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4th Generation/DUO test


hello i just found out im infertal! can this effect my past hiv test? can infertality influence hiv tests?
had a few risks as a teen after 3 years done 2 4th generation test came negative after 4 years 2 negative hiv test after 5 years 1 negative hiv test! now i want to marry and try for child can i be certain im hiv negative!


I had a reactive result to my HIV 1+2 Ab + HIV p24 AA test. Then they re-ran the test (protocol) and the HIV 1 RNA (PCR/NAAT) test found "No HIV 1 RNA detected" and the interpretation was that it was not consistent with HIV infection but a follow up EDTA is required to confirm.
I am now waiting for the results of the EDTA and my anxiety is through the roof!!
What are the chances that the initial test was a false positive? Is it more likely that the first test was a false positive or that the second test was a false negative?

Do I Need To Test Again?

On March 28th I had protected sex with a woman unknown HIV status. She performed unprotected oral on me and I inserted my fingers in her that I later may have put in my mouth. 14 days after the incident I was tested with the RNA test. The result was negative . On the 44th day I was retested with 4th generation test which was also negative. Do I need to test again or can I trust that the two test in combination are conclusive?

4th gen elisa 1&2 on biorad

hi there
its a follow up question..
have done 4th gen elisa (Lab indicated its a 4th gen elisa on biorad) after5 months of exposure and its neg,
the cut off value is indicated 3.00
kindly guide whether this is a dependable test result
(note done a cmia 4th gen on 84th day, which was also neg)
Awaiting your response
Thanks a lot in advance

84 days after PEP

Hi!, an 84 days test (chemiluminescence) after PEP (Truvada) is trustworthy?.

Symptoms and HIV testing

Dear all,

First of all i would like to thank you for the service and support you provide!

and now to my question..
I had a risky HIV exposure almost 9 weeks ago and since than I have developed pretty much every ARS symptom in the book.
It all started 3 weeks after exposure: night sweats, fever, weight loss (7 kg), after that enlarged lymph nodes in groin, then armpit, then neck.
At the same time I was diagnosed with pharyngitis (sore throat with rased bumps on lymhatic tissue-back of the throat), and I have read in BASHH guidelines it is a symptom of ars.
Now at this moment I was sure I was infected so my doctor told me to get tested at 4 weeks, so I did the following:
4 weeks duo - negative
5 weeks duo - negative
6 weeks duo - negative
7 - weeks duo - negative
almost 8 weeks duo - negative

I dont know why these test comes back negative, I have also changed 3 clinics just to be sure if there is something wrong with the test.
My question:
How long after onset of ARS will people test positive?
I have also read new (2014) UK window peroid guidelines saying 8 weeks duo is conclusive, when do you consider it is conclusive:
Tommorow I am going to take my 9 week duo test and I am so scared it will turn out to be positive.

Please answer...

please help

please help
i am so worried because i have symptoms as my partner (girl) has symptomes.
i am a male 32. i had unprotected sex with a female (csw) in 2013.
- did a rapid test (finger blood) after 6 weeks it came negative.
- i did a second rapid test after 15 weeks came negative.

and after 10 months i did :
- ECLIA test : Anti HIV1 &2 & sous-type 0 + Ag p24 and
- chromatographique rapide.
- all STD test = results are negative

after 3 years now i have symptoms like shortness of breath and dry cough with no responding to inhaler. and repeated night sweat.

my partner girl symptoms
- irregular period and to much bleeding during the period
- Abnormal vaginal discharge.
- fatigue
- nausea

can you help me and telling me what to do please. do i have to test again??
my life is getting so bad.

HIV infection and transmission

Had an oral with CSW ( HIV status not known) 20 days ago. 7 days after had anal and vaginal unprotected with partner. 4 days after ( 11 from my CSW oral) both me and my partner fell sick with flu symptom. NO fever or rash. No real tiredness just a runny/blocked nose and little cough. Got tested Combo @ 14 days ( from first CSW oral) and got negative 0.259 COI.
Today my partner caught severe flu plus mild fever 37-37.5 ( 2 weeks of our unprotected anal and vaginal).
1- is it possible I caught infection and transmitted it to partner through anal and vaginal?
2- any value added from my combo reading in 2 weeks
3- I will do 3 weeks combo tomorrow and planning the 4th, what do you think
4- hypothetically, if there is an infections and then some symptoms it means in this scenario HIV shall be detectable in 2 weeks COMBO
Advise please

some doubts about my health situations

i had high risk sex many times with unknown girl and got checked up myself for hiv on 5th month, 6th month, seventh month and 8th month all came negative. i did hiv elisa 4 gen and western blot test. And now its been a year from a time when i had high risk sex. But i got scalp folliculitis and one large swollen nodes on my neck just behind ear from more than three months which is not going away. so I also have heard that hiv infected people develop the swollen nodes on neck and also the hair issues. Is this true??? are all my test result is conclusive ? do i need to checked up for hiv again??

Is that Hashimoto's thyroiditis affects the HIV test?

After the suspicious relationship ;
20th and 40th day of ultra duo HIV tests negative
87 day anti-HIV test is negative
I have thyroid disease , autoimmune disorders ( Hashimoto's thyroiditis ) will affect the test results whether the ???
Should I have further testing ?


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