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HIV via pimple

I was talking to a stranger on the street and he told me he was gay and even showed my his gay pride tattoo. I had a popped pimple on my forehead that could have been bleeding. He kissed me in that area. I did not notice if he had any open sores on, in, or around his mouth. Also it could be quite possibility he had seamen in his mouth as well. Is this a risk of contracting HIV via the contact of our blood or my blood with seamen??
Thank you!

Protected sex but exposed pimple/boil

I recently had sex with csw abroad. We used a condom during the whole time even the blowjob. The condom did not break and remained on till the end when I removed it.

My concern is that I had a pretty large pimple or boil on my shaft neir the back. So it was not covered by the condom. I'm 100% sure the I was fully inside her and this means the pimple/boil was inside and exposed to vaginal fluids. There was also some blood on the condom after we finished. Her blood.
The pimple poped 2 days after this even.

What do you think my risk is?
Should I test on the count of this even?


HIV risk from scissors?


I recently stayed in a transient accomodation for two weeks because of an on-going renovation in my place. The transient place is a bit old but after staying for a couple of days,just one night I decided to trim my pubic hair using my OWN scissors. We'll I actually placed the scissors in the sink before I used it. The sink was dry then. While trimming, I accidentally cut myself with the scissors and produced a pinpoint wound that bled a bit. What made me worry is some thinking that what if someone HIV positive has stayed in that place before me and left some body fluids that got in contact with scissors from the sink and got transferred through the cut. I also happened to touch the tip of my penis when I cut myself because of panic. My questions therefore are: 1. Is there a risk of HIV after cutting myself with scissors that may not be clean as it was lying in the sink for sometime 2. Can my unwashed hands transmit HIV after I accidentally touched the tip of my penis? Thanks a lot.

Mouth ulcer & Sandwich

Can mouth ulcers transmit Hiv, I have very big mouth ulcer, & was out with friends we shared a sandwich, like one had a bite, then I had a bite & last part was eaten by 3 friend, is there any chance of getting hiv if any of them is infected or can they get any infection from my mouth ulcers.

Wet semen in condom

I was walking my dog and encountered a condom filled with what looked like wet semen. He stepped on the condom. I quickly took him home to wash him. I headed straight to the bath tub and washed his feet with shampoo. I didn't think about it at the time but I had cuts on my hands from hang nails and other things. I also jumped in the shower and washed myself as normal included washing my butt and anus region. It then occurred to me and I became anxious

What is my risk of HIV through this casual contact?

I am a 24 year old male. I have never had sex before, or used needles. About 6 months ago I was out with friends. We went to a hotel for a weekend, and as we were leaving, I bought something in the hotel lobby. As I was giving the store owner money, my finger touched his finger. After I paid, I realized my finger was bleeding (not a lot, but there was a cut there) What are the chances I got HIV from this contact??

The cashier's finger may or may not have been bleeding, i dont know. Is it possible to get HIV like this?? Should I get tested?


Please tell me how accurate this is? Can nail polish spread HIV?

Possible hiv from a stripper?

Im worried i may have put myself at risk for hiv. About 2 weeks ago i received a lap dance from a stripper. I fingered her, and i do have cuts on my fingers from biting and picking them. I also cant remember if i touched myself after so is there a chance of contracting hiv from touching your penis with vaginal fluid. Also she spit on my penis so im wondering if that could make me concerned too.

Shaving Clippers/Blood on Rag/HIV Risk

This afternoon, I shaved my beard with trimming clippers. After I finished, I got a dried rag from the rag and towel closet, wet the rag, and proceeded to wash my face. Afterwards, I noticed what appeared to be blood spots all over the rag. Given that I just shaved, what are the risks of contracting HIV? I also have dry and chapped hands with slight cuts. According to your HIV Transmission Equation, I guess I might be okay, but I am asking you for clarity. Also, suppose if there were slight cuts on my face from shaving and I used that rag, and the perceived blood was wet? Heck, even if it's dry what's the risk? Thanks for reading.


Hi doctors, I have some enquires with regards to hiv and sex diseases. I had went for a tcm massage and am i at risk to have hiv and or any other sex diseases if:

1) the massager massage hardly the area in between my penis and tights and there were minor abrasion developed after more than 10 minutes I reached home.
2) the massager uses a towel to cover the top of my penis area and the towel is being placed at a position that my penis urethra can touch the towel easily
3) the massager uses a towel with dry or fresh blood to cover the top of my penis area and the towel is being placed at a position that my penis urethra can touch the towel easily

Thank you


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