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Exposure risk


I recently had a blister pop on my hand (just from work i was doing on the weekend) and it has been healing for the last few days but is still red and healing. I recently shook hands with a women from a convent in Tanzania and without thinking i put out my right hand with the blister and it came into contact with her hand. I do not know for sure if she has AIDs but there is a much higher risk in that country so i wanted to check if i should be concerned or not.

Thank you.

Books and pencil case

Today I had to carry books and a pencil case for my friend and I noticed he was bleeding and I don't know if there was blood on these items now I worried that I have hiv because I have large cuts on my hands and arm please help.

Hiv from sharing food

the other day I gave a piece of meat to my uncle no sure if he to a bit or tore it with his hands, lets say he got a bite, then he passed it back and I ate it. I did not have any cuts in my mouth. about 10 minutes later I accidentaly bit made my toung bleed a bit. I am really scared maybe I couuld Hiv. Please help

Handjob with eczema at public hair area.


I live in Cambodia, where hiv is high rate in here. Recently I has a session of handjob by a CSW. We were both naked and no other sexual contact exact she used her hands on my uncircumcised penis. Assume she is hiv positive with high viral load, I have 4 questions:

1. She did use her hand that did hand job on me touch her vagina inside and have some vagina fluid while performing the handjob. Am I at risk of HIV in this activities?

2. I have a tiny eczema at public hair of my penis. But so far I remembered she did not touch that place. So can a drop of vagina fluid on that eczema bring me risk of HIV?

3. I really love my wife and I wish you get your expertise answer. Can I continue my sexual life with my long term partner?

4. Do I need to take HIV test base on this (Handjob with vagina fluid and few tiny eczema at pubic hair) ?

Hiv exposure

Hi i’ve been to a nail salon in which i am not sure if they do sterilize their tools they clean my nails which led to a cut that does not bleed i am so afraid if i am expose to hiv transfussion thanks

HIV test with a "Lancet", are they reusable ?

Hello, I have been tested for HIV here in the Caribbean Islands. I don't know how safe practices are in use here, the building was not in good condition and health clinic had cotton swabs dipped in alcohol and was not a pleasant atmosphere to get tested at. but i wanted to get tested so i got 4th generation test and a uni-gold test at the same time at the same clinic. their policy is to test any patient with 2 HIV test to rule out false negative. I recently saw a outbreak of HIV in a 3rd world country where needles where shared and people got HIV. I didn't let them draw any type of blood from a syringe. But they use the "Lancet" to pink prick my finger, I always get paranoid where i am in this kind of situation. Can you tell me if "Lancet's" are reusable ? or any chance of possibility of them using them ? there were bunch on them in a container. should i be concerned in this situation ? ever since i read about recent HIV outbreak, i am really concerned. Will the cotton swabs or tables or any atmosphere in the clinic would place me at risk ? should i get tested again ? please advise me! really concerned. Thanks for this service.

Contamination from Knife cut to an Open Wound in Mouth

My friend cut himself with a knife we were using to cut a cheesecake. I used the knife immediately after to cut myself a piece, which I ate right away. I bite my lips and the inside of my mouth a lot. Assuming that I have an open wound in my mouth and assuming that he is HIV positive, what is my risk of infection?

risk from blood on the surface

Hi, what a helpful group
I have some question in my mind. I have found that you said HIV does not survive long outside the human body and the wound is large enough for virus enter. But i am want to know that excactly how long the virus can live outside the body, Whether the virus dies immediately after leaving the body or it takes a few minutes and and the virus must directly access blood or broken cells.My country's instruction is that the virus can spread if blood gets into the scratch even if it is small so i am very anxious.
what happen if a people bleeding, he took my phone and got blood out there, then I took the phone immediately with a cut in my hand. this case can be transmisson virus ? do i nees take Pep ? i hope you reply soon.
Many thanks

Analingus with chapped lips

I am a man, and received condomless oral sex from a transexual that I met on the internet. While she did so, I performed analingus on her. My lips were chapped at the time. The entire experience only lasted a few minutes. However, as I was leaving, I met another man coming into her apartment.
I was freaked out by this experience and went to the hospital the next day to receive nPEP. My doctor advised against it, but said that I could still receive it, and today is the end of my 72 hour window. I'm still very worried; can you advise me? Should I start PEP?

risk of hiv from food

Thanks for your helping.
Now i am so scared. I want to know exactly about my case: i eat food and while i try to bite the bone, i have an Large scratches on the palate and my lips bleeding because of chink. what happen if the bowl, chopsticks, straws i have used have fresh blood, and water and food have fresh blood. Can be hiv transmission in this case through my lips are bleeding and new scratches on the palate.
Many thanks. i hope to see your advice soon because i'm quite scared


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