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Health Care provider exposure

I'm a community worker and I'm afraid that I might have been exposed to blood from a homeless patient yesterday. The person was leaving the hospital when I witnessed him falling into the street. I assisted the man in getting to his feet so he would not be hit by a car. I noticed that his elbow was bleeding so I handed him some band-aids from my purse. About one hour later I noticed some drops of blood on my dress while back at my desk. I have eczema on my hands, so I became concerned about exposure. I reported the incident to employee health services and went to the ER. My blood was tested to establish a baseline health status and the results were negative for HIV and hep B and C. The ER doctor did not recommend PEP treatment and stated that my risk was low for HIV, about 1 in 100,000. I'm still worried. Especially since I don't know if the blood got on my hands and I have eczema. I used hand sanitizer directly after helping the man, but I did not wash my hands until about an hour later. Also, I did not get the name of the man, so I don't know his health status. Am I at risk?

syringe phobia


i got tested for HIV in Govt hospital that was conducting HIV testing programme in india.but i m really afraid of syringes.i m afraid that the nurse might have accidently used the same used syringe. the result was negative. but that fear tend me to test again. pls help i cant waste more 6 months behind this. i keep on thinking about this.its not getting out of my mind. should i retest again because i cant live with this fear. should i get tested in private hospitals? i may sound unreasonable but i have no one discuss about this.

waiting for your reply
thank you.

Can HIV be spread through infected razor blades which left red scratches around the neck and partially popped pimples?

I am posting here because I have lost my peace of mind since last week and am facing contradictory opinions in various forums. Please help me out. So a few days ago I went for a shave in a nearby salon. I am from India, the salons here not very clean but this one was okay. Now every time I go for a shave I check if the barber if using news blades, I forgot that day. He started shaving and felt slight pain on my partially popped pimple. He then opened the drawer and brought out a new blade (He was using a straight razor). I asked him if he had been shaving me so far with an old blade. He said NO. But I am not convinced. After I went home I noticed that there was a red scratch around my neck and the partially popped pimples. There was no visible blood but still I felt sick to my stomach thinking about this. Now assuming the person who shaved before me was HIV+ and his infected blood came in contact with the blade with which I was later shaved I have the following questions -

1) I was given a shave approximately 40/50 seconds after the earlier guy. Does HIV survive for 1 minute in open air? I didn't notice if the earlier blade was in open air, kept in a jar of water (Which I think was not), or washed. In that case does HIV virus go away after a wash and does it survive if kept in a small jar of water.

2) There was no visible blood on my face except for some red scratches around my neck and partially popped pimples. The thing that I am worried about is the fact that may be the cut was so small that i didn't notice/see. I washed my face and re examined it after 1 hour but found to traces of blood/cut except for those red scratches I mentioned earlier. I am worried that may be the cut disappeared within this 1 hour because I thoroughly washed my face.

3) The next day I popped open my partially popped pimple to see if there was blood and found some puss and some red material, which looks like blood. Will this action of mine pose a problem?

Please help me out. I am student and have mane entrance exams in the next month. I am loosing sleep over this issue and can't study. I am constantly thinking that my life has been cut short due to my stupidity. I am in extreme mental anguish. Please answer my queries ASAP. Thank You.

HIV possible from razor?

Recently I was needing to shave my beard and I pulled a razor out from my drawer in my bathroom. During shaving, I accidentally nicked myself a few times, and I didn't think about it much at first. However, I had my brother over a few days ago and I found out he may have used one of the razors from the same drawer to shave. I don't personally know his HIV status, but say if he were to have HIV, used this blade, accidentally cut himself, stupidly put the blade back, and I had used it and nicked myself, what would be the chance of me contracting HIV (or any STDs in general, for that matter)? I know I sound paranoid, but I'm losing sleep over it and would like to know what my risk is. If I'm not at risk, then what makes this a different and lower risk than "sharing needles"? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Handjob with scrapes of penis - HIV worries...

Hello board of consulting,
Firstly, I am sorry for my English, it is not good, so maybe difficult to understand what i mean.
2 weeks ago I have visited a massaging service, She just gave me the handjob (I worry about OS, so I didn't agree do OS). She use the hand, but during of HJ, she drop her saliva to my penis, after that I see the scrapes of penis (without blood). I don't know her HIV status, her mouth as well as her teeth. I am afraid that there is blood in her saliva.... Please help me this case. Many thanks.

I'm worried I got the hiv through a pin

Hello. I'm from Greece and before 5 days i visited Austria to go to a heavy metal concert. I wore a special "old" pair of shoes to the concert so that my new ones wouldn't get destroyed. Since the day of the concert i didn't wear those shoes again. In the meantime i returned home to Greece. Last day i wore those shoes again and after a bit, i felt a slight sting on my big toe. After i removed the shoe, i found out that a pin was the cause of the trouble. I immideatly thought that this pin could have had hiv viruses on it since the concert, but then i said "hey, i can't be this unlucky". The bad thing is that today I've had diarrhoia twice and I am a lot concerned that i have aids, since a teacher at school had told us that diarrhoia is one of the symptoms of the first steps of the virus. Do you think i should be worried?
P.S. I talked to my doc and he said I probably shouldn't be worried, but I don't know if he knows much about aids, since it isn't his field of expertise. I thought i should get a second opinion.
P.S. I didn't blead when I felt the sting by the pin.
Thank you.

HIV through Cut


I had an encounter with a gentleman with whom we discussed his status and mine (both negative) and I pick at my thumbs, but had a band aid over it. During lunch, the band aid came off, and after, we made out in the car and I touched his penis and may have gotten precum on my thumb, then he did do filatio to me, but did not for long. I got test tested with the 4th generation test 8 weeks and 1 day after to which it came back negative. What is the likelihood of HIV transmitting, and should I get tested again?

Concerned About a Sharp Object

Hi Doctor. I need to clear some doubts whether I need to go testing for this incident.
I was walking in the Home Depot ,I started looking some stuff a sharp metallic round object hurt my hand there was no bleeding but just pinch with scalp on the palm. I didn't see any blood on the object ,I was worried came back home and wash my hand with soap and after shave .
Please asses my Risk and let me know I need HIV/STI testing or just move on ,I have read your answers and information the environment objects cannot transmit. Actually these stuff keep bothering me and getting tested

Scared of hiv

I was recently incarcerated and during this is was attacked by a fellow inmate known to be hiv+ I didn't fight back for fear of drawing blood but received several scratches from her fingernails that drew blood on me. I saw a Dr who said there was no risk of infection and thus didn't test me but I'm still scared jail is a very dirty place what if she was touching herself privately before scratching me couldn't it be transmitted that way?

Is this Hiv OCD?

I tested negative on June the 27th (which I am very happy about) I had at least 6 occasions in the past year where I thought I might have put myself at risk with situations anybody would say are no risk and they d probably not think about.

Tonight I went to a sketchy bar and used the urinal,it was very dirty (in a way that I refused to wash my hands there) I put some sanitiser on my hands and quickly scrubbed them (not very thoroughly). Just a few minutes later (like 2-5 mins) I popped a pimple on the back of my head and fluid came out of it(pus or blood , I don t know), is that a risk some how since my hands were not "properly" washed but only quickly sanitised. As I used the urinal in the bathroom some splashes back onto the hands and if semen, blood etc was in the urinal?

It comes to no surprise to me that not even 48 hours after getting my negative result I feel like I put myself at risk again. Real concern or OCD?

Thank you


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