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Hiv From Blood In Bathroom

I may have gotten blood on my hand from using a door handle in a public restroom. There was a man bleeding and I noticed that he did not wash his hands when exiting the restroom. After realizing this, I went and got some hand sanitizer and applied it to my hands. I rubbed the excess sanitizer on my arms and legs where I noticed some small pimples or perhaps a minor skin rash. Should I be concerned of a possible transmission of HIV?
Thank you for your help

wrist that got cut

I cut myself when I was at work today handling some lumber. I had about a one inch cut quite deep. someone at work grabbed me on the wrist that got cut with their hand. if they were bleeding could the blood have gotten into my cut and given me hiv??


is the belly button a route of hiv transmission? if there is hiv positive blood on finger and touch inside belly button, can you get hiv this way?

Routes of HIV transmission

I have heard that risks for HIV are only:
1) Having unprotected penetrative anal or vaginal sex
2) Sharing IV drug equipment with other IV drug users.

Does it mean that such situations as anal fingering with bleeding finger or accidentally getting someones drop of blood into the wound risk free?

Risk from blood, help me

I have learned that hiv is spread primarily through sexual contact, sharing of injecting drugs, needles, and from mother to child. Is this true or not?
I dont sex, don't used injecting drugs, needles
However I wonder if there are cuts and bleeding on my skin, I touch other people's blood or if there is blood falling on my wound, will I be exposed to hiv exposure.
And if I share items like bowls, bowls, chopsticks, spoons immediately after someone else uses it and is bloody, there's a risk of yes or no.

Risk of HIV/AIDS in one-time gay sex

pre-cum was on my anus and I discovered irritation that started to bleed

Please Help Scab

Hello. I have a question. i had a scab on my right thumb. And thats where cum ended. Is there any chance of infecting hiv? scab is already 5 6 days before this event. it didnt hurt, it didnt bleed. i hope you understood the question. sory for my bad english!

Dental instrument cut hand

Just wanted to know the chance of transmission from a sharp dental object cutting you after 6-7 days sitting in dirty area waiting to be bagged and sterilised? If instrument still had dried blood etc would that increase chance? I've read hiv would be inactivated as its exposed to air but other answers say low risk so just wanted to ask.


Am I in danger?

Bye. I have a problem and I hope you can answer my question. I was with a man who is HIV positive. I went to him. He had a wound to his leg, but I can't remember exactly if it was a scab, but I don't believe it was an open wound. I touched his wound accidentally with my hand several times, until I noticed the wound. I didn't have any open wounds on my arm, and I don't think he was either, but I'm still not sure about him. I had a few calluses on my arm. He then gave me an oral - Blowjob, which lasted about 20 seconds, and I told him to stop, I didn't finish. That was all. Am I at risk of getting HIV?

Hiv in the park

Hello. I was walking barefoot in the park the other day and saw a bloody tissue lying on the ground (blood was very red, so I assume it was recent). I DID NOT touch the tissue, I walked around it, but I had blisters on my heels and now worry what if a person bled on the ground too...and it touched my blisters, would there be a risk for HIV? I did not see anyone near the area for at least 3-4 minutes. My blisters did not bleed, but they are sensitive a little to alcoholic wipes. Thank you. I am worried out of my mind because I am pregnant and do not want to hurt my baby. I walked barefoot because my feet are swollen. As I said, I did not touch the tissue, walked around it, but I am still worried Is there a risk? Thank you


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