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4th Generation/DUO test

Fourth generation Ab/Ag test 9.5 days post-exposure

I got a fourth generation Ab/Ag rapid test done on April 26 after a possible HIV exposure on April 16 and my results were negative for HIV. Can I rely on these results? I've read on this site that the Ag portion of the test is detectable immediately (3-4 days) after infection for the first couple of weeks or so, but I've also read that it is only detectable at 14 days. I plan to retest at the 3 week mark, but until then can I rely on my April 26 test to ease my worries?

Testing Accuracy and window period


I need to know the accuracy of 4th generation EIA method with blood draw ? I took it exactly after 49 days (7 weeks). It was negative after 1 week of waiting for results. the clinic said these tests are accurate after 11 days. ( i know CDC and many experts say 28 days to 6 weeks)

I got tested at 77days with a rapid 4th generation test and a Clear View rapid test. I got tested because i felt little sick and i doubted my results. But they were negative as well.

Finally, i got tested at 90 days for conclusive results with a Insti rapid test. It was negative.

Today its been 1 month after my last test
& 4 months after a minor incident. So i started worrying about my tests again.

Can you verify if my results are correct and the tests taken were correct in terms of their accuracy and window period ? thanks

HIV Test total confusion

Dear helper,

I`m totally confused regarding the hiv duo test(generation 4th).
At this date May 2016, I found in many countries (France, Germany, UK, European HIV association IUSTI, WHO, ...etc) said that the duo test is conclusive after 6 weeks with an exception for HIV1 type 0 and HIV -2.
The CDC from US said that the HIV duo test is conclusive after 3 months.

I know that HIV-2 and HIV-1 type 0 is rare but how can be the test conclusive at 6 weeks if is not apply for all HIV types.

Can you please help to clarify this.

I had a negative duo test at 6 weeks after a exposure( I touch a woman to the genitals, no finger insertion, just a soft touch).
After I read all over in the internet; I still don`t know if I should do another test at 12 weeks after the exposure.

Please help !


HIV tests at 90 days - Still having fear

Hi All,


I am from india, I had a brief exposure with a prostitute in honkgong exactly before 99 days. I used condom, as this is the first time I was having vaginal sex, but I don't was there any break or slippage.

I was licking her vagina for 10 seconds and kissing her continuously in nipples, mouth.

I started to get lot of symptoms from 20 th day onwards

Rashes, mild fever, 3 small lymph nodes in neck, weight loss of about 5 kg, sometimes high fever about 100 f.

I started my tests as follows,

29the day rapid test - negative
33rd day rapid test - negative
33rd day REAL TIME pcr - viral load - hiv 1 - Target not detected
43rd day - elisa - non reactive
49th day - HIV DUO CMIA - non reactive
56th day - elisa - negative
63rd day - elisa - negative
70th day - elisa - negative
77th day - HIV DUO CMIA - non reactive
81st day HIV 1 RNA DETECTION using cobas taqman - not detectable
90th day - HIV DUO CMIA - non reactive
90th day - ELISA - negative

Other than these tests, I took STD tests on 88th day - for chlamydia, syphilis, HSV 1 and 2, HbsAg, CMV, RPR/VDRL, TPHL, TOXOPLASMA, rubella. Everything is negative other than rubella IgG with value of 136.

1. Is my tests are conclusive, should I need to take any tests in 6 months,

2.from 2 week onwards I am getting rashes on/off. is it related to HIV

3. What could be the cause of lymph nodes near ear and neck, this are not noticeable and not paint, May be around 1 cm.

4.I was using Alprazolam 0.25 MG for anxiety, will this have any effects on HIV tests.

5.is my other STD tests are conclusive?


I've been through two incidents prior to this, the first (unprotected sex) and second (dabbing) which had caused me to live in anxiety for a long time. However I was tested negative for both situations (multiple tests over three months period after exposure) and stopped having sex.

However recently I just got into another incident, where the guy did not have a condom and rubbed his penis on me for minute? I immediately told him to stop after feeling a slight jab on my anus. I don't think it penetrated, there was no lube and I did not feel any pain at all. I was also able to stop the movement with my buttcheeks. I fear it penetrated, since I did not have sex for a long time and rarely do in the first place I would not know. Also there was no fluid, as the whole situation was very abrupt.

Again now im suffering from anxiety and counting the days until i can get tested in six weeks, meanwhile unable to do anything because of my agonizing mind. It may be because I had such bad prior experiences, that im so used to worrying. I was hoping that you could briefly asses my risk? also for future reference, what signals/feelings constitutes that something has penetrated into me?

The missing percentage points


I took a rapid 4th generation blood test 5 months post exposure, and I keep reading online that 98% of people will develop antibodies by 3 months (CDC,thebody)

Heres a link: http://www.thebody.com/Forums/AIDS/SafeSex/Q244112.html

It makes me question my result as I want to have 100% confidence in my result, not 98%...the helpline here consistantly states the 4 conditions that delay the result, is there a source so I can read upon it as it would ease my worries. Can I be 100% certain that I am negative?


i had 4th gen test negative after one month however I have ezcema and taken hydrocortisone wold that have affected the test as well as i have polycystic ovarian syndrome?

hiv ag/ab 4th generation w/rfl REPEATEDLY REACTIVE

my HIV 1/2 ANTIGEN/ANTIBODY,FOURTH GENERATION W/RFL came back REPEATEDLY REACTIVE, I tested again and came back with the same result. I'm a 47yrs old man who hasn't had sex in quite a long time nor been exposed to any potential infected source. is this possible? what should I do? thanks

4th generation tested I'm HIV positive

Hi there,

I hope you may help me out with this because the result came out that I'm HIV positive is freaking me out.
The last time I had sex it was mid of March , I went to get tested for HIV, (it's 4th generation test) , within 15 mins it results positive. Right now, doctor sent my blood for a western Blot test. Throughout the month , I've got flu and feverish, as well as got some rashes on my skin (doctors says its eczema)I just want to know what are the obvious signs and symptoms during the first few months after you get exposed to HIV. And could it be a false positive on my 4th generation test?


9 days after my last sexual relation with a woman, that my doctor says was a low risk , was only oral sex.
I went to the laboratory and I made me a HIV test. They have the architect HIV AG/AB Combo.
My Rults are NEGATIVE 0.10
Is that right with the window of 9 days?
The people in the laboratory told me that everything is ok, because they didn´t find p24 .


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