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4th Generation/DUO test

please reply , i have sent a mail also

i had sex with a CSW on 9th sep 2018, i used condom but when i removed the condom i saw blood outside the condom that i touched with my finger , i had small cuts on my fingers , the cuts one has bec of skin dryness , i washed my hands with hot water and then with soap , after that i had no symptoms but once or twice mild fever 99.1 and i tested for HIV , on 17th day , 25, 32, 35, these were 3rd generation antibody test ( retro viral ab 1and 2 ) then on 42nd day , 49th and 65th day i had 4th generation CMIA test , and again on 75th , 83rd and 85th i had again 3rd generation antibody test ( retro viral ab 1and 2 ) as i am in a place where 4th generation test is not available , all these tests were non reactive , please explain
1. are these test conclusive
2. do negative test at 85 day turn positive on 90th day
3. how reliable are 3rd generation test as compare to 4th generation test
4. do i need to test again
5. how long antigens are in body to be detected by 4th gen test

please reply i am in depression


Suspected HIV infection


One month back I visited a Strip club, During my visit I felt a prick on my hand.
With in One week I had Fever and pain in my hand. During that week I had Headache (I never had headache like that before it was like hangover and pain that comes and goes.)

At this point I went to Doctor I went through HIV 1 RNA test at 13th day and 19th day after exposure both are negative for HIV.

I had mild Sore throat,mild Cough and pain while urination (From 20th day after potential exposure). At this point I went through 4th generation HIV testing at 22 days and one more at 31 days after potential exposure. Both are negative.

What are my chances of infection and What pter testing I can go through.

Are my results conclusive?

hello I stay in India . I had protected vaginal sex not sure of the condom date i had ejaculated inside her and had unprotected oral sex licked sex worker vagina with a lotion this is my only exposure under the bed sheets

i performed hiv p24 antigen and antibodies cmia test at 25 days which was negative

i performed hiv -1 pcr rna qualitative at 25 days which was negative

I performed hiv cmia only antibodies test which was negative

i performed hiv pcr rna quantitative test on 77 days for hiv-1 which was negative.

I performed hiv p24 antigen and antibodies test elisa method at 86 days which was 0.40 non reactive
did westernblot at 92 days which was negative
I experienced body warmness,rashes which persists till today,have blurred vision after washing eyes in the bathroom after sex . Are my test results conclusive.

hiv tridot at 17 weeks negative.

test vih 4 generation

Good morning,
I did an HIV test 45 days of the risk situation but did not say if it was 4 generation or what generation it was the following:

Method: Electro-Chemiluminescence

This test is based on the simultaneous determination of IgG anti-HIV1 and anti-HIV2 and antigenaemia p24, which allows to reduce the delay between contamination and virus detection.

Is it a fourth generation test? The Spanish health ministry told me that a 4-generation test passed 6 weeks of the risk situation.
Thank you.

Please I Beg for a kind reply (Anxiety at the top)

Dear Sir/Madam
this is my 3rd time positing to you but no reply at all. I am totally broken due to fear and anxiety of hiv please help me to sort out this.
I must admit that after an unprotected brief anal intercourse a second foolish mistake to do a test alere determine at home while i was not totally aware of the procedure. I did and a grey control line and a faint grey line appear after few minutes on the test strip i was shocked and assumed that my life has been ended up. after reading much articles and who website i came to know that this might be an invalid test as what i saw was a shadow and alere determine requires coloured line for reactive as many other experienced the same and WHO also stated in their practice module 9. since then i repeated test as follows

High top antibody rapid home test (non reactive at 7.5 week)
Alere determine done by me at 8.5 and 9 week non reactive

Since i know i should confirm my result i went to a health care provider in my area and tested with SD Bioline hiv 3.0 test non reactive at 10 week.

I tested again by myself at 13 week using alere determine hiv 1/2 nonreactive
at 15 week i went to a local community health care centre where they tested me with hiv antibody test rapid test non reactive
at 20 week i went to the same health care centre for the retest and they test me with alere hiv combo twice and reassure me that i am free from hiv.

Please help me to sort out my anxiety. i shall be thankfull

Oral sex and semen on eye, rash 9 days later.

I had a sexual encounter with a 70 yo gay male, although he said he was clean I know I should trust nobody, there was no actual penetration although I did rub my penis over his anus, I also performed oral sex to him but he didn't cum into my mouth but there was some pre cum as far I can remember, so around 5 seconds later he ejaculated, he put his genitals on my face and there was still some semen on his penis that rubbed my eye. Considering all these sexual activities, what's the risk of contracting HIV? Should I get worried? I'm actually worried now because 9 days later after the sex I'm getting a rash on my feet, thinking could be athlete's foot but now with the sexual encounter I had, I'm freaking out could be something else, as rashes are common symptoms for HIV . Last question, when is the best time to get tested? Should I wait a couple of months? Thank you very much.

Black Cumim Seed - HIV Window Period

I have a question regarding HIV test window period. I dont want to discuss the exposure but I just wanted to tell that I have been consuming black cumin seed from past 1.5 years daily in the morning. Heard it has curing properties, does it in a way affect my 4th gen hiv test result done at 12 weeks. I mean does it delay the seroconversion ? I stopped consuming black cumin seed at 10 week post exposure but now I am really confused what is to be done ? Shall I  test again in 2-3 months or shall I just let it go. Please give your sincere advise.

HIV transmission through jock itch and testing


I had a protected vaginal sex. This was my only sexual intercourse for 3-4 month period. I used condom from beginning to end. There were kissing and oral sex (I didn't give, only received for 20-25 seconds and she didn't have a place which is actively bleeding as far as i saw)

But the problem is: I've been dealing with jock itch for a long time. I itch the place between my groin (left and right side of the penis/leg) and it's usually red-rash area. It wasn't bleeding during the sex or before the sex but I read that rashed skin may help tranmission of HIV if any vaginal fluid contacts with it. Is this true? Do I have a chance to catch HIV from my jock itch even If I used condom? (condom doesn't cover that area)

My second question is: She had a suspectful sexual intercourse. We both had tested. (4th generation Alere Determination HIV 1/2 AG/AB Combo, fingerstick) We had tested in 38th day after her possible sexual intercourse. Our tests resulted negative/nonreactive. Is 38 day enough to detect If there was antigens or antibodies? I read some guidelines and research articles and as far as i understand after 28th day (both ab and ag peaks) there may be a time which both antigens or antibodies are not enough to detect. Is this true? Is 38 day enough to understand our situation?

Can you help me with these two questions?

Thank you so much!

HIV and Other STD Testing Window Period


During my last sexual encounter which was due to fantasies with a pre op trans woman, received protected anal, but I got anxious that the condom could have been broken, I have made the following tests:

1. HIV PCR and VDRL at day 8, All negative
2. HIV 1/2 COMBO/DUO Test at day 28, All negative
3. HIV COMBO/DUO , VDLR, Hep B and Hep C at day 94, All negative
4. HIV COMBO/DUO at day 101, Negative.

So basically all is negative, but I still have anxiety that I could have messed something with the window period.

Are HIV and VDRL conclusive after 3 months period?

I would appreciate your kind support in this matter.




Am from India and i had a sex with a south korean prostitute, am very sure it is protected vaginal sex, from second day am started searching in google about hiv and i got in to stress, gone mad with mind, am speaking with me for past 8 weeks.. I can't able to control my stress, and
I have went fot lot of hiv duo combo test in past 8 weeks
Tested at 22 days non reactive
At 30 days non reactive
At 42 days non reactive
At 45 days non reactive
At 50 days non reactive
At 53 days non reactive
At 57 days non reactive
At 65 days non reactive
All these test are CMIA method
My anxiety doesn't go away
I have throat pain fr all those 8 weeks & White tongue
Is my results are conclusive, Do i need to go for another test. What are the possibilities of positive at 12th week


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