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Risk of HIV from cut on finger?

I fingered my girlfriend and she had spotting, I had blood all over my finger and in my cut. I washed it with soap and water and then we had protected sex and I had more blood on my fingers from the condom and I repeated and put neosporin on it. What is my risk of any bloodborne disease?

Wound from motorcycle accident

Kindly reply soon. Today me and my HIV positive friend meet an accident on motorcycle. My leg was bleeding heavily and his palm was also bleeding but not too much. I was unable to go to medical store so friend went to medical store , he bring cotton and bandage. Before applying bandage I saw at his hand and it was not bleeding too much . I think he didn't touch my wound with his hand but he was applying cotton on my bleeding wound and then he did bandaging for me. My wound was deep enough. No I really don't remember correctly that whether his wound was bleeding at that time or not at that time. But he was applying the cotton on my wound with the same injured hand. I am sure that the cotton must will have some blood from his hand . He was just taking the cotton with that injured hand and was applying on my wound. If the cotton has blood from his hand and as he applied it directly ( not more than a sec) on my wound, is there any chances of getting HIV ? I was stupid enough that I allow him for bandaging on wound. Kindly reply soon.
1) if cotton was having blood from his injured hand , and as he applied it directly ( may be just 1 sec later ) can I be infected?
2) if some blood from his hand came in contact with my wound can I be infected with HIV ?
The blood might have been exposed to air for 1 sec or 2 sec.

Knife cut and HIV Transmission

I'm from Bangladesh. I have diagnosed HIV positive recently. While diagnosed my viral load was very high. At that time one day in a family program i was cutting beef meat with my other family members. While cutting meat i suddenly cut my finger. It was a very small cut. So i was unaware about the cut at that time. Later that day i found the cut. As the cut was small it bleed a little( maybe a drop of blood). The blood might not come in direct contact with other person. But the blood was surely on in the knife and meat.
If other persons also had cut in their hand and they touch the knife or the meat will they get HIV ?

Transmission via open sores/cuts?

So today I got my eyebrows waxed, and I noticed that the woman who did my eyebrows (the nail technician) had an open cut on her finger. After the woman finished waxing and tweezing my eyebrows, rather than using cotton balls like most places do, she passed the aloe vera gel on my eyebrows using her finger that had the open cut. If she is HIV infected, what is the likelihood of transmission to my open pores/ cut. Should I be worried? Please advise.

HIV exposure help

This is probably a really stupid question but I have to ask it anyway for some reassurance. The other day it was raining and a bum asked me for some change, trying to help him out I stopped and gave him my umbrella to hold. After I gave him some change I took my umbrella back. I had about a day old cut on my thumb is there any chance of HIV exposure from this? I didn't notice any blood on his hands or my umbrella I think I am just being paranoid. Please give me some reassurance. Thank you!

A Question About Nosepicking/Inanimate Objects/HIV Transmission Risk

I have a question that I hope you can answer. I was using my laptop computer when I began picking in my nose and slightly cut the inside of the nostril. Minor bleeding ensued, but I continued using the laptop and picking in the same nostril with the slight bleeding. I read on this site and other HIV sites that inanimate objects and surfaces do not transmit HIV under ANY circumstances, even if there are wet or dried bodily fluids on the inanimate object (in this case, a laptop computer) because the bodily fluids are exposed to the air, thus killing the virus. I am worrying because I have the cut in my nostril, but should I, or am I worrying about nothing? Thank you.

Followup to Toilets/HIV Transmission Risk

Thanks to Sierra for answering my question immediately today, but I have two additional questions. How do you define 'gushing blood'? It wasn't squirting blood, but the blood was coming out well, and when I went to the hospital they sterilized the wound in a bowl with some kind of pink liquid, and then they stitched it. Also, are you telling me I don't have to test for HIV, even if there were possible HIV-infected bodily fluids on the area of the toilet where I cut my finger---whether the fluids were wet or dried? Thank you.


Can a toilet bowl ever transmit HIV? I know that it's an inanimate object, but suppose you cut yourself on it, like cut your finger or leg on a piece of it? I cut my finger because a piece of the toilet top was broken off and they had to stitch it back in June. Okay, thanks.

Follow up on finger cut

I posted my follow-up question, but I'm not certain it went through.

I got a manicure when I had a little wound on my finger. Earlier that afternoon I picked a hangnail, and it pulled off the top layer of skin. The wound was very raw and red, but it wasn't bleeding. Then, the manicurist had me soak my nails in acetone, so it was even more irritated and raw. The manicurist then touched the little wound with a few tools. These tools were used only minutes before without any sanitation in between. The tools were kept in a little hard plastic case that can be compared to a child's pencil case. So, the air was pretty limited. I didn't see any blood on the tools, but it's hard to say if blood could have been present on the cuticle oil paintbrush, let's say. Should I be worried?

Penis tips and finger Slightly touching

HI all, sorry for my bad english and thks for assist my expose.

i was expose to the escort services and without any penetration sex and oral sex. i was handjob myself. the main concern for me to worried is the girl told me she was slightly touching me when she want to offer me handjob. i was very worried after she told me as i dint aware any cut or bleeding on her finger and check her finger after i handjob myself. may i know what is my risk. i was worried about the girl was touching my penis head or tips. please help.


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