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Walking Barefooted in Bathroom with Urine on the Floor and HIV Risk

I have a question to ask. Suppose if you walk around your bathroom barefooted, and you have cuts and cracks on your feet and heels, and there's urine on the floor? Suppose if those cracks and cuts on your feet and heels have bleeding? I'm not aware of any bleeding at the moment, but I could have slight bleeding that's not really visible. Now suppose if the urine on the floor has blood mixed in it? It's just a scenario that I'm wondering about, because I tend to walk around barefooted in my house. Is there a risk of HIV, or is the virus dead once it's exposed to air, even if there's blood in the urine? I read on some HIV sites that urine cannot transmit HIV unless there's blood present, so that makes me nervous. Thank you.

Cuts on lips and deep French kissing

I have a habit of biting my lips and that is why I have many cuts on my lips and inside of my mouth. Recently I kissed a girl, it was a deep French kiss. Am I at any risk?

Hotel Sheets

I was staying at a hotel, and I woke up and was getting out of bed. I noticed that there was something that looked like it could have been dried blood on the sheets. Could I get something this way. I did have a cut on my leg, but it was not bleeding.It had scabbed over already.

Risk from finger cut

Thank you for answering my last question. I do have one follow-up question though.

Unsterilized manicure tools touched my cuticle wound (not bleeding but very raw and tender). This happened minutes after the tech used them on someone else. There wasn't any visible blood on the tools. However, the tools were stored in a small, hard plastic case that looked like a child's pencil case. I therefore assume that limited air got to the tools. Does this affect the risk of HIV transmission from blood that could have been on the tools, which then touched my finger cut?


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