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HIV transmission through shaving blades

I went to the barber yesterday and had a beard shave. After the shave I did not feel any cuts or bleeding. But there was a sore feeling on my upper lip on the left side. I asked him to apply after shave. But then I got scared that what if the blade was used and the razor too. After I got home i took a few wet tissues and pressed them greatly against my skin wherever it was shaved to see if any blood was present. I couldnt see any traces of blood. My question is,
1) Can HIV be transmitted to me in the scenario that I have said
2) Could it be that blood was not visible on tissue because of using after shave so that HIV may be transmitted
3) Can the HIV be spread through the razor (not the blade).

Your prompt response is highly appreciated. Thank you.

Stepped on a thumb tack

Hello. I was taking my dog out outside the apartment so I wore slippers with thin soles. When I came back to apartment I felt I sting under my foot. Apparently I stepped on a thumbtack. I know it's unlikely but what's the risk if there was any blood?

Questions about oral

Pls help, I had unprotected oral sex with a girl(gave and received), after that I noticed I had bruises on my penis, really scared, I went and did rapid antibody test with the girl the next day and we both came back negative. Do I need another testing at 12 weeks?

can i get HIV if I wore gloves while handling some blood of an hiv+ person.

i am a nurse and my chief asked me to put on a catheter of a ptient who was bleeding because he pulled out his previous catheter. i was wearing gloves all throughout but i ak just worried because i had a tiny abrasion on my skin. not necessarily an open wound but it could be chapped skin because it is dry. i was searing gloves 100% of the time anyway and washed my hands thoroughly after doing cath on his bleeding organ. can i get something out of that?

Mucosal membrane

I know that the eye is a mucosal membrane does that mean if an HIV positive person accidentally spat on my face and it had blood would I be at risk ? And how sure are you of this

Chances of getting infected to hiv

Recently I had beard trim in a saloon andwith that a small cut at my throat. Do you think there is a chance of getting infected to hiv


Had protected sex with proper codom usage , worried about vaginal secrtions being on hand/finger followed by anal fingering me ( approx 30 sec. ) after she was touching her self ,note that she rubbed cream on her hand before fingering .
Will this secretions on finger If carried HIV withstand 30 seconds in air and cream/lotion rubbing before coming contact with anal , not sure if there was cuts in anal region but assume worst case as if there were unnoticable minor cuts .

Hiv outside the Body

Please read the following information and help me undrestand how is it possible this health care workers got infected if its claimed Hiv virus weakness onces outside the body:


Do I have a risk

I threw out used phlebotomy stuff to help out right after a blood draw with no gloves on which had blood on it and I have a paper cut. I'm not sure if the blood touched my cut but I am going crazy do I have a risk?

follow up question

i went to hiv testing,there after I took the test when I came out to sit in the chair,i noticed a cotton ball on the chair so I threw the cotton ball in the bin along with mine.

after that only I noticed my needle puncture wound is still bleeding so I wiped that blood with the same finger with which I threw the cotton ball on the chair.after that only I realized the mistake.

i read in the website that saliva has tendency to inactivate the virus so I applied my saliva in the puncture wound with the middle finger to the puncture wound.

it happened two days ago.but now I am even more frightened because when I threw the cotton ball my middle finger may also made contact with that cotton.so can it transfer hiv if my middle finger has some traces of hiv and with the same finger I applied my saliva to my puncture wound means can hiv mix with my blood.please answer me.i am very depressed

and another thing is I brushed my teeth 1 hour before this and when I brushed my teeth I had blood from my gums.so if my saliva has this blood from my gums mixed with it and also mixed with hiv blood from my finger and I kept that in my puncture wound means can it transmit hiv?.

I quite know that saliva does not has cd4 cells so hiv does not transmit by means of saliva but here if my blood mixed with saliva means it will contain cd4 cell so can hiv blood infect the cd4 cells in blood mixed with my saliva.so if I applied that in my fresh puncture wound means can it transmit hiv?.is it possible?


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