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HIV risk, HIV + person confirmed, please help

Please help, I tried to help a HIV + person to take something heavy and we both cut in almost (1 second apart ) same time in a sharp plastic thing. And it was me after him....
I don't know his viral level or if he takes any drugs.
The cuts were on both with blood but small, like bigger than paper cuts.
Do I need test?
Thank you for your help

Needle stick with gloves on


I was drawing a patient with a 23 gauge butterfly needle. As I was switching the tubes my finger got caught on the tubing of the butterfly needle, which caused the needle to come out of the patients vein. The needle grazed my left index finger when this occurred. I took my gloves off to see if it broke skin and it did just a tiny bit. I immediately washed my hands and the site thoroughly. I didn't report it, which I know I probably should have, but I'm a super paranoid person and am wondering if I should get tested.
I read that the odds of getting HIV from a needle stick are less than 1%, but I'm still worried.
I appreciate any help and insight you can give. Thank you.

snot with blood

i had a cut in my nose that was bleeding and i inserted my finger inside,when i removed it i saw some bloody snot in my finger,what if that bloody snot was of somebody else and it came in contact with wound inside nose


a 1 month ago,i was eating fast food on roadside vendor....his fingure is cutts & band-aid is use for it....and then he again make a dish which was eating by me...
so plz identify for hiv transmission or not....

Risk of Transmission? Do I need testing?


I am a 20 something male. About 5 weeks ago I had unprotected oral sex with an HIV+ woman - it lasted less than a minute and then we had penetrative intercourse with a condom on. An hour before having sex with her I shaved my genitals and had some minor shaving cuts and abrasions on the base of the penis that stopped bleeding within minutes and I put deodorant and aftershave on them to sterilize them. The condom covered them when I had it on during sex, but I'm worried that her saliva came into contact during oral sex with where the cuts were. Am I at risk? I took a 4th gen combo blood test and it came out negative at 3 weeks and I have another one at 6 weeks scheduled but going out of my mind with worry...my doctor says I was very low risk and 6 weeks should be conclusive but I can't shake off the anxiety...

please hep me very stressed and feard

Hello, I had a protected sex with a female sex worker, but a couple of incidents makes me worried and concerned I would really appreciate your help
1.Before sex I put two condoms and there was no any oral sex happened,after sex I removed my condoms by pulling it(not unrolled) from the head of the penis after that suddenly a drop of my semen was getting out and I accidentally used my thump finger to stop spilling the semen.I used the same finger which I used to remove the condoms,there would be definitely her vaginal fluid on the condoms after sex ,and very next moment I suddenly went to the toilet and cleaned my penis by running tap water. i am very concerned about getting hiv by this way
2. I had a small cut on my abdomen during shaving it was not a deep cut but it was a bit long cut.Does these pose any risk of getting HIV , do I need to go for checkup,its only 90 days now.please reply to my email also.
Thank you

Worried about peeling skin in finger

Dear sir/madam...
I am a health worker. I have to go to field to collect blood slides
for malaria testing, haemoglobin test etc. Recently i was preparing
blood slides without globes. I noticed that i had peeling skin in my
one finger. Though it was not bleeding but i could feel sensation in
that part. It was reddish. When i came back home i examined it. I
pressed hard that part many times but it was not bleeding but it was
reddish and it was hurt little bit. If any hiv infected blood comes to
contact to my peeling skin.... Is it possible to get infected???
Please reply.. Worrying so much

being infected through open wound and entrance to mouth

Hi i am a medical technologist, and the blood which is positive for hiv was given to me for a test. the blood is contained in a evacuated tube. when i opened the tube, the serum/ blood splashed to my eyes and mouth and an open wound. could i become infected with hiv?

tattoo needle prick and fish pedicure

i am worried sick because a couple of months back i did a tattoo on a friend but im not sure if the needle pricked me if the needle perhaps pricked me but i didnt feel it or bleed would i be at risk of catching hiv? My next incident is i went to a salon where they do fish pedicures and my friend said that i can catch hiv from the fish if i had a cut on my foot which i did which was due to scratching in between my toes lets say if someone before me also had open wounds would i catch hiv from this incident thank you so much in advance for your answer and input you guys put a lot of ease to people minds an i greatly appreciate what you'll do

Straight Razor (Barber Shop)


I went to get a haircut and the barber used an "old school" like straight razor for the back of my neck and I did not see him change the blade (because I don't think you can on these types of razors) and there was a container with blue disinfectant which he did NOT use. He put water on the back of my neck and used the razor as it is. I saw him use it on the guy before me. I am concerned now because as usual with razor blades the skin is irritated afterwards and I put some sanitiser on the affected area a few hours later and it stung. I am scarred of contracting hepatitis or worse HIV from this. I know that the virus dies exposed to air but it takes some time as far as I can tell. I am afraid now...


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