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Vaginal Fluid Immediate Contact


I recently took a lap dance from a stripper at a club in Thailand.

I was always wearing my clothes, but the stripper was naked.

She kept fingering herself and then sometimes rubbed those fingers on her breasts or my head face or body.

One time when she rubbed the vaginal fluids on her breasts right after fingering herself, she immediately brushed her breasts against my face, i am not sure but might have had my tongue out and could have had a contact, if not tongue, then definitely my lips.

Due to alcohol in past few days, my mouth was a bit dry / sore. I did brush around an hour before this act. That might have caused minor bleeding as that happens to me sometimes.

Secondly, her fingers with fresh fluids might have punctured some pimple on me, not sure, may be overthinking, but would like to know if the above 2 situations pose any risk.

Lastly a clarification, i read in one of the answers that the HIV virus dies within 60 seconds and that once exposed to air it cannot pass infection, so does that mean that the virus might be still alive but has become weak to infect immediately on being exposed to air. So even after 5 seconds, it cant infect even though it is still alive.


Risky Activity, Pep, Testing

I had an experience that is causing me great concern. I received unprotected oral and rubber her vagina on the outside. Did feel the wetness on fingers. May have had a small cut on the underside of the head of the penis. Greatly freaking out. Im especially worried cause I saw something that would make me think she is possibly in acute phase of infection post the unprotected oral. Should I get tested? Should I try and start pep? It is about 60 hours post exposure.

HIV From Concrete/Object


I have extreme HIV anxiety and have been worried sick about the possibility of catching HIV from objects. Some say that the virus dies within seconds others say within 15 minutes, some say it depends on the amount of blood, some say that there's no way possible to catch the virus from objects, only direct wound to wound, transfusions, sexual intercourse, sharing needs, and breast milk. Please confirm? Is there anyway possible you can get HIV from person to object to person no matter how much time has lapsed?
The incident in question is a fall. I was at a shopping center where millions of people walk and frequent daily. I slipped and fell on concrete/grass and scraped both of my knees really badly to the point where they were both bleeding. I also scraped my hands and could see broken skin but no blood. Is there any way possible that if there were traces of blood on the concrete/grass where I fell (maybe came off someones shoe or a nosebleed etc) that I could contract HIV in this way? Also, a lady helped me up. I didn't see any blood on my hands but broken skin (small scrapes) If the woman had blood on her hands is there any way possible that I could get HIV through my small scrapes? Please advise!

Questions about HIV transmission

Hi! First off i want to thanks to everybody on AIDS Vancouver staff for the help they are providing for humanity and apologise for my lack of knowledge in this subject. Recently i made 20 years and i started to take action to take care of my health. With that, my anxiety hits me hard with a lot of questions and concerns that i never had before.

1°: I want to know if HIV can be transmitted by dry blood on broken acne. I was on college and on my jaw i had a pimple that was broken, later i passed my hand on the location. I really don't know if there was dry blood on my hand, but if had, is possible?

2°: I want to know if HIV can be transmitted through gnawing nails.

3°: That is my biggest concern. So, i was masturbating on my bedroom under my blanket and my penis was exposed to the fabric of the blanket. Later i found a bit of dryblood. I don't know if was mine or if my penis touched that spot, but my question is: HIV can be transmitted that way?

I read that HIV needs to go into your blood stream and acne is not a very profound wound that would put somone on risk. I read also that blood coagulates fast without the proper ambient... I read a lot and i think that was what made my anxiety wake up.

Sorry if some of my questions was already asked, but i think i will chill out if i ask them and i really hope that my questions will provide some help to people that are starting to search for more information on the subject.

Getting HIV as a Tattoo Artist, Got Poked by the Needle

Hello, so ive been going crazy for something that happened about a year and a half ago and would love to get some peace of mind form you guys. I am a tattoo artist in Tijuana, Mexico, and was doing a piece on a guy who had a drug abuse past. Half way through the tattoo I lifted the machine and accidently poked myself in the finger, it wasnt a hard poke, and i dont even think it pierced my glove, so i didnt make much of it. But lately ive had a ear infection i cant seem to get rid of, saw something hiv related on tv and now my hypocondria is driving me mad. Is there a chance for me to be exposed if the needle pierced the glove and poked my finger a little bit? i remember checking for blood, and nothing, but i did feel some pain at the moment of the incident. All my materials were clean, unused and sterelized. I cant ask the guy beacuse he died of overdose a couple of months ago, helping my paranoia flare up some more. I hope u cant find time to help me with this. I thank you in advance for this and all the other work you do.

P.S. Im sorry if i screwed up the spelling, english is not my mother language.

Masseuse sat on penis with possible small cut

Hi Helpline,

Thanks for the work you do.

I was in Russia about 10 weeks ago and had a sexual massage with a sex worker.

During massage, the masseuse sat on my penis (did not wear a condom) and slid up and down 3-4 times (I would assume this is docking) - without any penetration. At the time, I did not think much about it, but having had a small cut to the backside of my penis head a few months before, I am beginning to become a bit worried.

I have not experienced any symptoms. However, I had a few ingrown zits over the past week, which I have never had before and my skin is itching a bit now. Cannot see these as symptoms anywhere, but my paranoia is on full alert.

Looking forward to hearing back, thanks.

Cuts at Nail Salon, HIV Transmission Risk?

This past weekend I was getting a pedicure and the woman cut me. I did bleed. I didn't think much of it she had gloves on. She used a antiseptic to stop the bleeding but then she also used a brush that she later used to clean up the polish on my skin. She used it in the same polish remover container that she continues to use and then put the brush back on her cart. So I am now worried that she just reuses the equipment without sterilizing it.

Now I know it's a not likely but is there a chance to catch HIV this way? If she used the brush on someone else's blood and then applied that same brush to my cut? Or would HIV be present in polish remover since she is using the same brush you used to clean up my blood?

I am breastfeeding my 4 month old and I am terrified I may have been exposed so I have stopped breastfeeding her. I know it may sound a bit crazy but I am seriously worried that this can happen as I read a woman got infected using the same manicure equipment as a relative with HIV.

Over-Concerned, Slightly Ignorant health care worker

I am taking care of a HIV+ patient, whom now has developed AIDS. I was very careful with my encounter, I wore gloved and washed my hands with soap and water or with alcohol sanitizer. I just got a kitten and he scratched my fingers and hands and made little superficial cuts the day prior. I was in and out of this patients room but sometimes when I went to pick up his food tray I wouldn't glove up because I'd be in and out. He also has a incont. bowel episode that I had to clean but wore gloves. I know HIV is spread by blood encounters, and I saw no visible blood I am just paranoid because I have these superficial cuts and I am nervous somehow the virus got into it through out the day because I was picking up his food try and giving him water with no gloves on. Am I at risk if I do not recall any blood? Also, how long goes HIV live outside of the body.

HIV transmission through a deep kiss with biting and blood


Could you please estimate the risk of my situation? When I first had (protected) sex with my partner, they told me they were recently screened and did not have any STI. We then had protected sex on multiple occasions. Turned out, my partner was not screened for HIV in a long time, those recent tests did not include it. Although we had protected sex, several times there was deep kissing and biting involved. The bites were quite strong and most likely had broken the skin inside the mouth for both of us. I remember the bites caused a bleeding in my mouth, I am not sure if my partner had any bleeding inside their mouth. Should I get tested for HIV?

Thank you

HIV Transmission From a Nail File

Hello there.
I have recently went to a nail salon to had my nails done. During one of the procedures, I have noticed that the lady who was doing my nails, had scratched some of my fingers with the nails file and there have been couple of little cuts, with a bit of a blood. She put some disinfectant over them, however I am scared as I do not now if she has cleaned her equipment before she started doing my nails and I have read an article about this Brazilian woman, who got infected through a manicure tool. Am I at a risk of HIV infection?


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