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small cut fear

do hiv enter through small cut? i found in a website that there are 3 reported case of hiv though small cuts. is it true? pls answer quickly iam so scared.....

finger stick and sex

I was pricked in the finger with a used lancet. The HIV status of the patient was unknown since we couldn't determine who it was. I then had unprotected sex around 12 hours later. When does HIV appear in seman and what is the risk of transmission to my sexual partner?

HIV Contraction

Hello, I'd like to find out,
I did a recent test on HIV, and it came to be Negative. this was in the morning, after the test they had cleaned the wound with methylated spirit and put on for me a small plaster. (either on the basilic or cephlaic vein)

My question is, about 20 minutes after that ... i decided to remove the plaster, as soon as i did that .. a friend of mind came and shook hands with me. on my palm (the one used to remove the plaster) i have no wounds or anything, does that result any threat to me for HIV contraction ? i don't know my friends status.

Regards & Thanks.


Recently i am having a lot of anxiety relating an incident. I live in a house shared my 5 of us we all have been living for around 6 months and we all know each other well. I am pretty sure that none of my flatmates are HIV positive cause all of us got checked recently.But few days back while i was in a hurry i used a scissor which we all use in the kitchen to trim my beard since i was in hurry. I most probably forgot to wash it before using it i don't remember but i did have any visible cuts while using it but may had poked my face with it and caused irritation.After using it i realized that there was a wet liquid of maybe reddish colour stuck to it and i was not sure whether it was blood. My anxiety is what if it was blood from a person who used to live in the place before us who was indeed HIV positive then would i be at risk. I know my query might sound quite stupid but please help me out cause i cant stop thinking of it and moreover i have my finals nearby please help.
Thank you

Fingering with a 1 day old cut, 20 seconds oral sex

long story short, after a couple of french kisses, I proceed to finger her with a slight cut that burned slightly and them some oral sex which only featured one or two licks, then attempted to insert my penis (not hard) in her briefly and failed then she attempted oral sex on me but gave up after me not getting hard..
I suffered from a dry sore throat 2 weeks in and a one day long fever. No other symptoms arise so far besides bad breath which I remember having the day of the infection because I asked for tooth paste and a slight white tongue which a doctor denied being oral thrush.. also one painful gland under the chin which didn't hurt until I checked for swollen glands about 25 times.
I had bloodwork done for antibodies and antigens done 3 weeks in after the day of risk, and then I preformed an oral swab test a couple days later (both returned negative), her on the other hand had a HIV test 2 month prior and another oral swab one when I did.. They both returned negative which scares me even more because acute infections carry the most virus..
Am I at risk of anything or am I being delusional?

Hiv infected lemon juice

A man put his hiv infected blood into lemon juie-soda water mixture. Another man with a big canker sore in his mouth drinks this juice after 20 seconds? Will this man get infected?

Manicure Scare

My doctor advised me not to have manicures at salons because it may transmit hiv virus. Is it true? I had a manicure in november 2015. The equipments were never sterilised and i was cut but i did not bleed. My doctor has freaked me out. Should i worry?

blood on knife

hello. please i have this problem. our possibly + friend (promiscuous, we all insist to test and protect but...) and he left an apple with knife stuck in it on the table. till i could clean it, our 6yrs old son touched the knife and he keeps touching his eyes, nose,all the time and of course has minor scratches everywhere as every child... i in a hurry tried to grab it and touched the knife too. only then i realised there are some red stains on the knife - our friend maybe did cut himself. the blood would be on knife for some minutes (10 maybe i think) and it also looked like mixed with juice from apple that stayed on the blade (the blade is white so colours are real). it was all wet, but i cant tell, what was wet - if the blood or the juice, i would say it was a mix, but definitely, it was not dry at all, just wet. i just dont know. i did scratch myself when trying to grab it with it but only a little bit, nearly no bleeding. i even called my friend if he scratched with the knife and he was not sure. please is there a big risk? i dont know what to do. thank you very much.

***URGENT*** is my test conclusive???????


I had a kiss (just kiss) and some body rubbing, rubbing the dick.. There was no oral or anal or any other activity. But the guy later said he had bleeding gum in the morning when he brushed. The kiss was many hours later in the evening. Even while kissing I did not taste any blood, and no cuts or sores etc. It was a healthy lips from both of us. I remember his lips was dry in the corner.

1) Rapid test- Tested myself Negative at 31 days - Can I take this as conclusive?
2) What if he had bleeding gum while kissing- Is that risky? how much blood is actually required to transmit hiv through kissing
3) Considering the activity described do you suggest another test after 3 months?

Please answer

Bed sheets

I was at my friends house and him and his girlfriend had just had sex, I was hanging out afterwards and leaned against the bed. I touched something wet on the bed that might have been sperm, accidentally while leaning against the bed. I had a cut on my finger, could I have been infected?


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