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4th Generation/DUO test

Possible HIV? 07/13/2016

Please help!

I performed oral sex on guy who, without asking, ejaculated in my mouth. A couple days later I had IBS and heat burning sensation in my hands, bottom of my feet, legs and back and some uncolored rashes that comes and goes within a day or two. Not knowing if these symptoms were related to anxiety (me checking my body in the mirror and worrying too much) or if I contracted STD ...at 11 days post "possible" exposure I took Lab Corp HIV RNA Qualitative blood test and come out NEGATIVE. Then, at 32 days post "possible" exposure I took Lab Corp HIV 4th Generation wRfx which also came out NO REACTIVE on on both - P24 & Antibodies, and if my anxiety was not enough at "40" days post "possible" exposure I took another HIV AG/AB, 4TH GEN with Quest laboratory which also came out both as NO-REACTIVE. I stilll feel burning sensation on my hands, legs and body but my doctor says it s nerves due to too my stress. With these tests done - I know everyone says after 12 weeks is conclusive BUT Can I be really sure I don't have HIV virus ?? Is it possible to get p24 gen NO-REACTIVE and Antibodies NO-REACTIVE at the same time after 32 and 40 days post exposure?? Please help

HIV transmission with ARS

Good day. I had an awkward night with a sex worker last September. We had French kiss ( I had a cavity in my teeth and I do not remember whether there was obvious blood or not in her mouth) , rubbing my penis (unprotected) on her vagina without inserting and 3 times protected vaginal sex with her as long as I remember the condoms were intact. Starting point of awful days was at 29 days after exposure by getting a cold-like and maddening anxiety. Day by day, I was finding new symptoms (as I thought). I felt fluctuation pains inside of arm’s muscles. Moreover, I was a little bit feeling cool on my both hand until I wore a jacket which somehow disappeared them from days of 42 to 48. At 42 days after my risky action when I thought I was HIV positive, my 4th Gen HIV Elisa test came out Non-Reactive. I could not believe the test result. I assumed that something goes wrong on my body not to produce enough antibody in order to be diagnosis by test. Further, I went to the same Lab (a private lab in Iran) to retest at 12 weeks mark which again was Non-Reactive through 4th Gen Elisa. After that, I started thinking that definitely the Lab's Technician was not master to conduct the test although he told me he was experienced about 2-3 years in immunology diagnosis departments. I could not help thinking myself until 200 days when I went to another lab to retest because of my killer anxiety regarding unreliability of last couple tests. The new Lab uses ECL method which is fully automated diagnosis screening method. Again came out non-Reactive. I just got calmed down for a while. After one month, again anxieties came into my mind that may be they did something wrong. Of course, most probably my worries are somehow due to obsessions. Now, I would like you to assure me whether my exposure was risky? Was my teeth made French kissing risky action for HIV transmission? Were my ARS related to HIV or not. Thanks a lot

5 months

after having oral sex, I got tested for hiv 4th gen and std tests after 5 months/19 weeks..came negative.

Do I need to get tested again or is it conclusivE?

HIV through Cut


I had an encounter with a gentleman with whom we discussed his status and mine (both negative) and I pick at my thumbs, but had a band aid over it. During lunch, the band aid came off, and after, we made out in the car and I touched his penis and may have gotten precum on my thumb, then he did do filatio to me, but did not for long. I got test tested with the 4th generation test 8 weeks and 1 day after to which it came back negative. What is the likelihood of HIV transmitting, and should I get tested again?

testing after 1 week

recently i have sex with a prostitute, the condom was on the whole time and it did not breake.
after 1 week i got tested with a 4th generation test
what should i expect?

hiv test nagative after five months but pink color pimples on chest since 5 months

unfortunatly my condome was broken..during middle in the sex...i mean this is unprotected sex
i tested pcr dna at 21days from exposure and hiv duo p24 on 6th week. and same duo test after 2 months.
again elisa fourth generation after 3 months 4 months and 5 months...all this tests are nagative and non reactive..
there is no symptoms from these 5 months like fever headech flu and body pain...i am very much healthy..
but the problem is....i am seeing the pink colored very small pimples since 5 months on my chest..all that are in very distance and very less like 5 or 7 on my whole chest only...there is no pimples and bumps any where like that on my body except on chest..these all are fading and re appearing...i met a dermotalogist and that doctor said that..
acne vulgaris and prescribed me with minocillyn and ointments...but i had inflamation like dry skin due to ointmet and acne soap. but when i started minocillin and ointment all that pimples on the chest was gone..
i stopped all that minocillin and ointment after a week.. the pimples in red shape was started after some days.... but i am not using any medicne in between i have an alergy hives cause with food or some thing...i used prednisolone and rantac and artis.. all that alergy gone in a single day and i used for 5 days this medicne as doctor priscription...
all of my pimples on my chest was gone...when i stopped that alergy medicines...after 3 days this pimples was started again....pls help me is it cause of hiv or any other skin problem....if hiv bumps are very less and in distance like this ...if the hiv pimples stay for 5 months like appearing and fade out..and re appering...
is there any chances to not devlop my antibodies since 5 months...if this pimples cause with hiv..does it appear and reappear and it fade out with acne creams..and tese are all not itchy and no pain for me.. just look like normal pimples colored in pink...but i am scaring with this pimples i never saw on my chest like this...is there any way to find out or diagnose this kind of acne like pimple or is it hiv pimple or normal bactirea pimple...i tested my complete blood count also..there is no issues..all are good ..but the only limpocytes are 50 little bit more than normal range...
is it cause of any bactiria..is there any chances to not devlope my antibodies up to 5 months...i am in very tension...pls help me with proper solution on this acne like red spots...is it cause for hiv or any other...what is the right kind of solution to find out this pimples issue...this is the only problem... i am staying away from my family...
i want how to calrify this pimple cause ..is there any test for pimple cause bactiria...
thanq u



Approximately 3 days ago I had sex with a CSW. During this encounter, I performed oral sex on her but for a very short amount of time (kissing, not really licking), and I am not sure if I had any sores in my mouth, but when I took time to notice that evening and the following morning, I didn't see or feel anything unusual. She also performed oral sex on me, but I was wearing a condom and ejaculated in the condom in her mouth. This was the extent of our activity.

Six months prior to this, I had a different encounter with a CSW (also the first time I really thought about the possibility of contracting HIV) where we did oral/protected vaginal sex, and I made sure to get tested regularly afterwards. My last HIV test, taken sometime before the encounter 3 days ago, was negative. During those six months, the thought of having possibly contracted HIV really wore me down mentally, and it is an awful feeling to know I have to go through another six months of hell in order to clear the HIV-possibility for this last encounter.

I just have a few questions that I am hoping can set my mind at ease. 1) What is my risk of having received HIV? 2) Do you recommend that I get tested given my experience? 3) If I were to take a 4th Gen Antibody/Antigen test (available at a clinic nearby) when would I need to get tested to get a conclusive result, or are there any tests that provide conclusive results before the standard six months (all the tests I have taken were 3rd gens)?

Please help. I'm very anxious and worn out from the fear and just can't think that this nightmare has begun again.

Antibody/p24 antigen test

I did an antibody test 7 days after exposure and a combination (antibody/p24 antigen) test 22 days after last exposure. They were both negative. My question is how accurate my second test is?

PEP? warranted HIV test ?

I had an encounter with someone online, i kind of hate myself for it, but please address my concern.
i am a male i was with another male, first time.

1. mutual unprotected handjob (unfinished)
2. unprotected rubbing penes for about 1 min ( not head to head contact) unfinished.

3. protected mutual oral sex for about 1-2 min (unfinished)
4. protected attempting insertive anal sex, unsuccesfull penetration due anxiety and my pene got soft.
i attempted to penetrate him, 3 times and it could not go in, he had little bit of lube on his ass.

5. i finished myself
6. he never finished himself.

7. I brought my condom to my place, and filled it with water for a leakage test.
it was intact, not leak, no tear,no break...


Should i go for an HIV duo test at 28 days? if negative should i trust it?
Do you see any potential hiv exposure on the situation i just described you?
Did i protected good enough ?

Affect of Meningitis, Tetanus and Diphtheria vaccination on HIV test

Hi, I had unprotected sex on April 2016 and 2 months after that I had a Miningitis, Tetanus and Diphtheria vaccination.

I want to know:
1. Do the vaccinations have affect on HIV test?

2. Which type of HIV test is more reliable?

3. When should I take the HIV test?

I would appreciate it if you answer me


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