself from any of the past exposures or the latest one?
Do I need to have any special test for my previous exposures to find out if I was infected in past but antibodies may have got vanished or depleted to be picked up by test?
I have no as such issues currently except a stiff neck that might be due to self examining my lymph nodes I use to move my neck quite rapidly and may got this strain, but not sure.

I take BP medicine Telday 40 mg and sometimes antibiotics as prescribed by doctor for normal cold and cough no other meds of any type.Can this meds interfere and delay window period?

I left this path already and will live normal life now and what is your take on me am I HIV negative?

Bad Situation

Hey guys and thanks for the help !! I got myself in a really bad situation and cheated on my girlfriend with a commercial sex worker while on a weekend away with some friends. She insisted on using a condom and so did I (she actually had a full bowl of them). I did not check the condom at the end. The was the first time I sleep with a sex worker and this was my second sexual partner ever. I felt horrible an admitted everything to my GF. We have talked everything through and I have never felt more confident about being and staying monogamous and I want to make sure I can continue this relationship in a fully healthy way. I just want to know If my test are fully reliable and I can can have no worry of putting my girlfriend at risk. These are the tests I took all of which were performed by a doctor or nurse:

4weeks- full std panel
6 weeks (44 days)- 4th generation HIV lab test, syphillis, Hep
6 weeks (44 days)- Insti rapid test
8 weeks (58 days)-4th generation HIV lab test, syphillis, Hep
9 weeks (67 days)- 4th gen HIV rapid test
10 weeks (69 days)- 4th gen HIV rapid test
10 weeks (72 days)-4th generation HIV lab test, syphillis, Hep
11 weeks (75 days)- 3rd gen HIV lab test
11 weeks (76 days)- Insti HIV rapid test
12 weeks (83 days)- 3rd gen HIV rapid test
12 weeks (86 days)- insti rapid test
13 weeks (94 days)- 3rd gen HIV rapid test
13 weeks (94 days)- 4th gen HIV rapid test
14 weeks (96 days)- 4th generation HIV lab test, syphillis, Hep

I know this amount of testing is sort of excessive (actually really excessive)...but I just really want to keep my partner as safe as possible. Thank you guys in advance


HIV 4th generation test accuracy

I took the hiv-1/hiv-2 and p24 antigen test after 45 days.is it conclusive?

How are window periods proved?

Hi, there.

I tested 4th generation test for 4, 6, 8 weeks after I had exposure with Thailand sex worker, and it was negative.
Also, I tried to confirm myself to have a last test at 12 weeks with oraquick, and it was negative.

So, as far as I know, I am negatvie and there shouln't be any more doubt about it.
But since my girlfriend was having fever and throat pain for few days, I started to worry about hiv again...

My biggest question is that, how we can really confirm that window period is 12 weeks(or 3month)?
I found that, it is really difficult to find someone who found out themselves about their hiv infection in 12 weeks, as i see, most of them didn't even know if they had it, and just diagnosed few months, or even few years later.

So how these doctors figured out that window period is 12 weeks? and also, as you may know, Hiv-2 is really really rare in everywhere except for West Africa, then how they could find out hiv-2 window period?

please give me answers..I am still worried..
sorry for my poor english.

symptoms and negative tests

I had a high-risk exposure in which the condom was disrupted in vaginal sex. The girl that I related was at the end of menstruation, I happen to have seen no visible blood on my penis. When I realized that I had broken I took it off and immediately went to wash. After 10 days of the act I began to feel symptoms that until the present date permance. The symptoms were: oral ulcers, rash, pharyngitis, shivering, body aches and pains, lack of appetite, white tongue, fungus on rough nails, peeling of hands and feet. Over the course of three and a half months I've been testing myself with Elisa 4th G and PCR-RNA at 30, 60 and 80 days, all of these negatives. The last test was an Elisa in 15 weeks. Should I still be concerned about HIV, and still have symptoms such as chills and white tongue?

For the sake of Almighty GOD please reply

i hads a sex with CSW on 8 sep 2018, i used condom , but after sex i saw blood outside condom , and i touched blood while removing it with my hands , and blood also touched my pubic hairs , i had very small cuts on my figures, cuts one has bec of dry skin , but were not bleeding , i got tested on 19th day , 25th day , 29 th day , 32nd day , 36 th day , result was 0.248, 0.274, 0.302, 0.243, 0.320 non reactive
please help me and let me know what test should i do to get conclusive result ,
should i go for PCR RNA will it show me the correct result after 40 days , i am just having mild fever 99f
please help
for the sake of Almighty please reply
i ma asking for help from past 30 days
please reply

HIV Testing Window Periods - Do I need to test again? +++Anxiety

I had unprotected vaginal sex with a man back in May of this year. I had a HIV test completed which was nonreactive. I'm not sure which type of test this was exactly, however on the report is says HIV 1+2 Ab+HIV1 p24 Ag and then the result as nonreactive. Is this a fourth generation test? I was then retested at three months post my potential HIV exposure back in May with the same test which was again nonreactive. My question is do I need to test again at 6 months post exposure or is my test at 3 months considered conclusive? This is causing me a lot of anxiety as I can not find any consistent answers in the literature regarding this. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!



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