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Had protected sex with proper codom usage , worried about vaginal secrtions being on hand/finger followed by anal fingering me ( approx 30 sec. ) after she was touching her self ,note that she rubbed cream on her hand before fingering .
Will this secretions on finger If carried HIV withstand 30 seconds in air and cream/lotion rubbing before coming contact with anal , not sure if there was cuts in anal region but assume worst case as if there were unnoticable minor cuts .

Hiv outside the Body

Please read the following information and help me undrestand how is it possible this health care workers got infected if its claimed Hiv virus weakness onces outside the body:


Do I have a risk

I threw out used phlebotomy stuff to help out right after a blood draw with no gloves on which had blood on it and I have a paper cut. I'm not sure if the blood touched my cut but I am going crazy do I have a risk?

follow up question

i went to hiv testing,there after I took the test when I came out to sit in the chair,i noticed a cotton ball on the chair so I threw the cotton ball in the bin along with mine.

after that only I noticed my needle puncture wound is still bleeding so I wiped that blood with the same finger with which I threw the cotton ball on the chair.after that only I realized the mistake.

i read in the website that saliva has tendency to inactivate the virus so I applied my saliva in the puncture wound with the middle finger to the puncture wound.

it happened two days ago.but now I am even more frightened because when I threw the cotton ball my middle finger may also made contact with that cotton.so can it transfer hiv if my middle finger has some traces of hiv and with the same finger I applied my saliva to my puncture wound means can hiv mix with my blood.please answer me.i am very depressed

and another thing is I brushed my teeth 1 hour before this and when I brushed my teeth I had blood from my gums.so if my saliva has this blood from my gums mixed with it and also mixed with hiv blood from my finger and I kept that in my puncture wound means can it transmit hiv?.

I quite know that saliva does not has cd4 cells so hiv does not transmit by means of saliva but here if my blood mixed with saliva means it will contain cd4 cell so can hiv blood infect the cd4 cells in blood mixed with my saliva.so if I applied that in my fresh puncture wound means can it transmit hiv?.is it possible?

HIV Transmission

I am Barber and I was shaving a client of mine using a razor. Everytime I shaved him, I would wipe the blade on an unused portion of tissue paper. Once he left, I opened the razor to clean it and replace the blade and I accidentally cut myself. The cut was not deep at all and I didn't bleed. What are the chances I could have contracted HIV or any other disease? I do not now the clients medical history.

hairdresser needle prick

The hair dresser pricked himself and continued sewing braids on my hair, is there any risk of transmitting Hiv to me?

Question about oral

Pls help, I had unprotected oral sex with a girl(gave and received), after that I noticed I had bruises on my penis, really scared, I went and did rapid antibody test with the girl the next day and we both came back negative. Do I need another testing at 12 weeks?

Is HIV exposure possible from blood on a napkin/tissue

Hi Guys,

My 2 year old daughter was bleeding from her lip after she fell in a caravan park takeaway store.

The Staff were great and gave us ice to put on the wound. We bought my daughter an ice cream to calm her down.

After she was done with the ice cream my wife told me to get some more tissues/napkins to help wipe the ice cream off my daughters face.

I went back and got some out of the napkin/tissue dispenser. As I took them out I noticed one of the tissues had a reddish brown stain, which looked like it was blood.

I handed the tissues/napkins without the stain to my wife to clean up our daughter. I held the one with the stain to examine it.

My wife finished with the tissues/napkins I gave her then grabbed the one I was holding. She soaked it with bottled water and then wiped her face before I could stop her.

I am now paranoid that it could have been blood and that I have exposed my daughter to HIV as she had a cut bleeding lip.

What are the chances of her getting HIV from a tissue/napkin that has a bloodstain?

Also should I get her tested for HIV or not?

Thank you in advance,
A Concerned Parent

Am I good to go ? No more worrying

Hi you guys helped me out this week a lot and I appreciate it :) I just wanted to ask you guys said that my small cut and pre soaked (water with used silverware from customers) got into my eye and you guys said both of those were no risk. (Btw dont post the equation of transmisson or the anxiety page ive seen them just want an experts opinion) you guys are positive about this right and I don't have HIV because of those right ? And you guys do know what you are talking about right you aren't just saying stuff ? ... just to be sure even if someone spat at my face the virus wouldent transfer to me because in those seconds for it to travel to my face or eye it would die right and I wouldent be at risk to get HIV ? Am I good to go to continue my regular life .. one last question I can stop worrying about water with customers saliva hitting my eye even if there was small amounts of blood in it from the pre soak ?

Can you please explain to me ....

I really appreciate your Amazing Work Iwas reading on catie website that any break of skin integrity can allow hiv to enter the body and here on your website say that the cut and wound should be (need medical care ) to give access to bloodstream so wich one is correct because from what catie website it mean any kined of cut or wound can allows hiv to access the bloodstream
Thank you for the Great work again.
Jose sosa


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