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Possible hiv from a stripper?

Im worried i may have put myself at risk for hiv. About 2 weeks ago i received a lap dance from a stripper. I fingered her, and i do have cuts on my fingers from biting and picking them. I also cant remember if i touched myself after so is there a chance of contracting hiv from touching your penis with vaginal fluid. Also she spit on my penis so im wondering if that could make me concerned too.

Shaving Clippers/Blood on Rag/HIV Risk

This afternoon, I shaved my beard with trimming clippers. After I finished, I got a dried rag from the rag and towel closet, wet the rag, and proceeded to wash my face. Afterwards, I noticed what appeared to be blood spots all over the rag. Given that I just shaved, what are the risks of contracting HIV? I also have dry and chapped hands with slight cuts. According to your HIV Transmission Equation, I guess I might be okay, but I am asking you for clarity. Also, suppose if there were slight cuts on my face from shaving and I used that rag, and the perceived blood was wet? Heck, even if it's dry what's the risk? Thanks for reading.


Hi doctors, I have some enquires with regards to hiv and sex diseases. I had went for a tcm massage and am i at risk to have hiv and or any other sex diseases if:

1) the massager massage hardly the area in between my penis and tights and there were minor abrasion developed after more than 10 minutes I reached home.
2) the massager uses a towel to cover the top of my penis area and the towel is being placed at a position that my penis urethra can touch the towel easily
3) the massager uses a towel with dry or fresh blood to cover the top of my penis area and the towel is being placed at a position that my penis urethra can touch the towel easily

Thank you

follow up question

I gone to the ART centre to get tested.there I touched the table surface where the samples are kept and also the test tube which has a red dot,it looks like a dried blood.so I think they don't wash that properly.after 5-10 min I accidently kept my finger in mouth and in the fresh puncture wound which is bleeding.so please tell me if this will transmit hiv.from that incident I am in extreme stress and I am in fear to live with my family because two weeks ago i sipped the water and placed it on the table and my mom drank the same.last week she had small pea sized lump in the back of the neck and has cough and throat pain so it made me worried because he drank the same water which i sipped.so can hiv transmit from test tube.is there any chance my mom acquired it from water which i drinked.please answer me,i am in extreme fear. yesterday I contacted the councellor of that ART testing center and asked her about the dried blood in the test tube.she said they wash all the things by isopropanol to disinfect them,but when I searched about the isopropanol in the internet,it stated that isopropanol is not a good disinfectant to kill hiv.so please tell me can the hiv still remain in the glass tube surface after 12 hours.do I need hiv testing?

HIV - Razor Blade

If an HIV-positive person uses a razor blade and cut, then rinse the blade with water only, and a few minutes after someone else is cut, HIV transmission is possible?

Exchanging Items and Change with Blood on Hands/HIV Risk

I asked a follow-up question regarding item/food and money exchanges with cuts and bleeding about a week ago and I didn't get a reply. My question was if, say, a cashier was swiping or exchanging food and non-food items with a customer, or they were handling your money and they had cuts and/or sores on their hands, and, say, you had cuts and sores on your hands, and both of you may had bleeding occurring, could the fact that you exchanged food, money, and/or items theoretically place you at risk of contracting HIV if they had it? You can include cuts and/or sores on their lips and face as well. I have very dry hands and fingers with cuts and cracks on them, particularly during the Winter months, and sometimes they slightly bleed, so it's a concern for me. I hope to get an answer from you, and thank you.

HIV risk after minor car accident?

Hi! I want to ask my situation wherein I took a cab in an asian country and I was not wearing any seat belt. The vehicle then accidentally bumped in some of the sidewalk rails and my head bumped into the roof of cab as well as my lips got in hard contact with the doors. I did not get any visible wounds from the accident but perhaps some minute wounds could have been present.My worry however is that the inside of the cab is not very clean and who knows if someone HIV positive has taken a ride in the cab just before I did, will my head bump and contact of my lips can cause access for HIV transmission especially if I got some minuscule wounds? You know, body fluids may be present there though, I did not really felt any wetness. Based on my account, is this a risk for HIV? Thank you for the answer.

Tools with blood

Hello! I stubbed my toe which started bleeding as it pulled off part of my nail. I took some cuticle cutters to clip off the edge that had been pulled up (so the cuticle cutters were in contact with my blood). What I didn't realise is they had been used probably 10 minutes before by someone. If they had been used by someone hiv pos and that person had bled, could hiv be transferred to me by using them on my bleeding nail?

Thank you

HIV at the barbers shop, possible?

I recently went to the barber shop, approximately 10 days back to get a shave. There was a man who was also getting a shave before me. After he was done, I noticed some blood in the shaving pot.
The barber washed the shaving pot with water. But he used the same shaving brush. However I am quite sure that he changed the blades. Can there be HIV virus remaining in the shaving pot? Can HIV be transferred from the same shaving brush?

Athlete's Foot and Shower Floor

Can HIV be transmitted from water on wet shower floor with infected blood or semen that comes in contact with a broken skin on a foot due to athletes foot?


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