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HIV Touching someone’s hand

While at work I touched the hand of an individual that appeared to have an actively bleeding cut or tear on his cuticle. I have a bunch of small tears and cuts on my hands and around my cuticles. Is there any risk for an HIV infection if I
1) touched his cut with my cuts
2) got some of the blood on my hands and I didn’t notice than itched my eye
3) came into contact with blood that he may have transferred to a pen or piece of paper.

Thank you

Pls pls reply

Hello everyone, you all are doing great job addressing the concerns of worried people, thanks all sorry my english is not well if
So, coming to my worry
60 days back I visited a night club with my friends and was standing with my male friend in the club a club girl came and stood in between us and my friend was bit engaged with her and also starting fingring her vagina and all of sudden he touched my neck from behind which i was having few nail scratches 6 hours before my concern is if he has vaginal fluid or vaginal fluid mixed with blood on his hand and touched my recent scratches would there will be a zero risk of hiv transmission? , i am worried as i got rashes on my chest area after 2 weeks and feeling of nausea,i also got hiv card test after 34 days from the event the results were non reactive, should i go for further testing kindly help very much worried

Different Question about Toilet Please Help

Dear Vancouver Helpline Volunteers,
First of all, really appreciate your work on helping so many worrisome persons.
I searched all toilet related question but not one just match to my case. Could you please take a quick look? If it happened to be similar with some question, I am sorry that I did not catch it.

I just used the public toilet at library in the afternoon. I was in urge so I did not flush the toilet before I use. There are some toilet paper in the toilet water. I did not see any obvious blood by eyes. Later I started to worry. What if there are some body secretion fluid or tiny blood on the paper i did not see because it is diluted by the water and I got some backsplash on my annal area while I pee. I have annal fissure and it was a little bit bleeding in the morning. Is there any possibility to get HIV infection? Am I at risk?

Really appreciate you could help

Scratched myself with my nail and it bled after potentially coming into contact with blood

I work in a laboratory that processes blood products and after we had finished for the day, I went to change out of my scrubs and scratched one of my fingers with another fingernail hard enough that it bled. Prior to this, I had washed my hands, put on gloves, and entered the lab to finish up my work, where the only thing I came into contact with (while wearing gloves) was a computer and keyboard we use next to our blood-typing equipment. The table gets blood on it sometimes due to the nature of the work but it is generally (assuming my coworkers are somewhat conscientious) quickly cleaned with antimicrobial solution and there was no blatantly visible blood, wet or dry, that I noticed. I finished the work, left the lab and threw out the gloves before changing, which is when I scratched myself. My hands had not yet been washed after taking off the gloves which is why I am concerned there was perhaps an exposure risk despite the cut having not come into direct contact with wet blood (my ungloved hands had not come into contact with anything in the lab). If the cut hadn't bled I wouldn't be worried but does this warrant seeking out PEP or is this just anxiety?
Should add: the blood products we process come from cord blood for future stem cell transplant use, so I'm assuming they are screened prior to processing since it would not make sense to use HIV-positive blood for a stem cell transplant.

Stepped on a syringe

Hello there,

I reaching out because I'm really anxious about a situation that happened 2 day ago. I was taking my dog out in the dog area of my apartment complex when I noticed something on the ground. When I looked closer (not touching it with my hands) I saw a syringe with the cap on it lying in the leaves. It was filled with a dark liquid. When I realized what it was I quickly back away and left. As I was walking away I felt a dull pain in my right foot. I was wearing boots and socks at the time.
After putting my dog away I went back to the spot and carefully walked around to see if there was another syringes I had missed. I didn't see any besides the one I already found (with the cap still on) but I started worrying because of that sudden foot pain. I went back upstairs and with a soaked peroxide cotton pad, wiped the bottoms of my feet. I didn't see any blood on the pads so I didn't think much of it and went on with my day. I also check the bottoms on my boots and see anything sticking out.
But later in the evening after I got out of the shower, I looked at the bottom of my right foot and noticed a tiny break in the skin. Almost like a pin prick. There was no blood but I poured peroxide on it again. There's no pain when I touch it but I cant shake the feeling that I might have stepped on a needle that I didn't see. I'm not sure if the pain in my foot after first seeing the needle is all in my head. I just got more anxious and worried after seeing the tiny pin like break in the skin.
Would I have noticed if I had stepped on a syringe and it went through my boot? Would my foot have bled some if I had? Is getting prick by a needle enough for HIV and Hep C transmission? Should I get tested for HIV and Hep C? Am I at risk?

I realized these are silly questions but I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.

blood on bag

hello people. thank you very much in advance for your answer. the thing is,... I was doing some shopping, the assistant put everything into a cotton bag. the bag is white, I noticed some small red stains, didnt take care, took the bag... at home I controlled it, it is red, it looks as if the assistant had a cut and while putting things inside just accidentally whipped the blood with bag. (the bag was completely new, taken from the shelf, so it should be completely clean). the thing is, i didnt pay attention at first, and i have small cuts on my hands, i kepp touching my eyes, etc, and so i could touch the blood and then.... of course, it was not "a lake" of blood, but i am really scared, and i touched it right after that guy... thank you very much for your help, I know I can read similar answers, but I am just not able to calm down...

Are activities in which both people bleed on each other considered "No Risk" for the transmission of HIV?

My friend, who was a HIV care provider, claims explicitly that "no one has ever transmitted HIV through wound to wound contact" and that therefore there is no significant risk to hockey players transmitting HIV in a fight like this, presuming one of them carried the disease.
Is it true that wound to wound contact, poses no significant risk?

Cut on knee – risk of transmission? Would appreciate a response as soon as possible!

Hi there,

I went to my local gym recently and worked out. When I left I noticed I had a large cut on my knee that was bleeding. I am worried about this as I knelt on the floor many times and did various exercises where the cut would have come into contact with weights/surfaces and objects

I am worried about the risk of transmission from my bleeding cut touching things in the gym?

Please could you let me know as soon as possible – do I need to test myself?

Thank you very much

fall off the bicycle

If me and infected person both fall off the bicycle and both got peeled off the skin on hand or leg and our wounds will touch it would be risk when wounds are activity bleeeding?


Hi, what is the HIV risk when I fingering a male with my cut on my finger (cut was 1 day ago and dried blood on the cut), when it is contacted with rectal fluid?


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