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Scared of hiv

I was recently incarcerated and during this is was attacked by a fellow inmate known to be hiv+ I didn't fight back for fear of drawing blood but received several scratches from her fingernails that drew blood on me. I saw a Dr who said there was no risk of infection and thus didn't test me but I'm still scared jail is a very dirty place what if she was touching herself privately before scratching me couldn't it be transmitted that way?

Is this Hiv OCD?

I tested negative on June the 27th (which I am very happy about) I had at least 6 occasions in the past year where I thought I might have put myself at risk with situations anybody would say are no risk and they d probably not think about.

Tonight I went to a sketchy bar and used the urinal,it was very dirty (in a way that I refused to wash my hands there) I put some sanitiser on my hands and quickly scrubbed them (not very thoroughly). Just a few minutes later (like 2-5 mins) I popped a pimple on the back of my head and fluid came out of it(pus or blood , I don t know), is that a risk some how since my hands were not "properly" washed but only quickly sanitised. As I used the urinal in the bathroom some splashes back onto the hands and if semen, blood etc was in the urinal?

It comes to no surprise to me that not even 48 hours after getting my negative result I feel like I put myself at risk again. Real concern or OCD?

Thank you

Hiv transmittion from food

Hello, I have got this strange situation.
In shoping mall I touched smartphones in shop (many people touch them), then I order food and I touched bread by dirty nails. Maybe there was a virus on hand or undernails. When I was eating, I bited internal side of a cheek, ( maybe there was a blood there) and then right after I ate this bread.
Thank you

Hiv infection by contact with penis and anus in a pool.

Dear doctors and writers,
Last night I had a "stupid night" I am still regretting.
This was the first time I had sex with a man, and I didn't find it enjoyable at all.

I want to a male sauna and had sex with two guys, giving them passive blowjobs and then (with one of them) anal sex with condom, in this case outside of the pool, in a private room.

When we finished having sex (it lasted few minutes) the boy didn't even ejaculated and we went back to the swimming pool.
I have to say that, after the anal sex I saw on the towel a tiny tiny tiny quantity of blood (or maybe was just mucus, light was very low).

Once we were back in the water, we talked for 5 minutes (still under water) and then the second guy invited me to sit on his legs. While I was seated on this laps, his penis was touching my anus a couple of times.

I also suffer of little hemorroids, I have "two little balls" hanging out since probably 10 years but I never cured them since they never game me any problem/hitch/pain.

Can my anus situation improve the chances of getting infected?
Left for granted that I will take the test in the next weeks, how likely is that the second guy's precum could have infected me?
Does precum get diluited in water? The pool also was chlorinated, does it help?

Hep c and or hiv exposure in blood draw mistake?

Hello there,
I was doing a My biannual Hiv, hep c, blood testing here in the Caribbean where I live. The nice lady was in the middle of drawing my blood, the needle was in my arm still and blood was flowing into the tube nicely when she untied the turner kit and it accidently fell directly onto the where the needle was in my arm/vein. She couldn't jerk to move it right away as I assume she didn't want to startle me or hurt me with the needle which was still in my vein. The tie off/turner kit was made of material/cloth which they reuse here, and not the rubber ones which they throw away in the states. It was a dark blue colour so I couldn't see if it had any previous blood on it. Now I'm concerned about it contaminating the outside of my needle while it was in my arm still with hiv or hep c from a previous blood draw patient. I voiced my concerns at the time and she did apologize. It was just a mistake, which I understand, things happen. But I just want to make sure that I'm not at risk for hiv or hep c now. I hope I have described the scenario accurately enough and I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you for doing what you do, and thank you for your time!
Take good care

HIV risk, HIV + person confirmed, please help

Please help, I tried to help a HIV + person to take something heavy and we both cut in almost (1 second apart ) same time in a sharp plastic thing. And it was me after him....
I don't know his viral level or if he takes any drugs.
The cuts were on both with blood but small, like bigger than paper cuts.
Do I need test?
Thank you for your help

Needle stick with gloves on


I was drawing a patient with a 23 gauge butterfly needle. As I was switching the tubes my finger got caught on the tubing of the butterfly needle, which caused the needle to come out of the patients vein. The needle grazed my left index finger when this occurred. I took my gloves off to see if it broke skin and it did just a tiny bit. I immediately washed my hands and the site thoroughly. I didn't report it, which I know I probably should have, but I'm a super paranoid person and am wondering if I should get tested.
I read that the odds of getting HIV from a needle stick are less than 1%, but I'm still worried.
I appreciate any help and insight you can give. Thank you.

snot with blood

i had a cut in my nose that was bleeding and i inserted my finger inside,when i removed it i saw some bloody snot in my finger,what if that bloody snot was of somebody else and it came in contact with wound inside nose


a 1 month ago,i was eating fast food on roadside vendor....his fingure is cutts & band-aid is use for it....and then he again make a dish which was eating by me...
so plz identify for hiv transmission or not....

Risk of Transmission? Do I need testing?


I am a 20 something male. About 5 weeks ago I had unprotected oral sex with an HIV+ woman - it lasted less than a minute and then we had penetrative intercourse with a condom on. An hour before having sex with her I shaved my genitals and had some minor shaving cuts and abrasions on the base of the penis that stopped bleeding within minutes and I put deodorant and aftershave on them to sterilize them. The condom covered them when I had it on during sex, but I'm worried that her saliva came into contact during oral sex with where the cuts were. Am I at risk? I took a 4th gen combo blood test and it came out negative at 3 weeks and I have another one at 6 weeks scheduled but going out of my mind with worry...my doctor says I was very low risk and 6 weeks should be conclusive but I can't shake off the anxiety...


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