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4th Generation/DUO test

possible ARS infection and anxious about HIV

i had sex with a prostitute exactly two weeks back. Now i am having flu like symptoms since 3 days. i am having fever, tiredness, headache. But i read about other possible ARS symptoms and i am not experiencing any sort of diarrhoea,swollen lymph nodes, muscle joint pains etc. Now , after 3 days, my fever and headache are gone. But the online reviews suggest that ARS symptoms disappear soon after it occurs. i am so confused whether i am having a HIV infection or not. FYI:- i had protected sex, we didnt indulge in any oral sex. please help. what shall i do..?

Give cunnilingus oral sex to proffesional woman - VERY STRESSED - PLEASE HELP

i Will try to be as specific as possible with few words.

13 days ago visited a professional woman with whom:

1. She gave protected oral sex using a condom. I think this action is low risk
2. i had protected sex with her using a condom. I think this action is also low risk. After the sex we both checked the condom and everything was ok.
3. I performed unprotected oral sex to her for about 1-2 minutes. The problem is that about 30-35 minutes before this activity i accidentally bite my lips from inside when i was eating which casued a bleeding for 2-3 minutes (also i had drink some beers that night). My problem is how risky was the oral sex considering the wound in my lip.Do you consider this as open bleeding wound that would provide a access to HIV in my blood stream? I can't understand how you define the risky wounds and cuts inside the mouth. please calrify

- 4 days after this incident i got a rapid test which was negatine (non-reactive) bu the window for this is 3-months
- 9 days after that i took a duo test which was negative.

Can you please provide an answer because i'm fully stressed and i can't slip. The CDC is my country says that probably i do not have nothing but i am very afraid.


I am a male. I had unprotected oral sex performed on me. Then had protected (condom) vaginal sex. Had a 5 week rapid finger prick test which was negative. Then had at 42 days a PCR which as negative then at 45 days had 4th generation duo which was negative. My doctor says it is conclusive and says I shouldn't test any further. He is a well known HIV specialist and says the duo coupled with the PCR would have detected HIV 1 and 2 by now. I have a swollen lymph node in my neck and can feel a few normal sized ones in my groin and armpits now at 12 weeks. He doesn't seem worried at all and says the swollen lymphs can be from anything. Have so much anxiety from this he has now started me on antidepressants to deal with the anxiety. Please help with your general feeback and also have you ever heard of anyone's result changing to positive after these tests at 45 days?

p24 antigen test

hi thanks for your wonderful service and support i had a hiv blood test pcr rna at 7 days and p24 antigen test at 31 days after the possible transmission
both came negative and i have a rash on my back for 6 weeks i didnt have fever or any other symptoms if the rash is a symptoms of hiv my blood test at 31 days would be positive rite

6 week negative HIV test.

24M bisexual here. In a commited relationship with a female..
Anyways, on Mar 16th I made the biggest mistake of my life and hooked up with another male I met on a hookup site. He told me he was clean, and negative. I topped. The sex lasted about 3 minutes and I pulled out. About a week later I had what I believe was an HPV outbreak (my first) and thats when I started to get concerned.

I got my first HIV antibody test done at 20 days : Results were negative.
I started reading about the window period, and decided to get an antibody/antigen combo test done at 6 weeks (44 days post exposure) and the result to that test was negative also.

At this point, I was feeling pretty comforted with the negative results. But then my significant other started showing signs of ARS, 2 weeks to the day after the last time we had intercourse. She's having night sweats, diarrhea, slight fever.

What are the risks of me catching HIV as a top from a one time exposure? and what are the chances that my 6 week negative HIV test will actually turn positive at the 3 month mark?

I'm terrified that not only I am sick, but my significant other to.

HIV Combo reactive Western Blot Indeterminate

Reactive combo
Reactive p24
Indeterminate Western Blot.
I was ill in hospital in Cambodia prior to testing back home. My symptoms were massive headache, eye pain (very bad pain behind my eyes), vomiting blood, diarrhoea and rash all over my chest and back.
I had vaccines before going away. I was il off and on the whole trip. I had pills for Malaria but did not take them because they made me feel ill. The hospital in Cambodia wasn't really what I would call a hospital, I had no cash and so payment was an ipod I happened to have with me. I was given IV fluids and antibiotics and told it was possibly salmonella.
The type of sex I had was oral, no condom.
Could this illness and vaccine be the reason for the reactive combo?
Any help offered would be greatly appreciated.

HIV - how risky?

I'm not sure if my mind is playing games on me, but I am obsessive with this, so, pls, help me.
I'm a woman and I was with a much older man. We had deep kissing and he fingered me (introduced one finger for about 15 secs in my vagina). I'm not sure but it is possible there was pre cum on his finger since he was touching himself a lot before that). I refused to continue and he got violent for a while, maybe that is the reason I am so scared. There was no oral sex, only that. I got tested 3 times, 4th generation,at 28, 32 and 35 days, non reactive. I'm planning to take another test by 8 weeks (60 days). Do you think that was a truly risky situation? Thanks

Possible exposer on Apr 1st (Fools day)

I am male
I have unprotected oral and protected sex with Dancer on Apr 1st night.
Can you please tell me the possibility of the HIV infection ?
I am very much depressed and afraid

I took Oraquick home kit on

Apr 9th , Apr 15th Apr 22nd and Apr 29th – all are come as negative

Apr 28th – I gave blood work for HIV-1 AG W/HIV-1 & HIV-2 AB (4th generation test) along with STD test. And got the result on May 4th as Negative. Doctor asked me do one more test after 6 months.

May 2nd – I took Rapid Combo test in different clinic with finger blood –that came as negative. This time Doctor told me to take one more test after 3 months.

Please let me know the possibility of HIV infection after 3 or 6 months

Fourth generation Ab/Ag test 9.5 days post-exposure

I got a fourth generation Ab/Ag rapid test done on April 26 after a possible HIV exposure on April 16 and my results were negative for HIV. Can I rely on these results? I've read on this site that the Ag portion of the test is detectable immediately (3-4 days) after infection for the first couple of weeks or so, but I've also read that it is only detectable at 14 days. I plan to retest at the 3 week mark, but until then can I rely on my April 26 test to ease my worries?

Testing Accuracy and window period


I need to know the accuracy of 4th generation EIA method with blood draw ? I took it exactly after 49 days (7 weeks). It was negative after 1 week of waiting for results. the clinic said these tests are accurate after 11 days. ( i know CDC and many experts say 28 days to 6 weeks)

I got tested at 77days with a rapid 4th generation test and a Clear View rapid test. I got tested because i felt little sick and i doubted my results. But they were negative as well.

Finally, i got tested at 90 days for conclusive results with a Insti rapid test. It was negative.

Today its been 1 month after my last test
& 4 months after a minor incident. So i started worrying about my tests again.

Can you verify if my results are correct and the tests taken were correct in terms of their accuracy and window period ? thanks


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