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Took a drag from a cigarette with cut lips.

I recently was at a bar, after a few drinks we stepped outside and I'd asked for a drag of cigarette from someone in line I did not know. I immediately remembered my lips had been cut in multiple spots as they do from time to time. I think my ocd had gotten the best of me but yet I can't help but think that their lips may have had bloody cuts as well. I took a drag of cigarette almost immediatley after her (maybe 2 to 4 seconds after) and now I'm worried about possible exposure. I have read that exposed blood usually is not an issue unless in large quantity, however if I was exposed to blood on the cigarette butt mere seconds later should I get tested? Is there even a remote chance? Does it make a difference that I had multiple small cuts potentially bloody and not just a single cut? When I refer to cut lips I'm referring to those cracks that tend to bleed when the weather is dry. I don't recall them actively bleeding to the point of me needing to wipe them with tissue and I don't recall me tasting blood earlier. However they were bleeding through out the week. Please help. On a side note this scenario made me realize that I may have an issue with anxiety and ocd and I will indeed be seeking help for such issues. But regardless of that I am hoping to get an opinion on the matter.

Thank you.

Handling Items From Cashiers and HIV Risk

If a customer is in a line and is handing their items/cash to the cashier, and/or receiving their items/change back from the cashier, and that cashier has cuts on their fingers or hands that may or may not be bleeding and you have cut(s) on your fingers or hands that may or may not be bleeding, is there a risk of HIV transmission? I ask this because lately I've made a concerted effort not to handle my groceries with cashiers and use self-checkout machines due to this fear. Thank you.

Cunnilings risk will 3 tooth fillings done approx a month ago

Hello Christina. Thanks for your inputs. I have another question. http://helpline.aidsvancouver.org/question/cunnilings-risk this was my previous question. You said test is not required as the risk level was very low but I forgot to mention that I had 3 tooth fillings done in august 1st week and my exposure was on September 18th. Will this make any difference. I mean will this make any difference in the suggestion 'test is not required as the risk level is very low'.Thank you for your response.

Fresh bleeding finger cut...

I just want to know if i have a fresh bleeding finger cut and i am sharing washroom with 5 persons while living in same house...is there any chance to get hiv if any of them is positive..because i used same soap to wash which that person used for bath...and can i get virus through fresh bleeding open cuts through saliva or any other body fluid...

Very confused with your answers

I'm getting mixed replies here. I had protected sex with a sex worker. We used a condom the whole time and the condom was intact when we finished.

I had a pimple/boil or ingrown hair on my penis. It wasn't covered by the condom. It wasn't bleeding eaither. It was towards the back of my penis and wasn't covered by the condom. Did this put me at risk? Or as long as the head of the penis is protected there was minimal risk?

Some of your replies say pimples and boils are no risk and other replies say it could be a risk because of the white cells... Which is it?

Thank you

How much risk first AID

How much HIV risk is there if I could not find gloves but applied a gauze pad to a small bleeding thumb cut on an injured person. I was careful not to touch the blood. I let the injured person wrap the gauze around his thumb. If somehow blood got on my hand (I don't see how) with intact skin (I hadn't tested for blood sugar for a day or more) how much risk is there for HIV transmission.

Next time there will be gloves in that first AID kit.

Deep Kissing and I have a sore afterwards.

Dear HIV Helpline,

I recently went to a rave and started to dance with this one girl. She turned around and began deep kissing me for a few times until I just had enough and left. I could not see the condition of her face or mouth. However it felt pretty normal and i did not taste any sort of blood. However after the night I have a sore or bruise in my mouth. No blood is really drawn but the skin is slightly broken. How at risk am I? And when is the soonest I should go get tested?

I got someone else's blood on my hand

I was at a bar with some friends a couple days ago in a huge fight broke out one of the people in the bar hit somebody else in the head with a glass bottle and cut the persons eye, the person fell to the ground and was bleeding everywhere, I reacted in the heat of the moment and lifted the persons head in the process I got blood all over my hand. I didn't have any open wounds but I heard you can get HIV from contact with blood on your cuticles. Is this true? I'm super freaked out now because I breast fed my baby today.

Low Risk

I had HIV infected blood possibly in non intact skin(not sure if I had paper cuts or something that I will be unable to see) for a matter of seconds. Its been 9 weeks since. I have been having low grade temperatures (99.00 to 99.5), some mouth sores that (don't last more than 2 days), and I can continue but I know I will be told symptoms don't mean anything. It's just a concern that these symptoms are present.
Duo test was negative at 4 and 6 weeks.

No answer yet, HIV on vacation?? Please help

I am a 25 yr old male. About 2 years ago I was on vacation. My first one ever. I was retrieving my luggage from the people at the hotel that hold your luggage. When the man got my bag for me and I gave him a tip, his thumb touched my thumb. Now my knuckles were really dry and after he gave me my suitcase I opened it to get my moisturiser out, I noticed my knuckles were bleeding. It was maybe like a 3- 4 millimetre cut on each knuckle I saw them bleeding and Immediately put moisturiser on them to soften them up.

What is my HIV risk if the guy who touched my thumb had a cut on his thumb and passed his blood onto my knuckles if our hands accidentally bumped eachother? Or

what if he passed his blood to my thumb, and then I used my thumb to put moisturiser on my open cuts on knuckles?

Can you get HIV either of these 2 ways??


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