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fall off the bicycle

If me and infected person both fall off the bicycle and both got peeled off the skin on hand or leg and our wounds will touch it would be risk when wounds are activity bleeeding?


Hi, what is the HIV risk when I fingering a male with my cut on my finger (cut was 1 day ago and dried blood on the cut), when it is contacted with rectal fluid?

Hangnail exposed to HIV blood

I had a hangnail that may gotten a few drops of blood from an HIV person when he held my hands for about a minutes. Am I at risk? Do I need testing?

Soccer incident

Hi there,

A couple of months ago I played a soccer match. During that match, I was involved in tackle, as many times in a match, but in this case, the opponent accidently put his studs on my knee, scraping of my skin. The wound was a bit like when you fall of your bike: your skin is peeled off and there blood visible (some watery blood), but it doenst come out, it stays in the wound. In that same incident, I apparently also pushed the other guy in his face, but I don't know where, because i was looking at the ball, but I felt something moist on my index finger. About 15-30 secs after the collision I looked at my knee and saw the wound and without thinking much of it, I wiped it off with my indexfinger. I continued my match without thinking of it, but after the match I started panicking for some reason, thinking: wait a second: what if the moist feeling on my finger wasn't sweat or saliva, but blood? Maybe I damaged his lip and was there some blood on it? (I have to be honest that I am sure I pushed his lip)
Can you get HIV by rubbing blood in an open wound? The blood didnt come out, so if I rubbed it in, his blood was staying in the wound as well...If you know what I mean?

Wounds on lips (close contact) chance of HIV transmission

Hello guys,

Thank you for your philantrophic activity right here.You are helping a lot of people to care about their health.

I wanted to ask you a couple of questionsabout a situation

I was drinking coffee with my friend and we both had little bleeding cuts on our mouths.We were very close to each other and I could sense her breath to my face ( no direct local contact)

1.Is there a chance for an infection to occur by blood coming to each other's wounds

2.If there is not why so , it is said that in air virus becomes non transmittable but why so , I heard that need 1 minute to die. Which statement is true? Not transmittable immediately , or within 1 minute

3.Once there are a bleeding wound(even small) there is an entry point for the blood to come into the blood, right?

I know well of the transmission equation and the saliva inhibition factor, but it does not say in percentages, what low risk is.

4.If this is a low risk stuation do I have to go for hiv test? I live in not very well developed country and it requres time and money to arrange that(yes, these countries still exist :D ), so it is really important for me to know what to do

5. Is PEP recommended in situations like this

Thanks in advance for adressing all my questions and for the explanation, thanks


wound on body is big and deep

Some articles on Internet say that if the wound on body is big and deep, and the bleeding is very serious, you will have chance to contract HIV when your wound is contacted by people's blood who is HIV +. Do you agree it? Is there anyone who gets HIV infection by blood contact through his or her wound on body in the world?

needle sharing vs wound to wound

If open wound came in contact with an HIV-positive athlete who is bleeding, the odds of transmission would be less than 0.3 percent so it is the same as for needle sharing. So why many of needle sharing cases were confirmed as route of HIV transmission and never any case when wound came in contact with a HIV positive blood?

Eating Dirty Food with Bloody Throat

So I have a sore throat, and have coughed up phlegm with strings of blood in it - so I'm just assuming that my throat is inflamed and has is bleeding slightly.

I touched blood with my hands, and then proceeded to grab food and eat it without washing them.

Are there any risk involved with that?

And also, is it possible to get HIV through a burn?

Hello, possible high infection

So, I am a guy and I did anal protected with a man and oral unprotected. the guy ejaculated on my chest where I hadn't any wound, I took a bit of that semen with my finger and putted on my tongue, I have to specify I hadn't any injury, wound or really small injury, or an injury who was on healing on the mouth, after the sex, that day I washedmy mouth with mouth water colagate who hadn't a strong mint taste or burn effect but it gived an mint taste on my mouth, I also did a hot shower, now is the 31` day after the contact with that guy who did hiv test in 2018 june and it was negative, he told me he hasn't and a guy told me he heard he has, I asked more person and they don't know about him, I did this sex on a vacantion on another city, this is the 32 day and I bitted my tongue strong, is there an chance it may give me hiv and the hiv survived on my tongue 32 days during my routine with washing mouth with colagte mouth water, washing my face with cold water and sometimes I cleaned my own teeths with colgate pasta who letted me with a strong mind taste in my mouth, I didn't knew about the pills anti hiv even if I heard right the second day after I had the sex with that person, to clearify in present it's the 32 day after the incident and after I bitted my tongue right after 20 mins I putted sanitary alcohol on my mouth and letted it there and now I feel my tongue is slowly burned a bit, please answer me I am worried, the knowledge is the cure for fear, and I miss the knowledge on this cause

Hiv From Blood In Bathroom

I may have gotten blood on my hand from using a door handle in a public restroom. There was a man bleeding and I noticed that he did not wash his hands when exiting the restroom. After realizing this, I went and got some hand sanitizer and applied it to my hands. I rubbed the excess sanitizer on my arms and legs where I noticed some small pimples or perhaps a minor skin rash. Should I be concerned of a possible transmission of HIV?
Thank you for your help


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