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Follow-Up to Food in Soda Cup and HIV Risk (10/30/15)

Thanks for answering my question on October 30th, but I forgot to tell you that I have a broken tooth that the dentist wants to extract, and I have bleeding gums. I also have teeth that need fillings and crowns. Given that the food may have been pre-chewed, and given that the person who might've pre-chewed it could've had bleeding gums, what's the chances for HIV transmission? Thank you.

Risk from blood encounter

Hi, I'm hoping you can give me some advice. I've spent a lot of time googling and although the majority of search results say that what my son and I experienced is not a risk of infection of HIV I am still anxious. I suppose the main issue and question I have is how long the virus stays infectious in blood once it is on a surface of an item and whether it being in a moist environment makes any difference to its lifespan. Some site I ended up on said a moist environment, like a bathroom, makes it survive longer.

Wherever you read about HIV it always states that you cannot get it from a toilet seat or touching door knobs or any household item. But then somebody will write something like, 'if you sit down on a toilet seat and there is blood on the seat and then this blood happens to touch a cut on your bottom then you could get infected' (or a statement of this like). And this has gotten me worried.

What happened was, my young son was desperate for a pee so we rushed to a toilet, I lifted up the toilet seat without paying attention, he then peed and at one point I had to hold his willy as his aim was all over the place. Only when he had finished did I notice that there were smears of blood on the underside of the seat. I am so worried that I touched this and then touched my sons willy. I also had sore hands and small cuts on my hand. So I'm worried both for my son and myself in case there was any risk of infection in this situation. I don't have any idea how long the blood had been there, maybe 2 minutes at the shortest but could be longer or shorter I suppose. I did however not encounter anybody exiting the toilet before we used it so it's not seconds at least.

When I told my husband about this he said that I shouldn't worry and that although it is an unpleasant experience it is not a risk of infection. I think maybe I shouldn't have started googling as before I did I wasn't as worried as I am now. And I suppose, if it was just me I would be able to put it aside but since my son was there and exposed I am so worried.

Many thanks for your help and time.

Have I got Aids

I was picking my nose and i had a bit of blood on my finger. Then straight away i cut my self accedently and i accedently used the same finger to try and stop it. Have I got aids please help now.

HIV from touching pimple/family worries


I was making out with a stranger I met off a dating site. While we were kissing, he was rubbing my back which had a fresh pimple on it. His hand rubbed and touched against it many times. If it were popped or if he had a cut on his hand, would that be a risk for HIV transmission? Should I worry about this?

Also, after I had finished kissing and groping his shirtless body, I had an itch from allergies and scratched until the spot bled. Is there a risk for transmission if my hand had infectious fluids from his body on it?

Lastly, if I'm in the window period, should I worry about transmitting to my family members at home through sharing and touching things? If I don't bleed or ejaculate, I shouldn't have to worry right?

Test Result

I am a male,About 1.5 month ago I had oral sex with a male but no ejaculation in mouth.After that he rubbed his
penis on my buttocks and cum on it and out side of anus,I don't know whether
there ware any open sore or cut is present or not.If I Consider there ware some
open sore or cut,then How much possibility of getting HIV by that way? For
your kind information I have tested for HIV AT about 34 Days and 44 days by 4th gen combo CMIA test,Both are negetive,Is there need to test again,i feel verry anixous,Please Help Me,Pls

Nose picking with dirty fingers

I used my dirty fingers with (assuming HIV+ blood or semen on it) to pick my nose and it caused bleeding inside my nose. Is that posing a HIV risk, please?
Thank you.

Have I got Aids

I was picking my nose then i got a cut on my leg and I think there was blood on my finger from the snot then I tried to stop the bleeding with the same finger. Please help I am worried.

Brazilian girl case

I have a question regarding the case with the Brazilian girl. Lots of articles state that doctors "discovered a new transmission mode" , does that mean that they discovered that the virus can live longer on surface, tools, e.g ? However I read expert opinions on forums that state that even if manicure tools were not disinfected/cleaned/sterilized it would not pose a risk as hiv dies within minutes when exposed to air. furthermore in the article the mother also shared the tools of the cousin that was hiv positive and she tested negative. If the girl did catch the virus this way, how is it possible? did the girls have to be using the equipment and passing it immediately back to one another (e.g the cousin cut her cuticles and the girl immediately cut her cuticles afterwards). also could she have caught it in a different way? e.g sharing a razor? in these articles the experts seem pretty convinced that it was through the manicure tools. I'm very confused and worried.

hiv risk, bleeding eczema.

Hope this finds you well,

I suffer from severe eczema all over my body and if i scratch them they tend to bleed, they dont bleed a lot but just like 2 - 3 drops basically when i scratch them they bleed from the head for a little bit and only little blood for around 2-5 minutes.

Yesterday i was in the steam room, a guy masterbated himself and im assuming there was cum on his hand he approached me directly after he masterbated himself and touched me on my stomach where there happens to be a lot of eczema.

i went out directly and put the towel on my stomach exactly where he was touching/feeling me and saw on the towel like 3 small drops of blood. hence my eczema was bleeding when he was touching me inside the steam room. i assume he was touching my skin so hard that he scratched them or i was itching in the steam room because it was so hot inside.

I do not know they guy and i am scared he is hiv+ so his semen got into my bleeding eczema, am i scared i got infected pls tell me what you think?? i read somewere that if you massage or push infected semen into an open wound then there is a chance of infection, which is excatly my case. and i also know what hiv dies when exposed to air but will take a couple of minutes, my entire scenario took 2-3 minutes so there is a chnace that the virus was still active..

please let me know what you think ? i am soo worried i cant move on with my life.
your help is much appreciated..

HIV From A Fresh Stein , Not Dry please a second response

I found this on your response, on a site you wrote me"HIV-negative people who have herpes blisters are more vulnerable to HIV infection, as the blisters provide a break in the skin through which HIV can enter." Please help me. It's not about oral sex. Some girl give me some papers with her fresh blood on it from her finger by mistake and some how with my lip with a herpes wound I touched it few seconds after her cut ....I didn't had the chance to wash it fast.


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