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being infected through open wound and entrance to mouth

Hi i am a medical technologist, and the blood which is positive for hiv was given to me for a test. the blood is contained in a evacuated tube. when i opened the tube, the serum/ blood splashed to my eyes and mouth and an open wound. could i become infected with hiv?

tattoo needle prick and fish pedicure

i am worried sick because a couple of months back i did a tattoo on a friend but im not sure if the needle pricked me if the needle perhaps pricked me but i didnt feel it or bleed would i be at risk of catching hiv? My next incident is i went to a salon where they do fish pedicures and my friend said that i can catch hiv from the fish if i had a cut on my foot which i did which was due to scratching in between my toes lets say if someone before me also had open wounds would i catch hiv from this incident thank you so much in advance for your answer and input you guys put a lot of ease to people minds an i greatly appreciate what you'll do

Straight Razor (Barber Shop)


I went to get a haircut and the barber used an "old school" like straight razor for the back of my neck and I did not see him change the blade (because I don't think you can on these types of razors) and there was a container with blue disinfectant which he did NOT use. He put water on the back of my neck and used the razor as it is. I saw him use it on the guy before me. I am concerned now because as usual with razor blades the skin is irritated afterwards and I put some sanitiser on the affected area a few hours later and it stung. I am scarred of contracting hepatitis or worse HIV from this. I know that the virus dies exposed to air but it takes some time as far as I can tell. I am afraid now...

HIV risk from touching keyboard then rub eyes?

I have an officemate who I knew to be HIV positive.Two weeks ago, he left the company and transferred to another job.One time, my computer was not working properly and so I decided to use his computer for few paper works.After few minutes, the glare from the monitor is perhaps too much and so I got teary eyes. I reached out for facial tissue to wipe my tears but my fingers got still in contact with my eyes.The same fingers that touched the keyboards. I do not really want to overthink but if he left some body fluids in the keyboard two weeks ago, can it still be infectious or can it transmit when I touched the keyboard and then I touched my eyes? Is my situation a risk for HIV? Thanks.

Please answer... I really need your help

Hello guys! 9.5 weeks ago I went to the barber shop for a new haircut and he gave me a small cut, which healed completely in 3 days. I am worried that I have acquired HIV from this scenario and at 9.5 weeks post exposure I did:
Hepatitis C-negative
Hepatitis B-negative
4th generation ELISA test-negative

Are my test conclusive or I need further testing at 12 weeks?

We were napping together

Hi,so about a week or so,this girl slept in my bed for a night, who i dont know that much. it was one night and wen we got up, i was all over her and she was all over me,we slept rough.I realized that she had scrapped her big toe which look a couple days old at the time.it was still very red and looked dense. i thought nothing of it until i realized that my foot had multiple scrapes and open cuts,from on top of my big toe, and around my ankle.as paranoid as i am i started to freak because i have anxiety.The day after that i got up with a sore throat that lasted for 4 days. From sunday night til about wednesday evening.Then a had night sweats for on and off.But i live in the tropics and hot nights aren't uncommon. I am still really worried, couldi have gotten HIV from that encounter?


I was using the toilet bowl this afternoon, and I noticed dried silicone glue at the front of the toilet seat. The silicone glue came from my father, since he was repairing the bathroom earlier this week, so I was wondering if silicone glue can hold HIV and if it can transmit HIV to you if you have any scratches and/or cuts in your groin area or other parts of your body. Thank you.

Scatching myself

I work as cashier and been frequently receive cash from client. I once had receive money from client and shortly after, because I felt itchiness on my hand, I scratch until not knowing it bleed a little, like a tiny pimples wound. I am so worried that the virus will spread. I don't remember either the money do contain blood of not. I am so worried and I got anxiety either.

Please answer... I really need your help!

Hello! 9 weeks ago I went to the barber shop for a new haircut and while the barber was cleaning the back of my neck with the razor blade, I think that she gave me a small cut, but it healed completely in 3 days. When I looked the 4th day after this exposure there wasn't any cut. I don't know if he changed the blade, but the time between me and the previous customer was about 5 minutes. Is this a risky situation? Is a 10 weeks test conclusive after this exposure? Please answer my question, I really need your help, I'm so depressed and anxious. To mention, he was shaving me with a razor with disposable blades, like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GXdpXx6ixg. Sorry for my bad english, I'm not a native speaker. Thank you and I hope that you will answer my question.


On May 4, I was shopping in a grocery store and cut my hand with my keys. The wound was about 0.2 inches long and shallow. I did not realize I had cut my hand with my keys until I was checking out so I may have touched the groceries I bought with my small cut. I was also holding my baby so the grocery store clerk had to pack my groceries in my cart and car for me. Is it possible for me to get infected from the cart, grocery bottles or boxes or bags handled by the clerk if there was any blood on them. I am worried because I am breastfeeding my baby. I am planning to get tested on August 4 after 12 weeks. I got tested a week after the wound and it was negative.


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