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Im scared that I've contracted HIV

I did a tattoo on a friend I wore glove and everything but I had a paper thin scratch on my wrist that wasn't bleeding and the napkin that I was using to wipe the tattoo touched my skin if he so happen to have HIV am I at risk also if the ink/blood popped up on my tongue and I wiped it immediately would I be infected with HIV thanks in advance I'm freaking out so bad

Semen on underwear

I have some small cuts on skin in the area near my anus (outside my body, not inside). When I cleanuped the restroom in my house, I suddenly sat on an underwear which I believed there was little semens on it. Can HIV transmit from the semen to my cuts?

Touching fresh blood from a piece of paper

With my lip I touched someone fresh blood. It was not dry and it was on a piece of paper from her hand. The problem is that I have an open cut because of a herpes on my lips and I need you to tell me the risk of contact HIV.
I didn't see the blood on that paper before touching and I saw that person with blood on her hand. I don't know her....
Thank you..

Follow-Up to Handling Items from Cashiers and HIV Risk

Thanks to Isla for pretty much clearing up the question I had, but I have just one more question, and I'm done. Suppose if you have the cuts that I mentioned in the previous message on your fingers and/or hands, perhaps some bleeding, and the cashier has cuts and bleeding on their fingers/hands, and your fingers/hands touch each other as they're handling your food and inanimate items and/or change? Can HIV transmission occur? I also have cracked skin on my fingers and hands as the weather has become drier and colder (they always crack and bleed during the Winter months). I hope this makes sense and all. Thank you in advance.

Risk assessment / Conclusiveness of test

Hi! Thank you so much for providing this service - there's so much great information!

I'm hoping to get some information about my risk of contracting HIV from exposure and reliability of a very early test.

I was at a large event, and happened upon a hurt stranger - a white ~25 year old male's face was bruised and bleeding heavily, and I helped stop the bleeding while someone went to get help. EMTs took over, but unfortunately I got blood all over my hands (like ALL over). I used hand sanitizer to clean it off. A few hours later, I noticed a small fresh cut on my hand. I'm not absolutely certain that I cut my hand while helping the guy, but I'm fairly certain I had the cut while helping and probably got blood on it.

I was unable to get any information about this guy, other than the highly unreliable comment that a friend thought he might like other men (so therefore might be at higher risk for HIV).

I had blood drawn on Day 16 and tested negative using a Combo antigen / antibody test. I know this is not conclusive, but how much relief can I have with this result? (If you have any resources on percent accuracy by day of this test, it would be greatly appreciated!)

Cut pinkey at work

Hi I was cleaning the sink in the kitchen at work and something really small cut my pinky on my hand like at the very top of my pinky I couldent see of find whatever cut me but my pinky bleed a lot and wouldent stop for a long time. My questions are

1. Does this cut on my pinky have direct access to bloodstream ?
2. I heard that its just natural for the pinky or any fingertip to bleed easily and a lot is it true ?
3. Am I at risk for HIV from this cut since it bled a lot and I don't know what cut me since it was really small ?

HIV from Laser tattoo removal?

I had some laser tattoo removal done in NYC and when I left the office I started to wonder if there was any risk of acquiring Hiv this way? I did ask them and they assured me there was no risk..The office was very clean Etc.. But I have no idea if the laser is cleaned before each client. This particular laser doesn't actually come into contact with the skin, but I did bleed as all people do during this procedure. The laser is quite powerful and it would seem to throw micro amounts of blood into the air and maybe onto the laser? Is there any way at all that Hiv can be spread this way even if the laser is or was not cleaned between patients? Thank you so much for your help!

Very scared from multiple possible exposures

Hello, over the past month, there have been a few things that have happened that I feel may have put me at risk of HIV. Please, if you could tell me which ones are risky, I'd really appreciate it. The anxiety is killing me.

1. I got an HIV rapid blood test at a local clinic. I didn't pay much attention, but I'm worried that the person who did my test may have reused the lancet and did not use gloves.Can these finger pricks be reused? Hypothetically, if it had been used before on an HIV positive person, am I at risk? What about the lack of gloves? If my finger prick was bleeding and his hand was also bleeding when he touched my hand to collect the blood, could I be exposed?

2. I used the restroom at the HIV testing center. When I finished and put on my pants, I noticed that the bottom of it was wet with urine. Hypothetically, if there was blood or semen on the urine and it soaked my clothes and touched my body/genitals through my underwear, could I be at risk?

3. I recently had 3 deep open mouth kissing sessions with a man whose HIV status is unknown. I had a small canker sore in my mouth. If his gums or my gums were also bleeding, would this be considered a big risk?
I also rubbed his penis with my hands through his underwear and he licked/kissed my inner thighs, very near my penis. Are these activities risky?

4. I gave some change to a homeless man who seemed a bit crazy and my hand briefly touched his. I had a finger prick from my HIV test a few weeks prior and am scared that maybe his hand had blood or semen on it that could have gotten into my system through the finger prick. Should I be worried?

5. I recently rode on a public bus. I hadn't noticed until hours later that my arm was cut. It wasn't bleeding and was very thin but long. Almost like a big paper cut. If there was infected body fluids on whatever cut me on the bus, could it have been transmitted to me through this cut?

6. My arm which had a rash/scab had briefly bumped into a dumpster. I didn't notice any wetness on the dumpster but I'm still paranoid I could've touched some infected body fluids on the dumpster. Am I being irrational?

7. I was touching/patting fresh (wet), but not bleeding scabs on my arm with my hand that came into contact with public amenities like a desk, doorknob, and chair. If my hand had infected fluids on it, what are the chances those fluids could have infected my scabs?

For transmission of HIV through open wounds, how big do they have to be? Would small cuts and scrapes like hangnails or open skin be enough to let HIV in?

I'm planning on getting an HIV test oral swab at 8 weeks after my last sexual encounter. How conclusive would my results be?

Sorry about the length of my post, I'm just very scared and haven't been able to sleep much due to anxiety. Please, I pray that you'll answer my questions and reassure me.

Took a drag from a cigarette with cut lips.

I recently was at a bar, after a few drinks we stepped outside and I'd asked for a drag of cigarette from someone in line I did not know. I immediately remembered my lips had been cut in multiple spots as they do from time to time. I think my ocd had gotten the best of me but yet I can't help but think that their lips may have had bloody cuts as well. I took a drag of cigarette almost immediatley after her (maybe 2 to 4 seconds after) and now I'm worried about possible exposure. I have read that exposed blood usually is not an issue unless in large quantity, however if I was exposed to blood on the cigarette butt mere seconds later should I get tested? Is there even a remote chance? Does it make a difference that I had multiple small cuts potentially bloody and not just a single cut? When I refer to cut lips I'm referring to those cracks that tend to bleed when the weather is dry. I don't recall them actively bleeding to the point of me needing to wipe them with tissue and I don't recall me tasting blood earlier. However they were bleeding through out the week. Please help. On a side note this scenario made me realize that I may have an issue with anxiety and ocd and I will indeed be seeking help for such issues. But regardless of that I am hoping to get an opinion on the matter.

Thank you.

Handling Items From Cashiers and HIV Risk

If a customer is in a line and is handing their items/cash to the cashier, and/or receiving their items/change back from the cashier, and that cashier has cuts on their fingers or hands that may or may not be bleeding and you have cut(s) on your fingers or hands that may or may not be bleeding, is there a risk of HIV transmission? I ask this because lately I've made a concerted effort not to handle my groceries with cashiers and use self-checkout machines due to this fear. Thank you.


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