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bitting nipple

hi last week i went for a massage, at last the girl gives me a hand job..while doing the handjob, she sucks my nipple and mildly bite by nipple( not hard bite just a mild one ). will that get hiv please im worried answer me asap

small cut on my pennis while receiving oral sex from a sexual worker

Hi Vancouver help team,

Im deeply concerned...a few days ago i was getting oral sex from a sexual worker and during the process she cut me with her teeth. I felt the cut instantly and took it out from her mouth right away.
It started bleeding and i panicked...she assured me she was not infected or anything.. but she was performing oral sex without condom... and she probably did the same to many other guys.
She inmediatly gave me iodin and spilled over my pennis and bandaged it. She said she didnt had any cuts or blisters in her mouth, and that it never happened to her... but i cant be sure.
Question is, even if i removed it instantly from her mouth and applied generous ammounts of iodin, is it possible that i have gotten HIV?
I've read that you could take a cocktail before 36 hours have passed and that might neutralize the virus... should i start taking the cocktail right away and then wait to do the VIH test?
Please, please, please, help me!

HIV Transmission

Can I get HIV using a long already used shaving stick,

cracks on lower side lips

i did sex with cheap female sex worker, i used condom (which she gave me), we did open mouth kissing. and condom protected sex.
My questions
1) cracks on lips is ok, or shall i need to worry coz i have no idea of her mouth status, assuming her lips didnt have cracks.
2) she gave me condom, is it ok to use low quality condom, as i dont know the quality of condom, i heard low quality condom let hiv virus pass through.

abrasion of skin on low shaft - hiv infection port ?

vaginal rubbing on penis shaft all the way up to head of penis performed by southeast asian sexworker with pupic hair stups scratching skin of shaft and scrotum to the point where it left the skin with an abrasion - 1,5 days after I found the abrasion on the lower shaft with a scap on it - did think anything of it - but 4 weeks after the incident I am itching all over - but don´t have a rash but do have 6 to 8 small raised skin sores which bleed a little and my upper lip is swollen and itchy and my penis head is painful - no sores on penis and no other symptoms - I also performed oral sex on her clitoris and I had 2 mouth sores which I forgot about while having sex with her - the sores both had scaps on them - I used Durex water-based gel in her vagina and could in fact taste the gel while licking her clitoris - the penis shaft was very wet after the vaginal rubbing - probably also from the gel but also from her vaginal fluid - as she was very horny - in fact she wanted to engage in unprotected vaginal penetration during the vaginal rubbing - which I stopped so I never penetrated her vagina without a condom - and then washed my penis but in a rushed and not thorough way - I have never before put my self at such risk - and I am worried - I was taken by her very sexual and sensual seduction - but I think she was very unprofessional - in hindsight - as she but both of us at risk - she also wanted to perform oral sex on my penis head without a condom which I also did not allow her to do - all this has made me think she was in fact careless because she already knows she is infected - I asked her if she was hiv + and she said NO ! - but I am in serious doubt and am afraid

Doctor consult

Hi, is there any risk if my dermatology doctor, without gloves,put her hands on my mole skin to check it? I have a new big mole skin and I really need a consult after I damaged it. She had some small cuts...:( and she didnt' wash her hands before. Please help.

runbbing penis on back with small cut

Last week, I was with someone and rubbed my penis on her back.
No penetration no anal vaginal sex at all.
Just plain rubbing on back. But later i noticed she had a cut on her back where my penis touched - like the one if you or someone scratch, very hard, there back with nails. The cut was not deep and it appears that blood had clotted as there were red spots like the ones you get after scratch from sharp things may be nails in this case..
MY concern -penis touched the back of lady which had cut on her back which was a red blood spot (dont know- how old the cut was, so cant say whether it was clotted but she stayed with me for 1:30 hours before i did rubbing thing and most probably she gave the red spot to herself earlier as i did not do those things and neither she scratched her back infront of me.).
am I at risk for hiv due to penis touching cut with blood spot.
thanks and regards
in advance

ps adding link of image i found on net to show the kind of scratch
http://image.shutterstock.com/z/stock-photo-scratch-on-a-human-skin-2145... but in my case the scratch appeared to be more dark red like a day old

Infection from Fingering

I have a question regarding HIV transmission from fingering a vagina with a cut on a finger. I fingered a CSW for a couple of minutes with what I deemed a fairly deep cut maybe 4mm deep - more than just superficial but did not require stitches. It was a day or two old and was not bleeding at the time. Is there any reason that I need to get tested because of this?

I love my girl friend and i don't want her to be at risk.

Before anything else, I would like to thank you for your time reading this question and I really find your site very informative.

I tried to search for other concerns on this site hoping to ease my mind with a relevant answer to my own problem but unfortunately I'm one of the guys surfing the web with a poor internet connection so it's quite time and patience consuming. I guess i'll just take the precious chance that you might actually answer my concern.

Yesterday, i went to a barber shop to get my hair trimmed. When the barber was about to shave the edges of my hair, he used the razor blade that was located on the top of his table. It is already exposed, so i guess he already used it to other costumers before me. While shaving, he accidentally cut me on the back part of my neck. I'm sure the cut bled and in order to stop the bleeding he used his own finger to wipe the blood on my cut.. My concern is this, what if he has also a bleeding cut/wound on the exact finger that he used to wipe the blood on my cut? Will i be at risk of HIV? Please, i'm really scared. I have a girlfriend and i don't want her to at risk because of me.

HIV Transmition


I have a question about HIV transmition.

1. I read here on your website, when talking about sores and cuts, you say "deep sores/ cuts". How exactly deep does a sore have to be in order to transmit the HIV virus?

2. I also read about "direct access to the bloodstream". What do you really mean by direct access and blood stream?

If i'm biting myself on a lip or cheeck, and then I develop a sore and the sore is bleeding, is the bleeding sore which I bite myself a direct access to the blood stream? Does biting myself on a lip or cheeck till I bleed a direct access?

I understand HIV dies when exposed to oxygen/ air, but I have a question that is bothering me!
My friend had a bleeding sore on his toe because he kicked a stone and got injured and started to bleed. Then he touched his sore on removing the damaged skin. Immediately, he touched my clothes with blood on his hands, then blood remained. I immediately touched the place on my clothes at which he touched me, which had blood. Then I touched my head. Then I washed my head with water. Then water started to flow into my mouth, directly to the bleeding sore on my lip.

Assuming my friend is HIV , am I at risk, or did I contract the virus? Do I need to get tested?

Please help!


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