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Harm reduction

Test after 80 days

In 3 december 2015 . I had sex without condom with girl and i was worry . In 13 december 2015 i took the girl for test hiv and she had oraquick test and she was negative .

In the same day i had another sex with her without condom . Then i was worry . I went to took test in 19 december its call hiv rna qulatitive and it was negative .

After 35 days from the second relation i had another test its call hiv1&2 antigen antibody . And was negative But i dont know with generation .
And i went again after 58 days after second relation to same test and was negative .
And i went again after80 days from second relation that happened on 13 december to the same test hiv1&2 antigen& antibody and i had result after two hours and the result was negative .

And i went to doctor for blood and he ask me for cd4/cd8 ratio and thr result was 2 and he told me you dont have any problem in your immune system , and the test for immune system did after two month from the second relation that happened on december 13 . Do you think i need mor test or im ok . Thank u

Fourth Generation Elisa test

I had protected sexual encounter with sex worker in Dubai in December of 2005 after 10, 11,20,27,37 days i had fourth generation Elisa tests.Than i had 2 cmia ag/ab test taken on 55th and 63rd day after the exposure.And the last Fourth generation test exactly on 68 days after the exposure.Results for all these tests came back as negative.Do i need to have another test?

Anti hiv1/2 P24 antigen ecl test is accurate at 91 days?

I have unprotected sex with hiv unknown status boy friend at 5 december.i m so worry for my status because my boy friend said he think that he have hiv because he had unprotected sex with call girl at 31 december.after 2 or 3 weeks he got fever and goes to doctor after testing his viral load for stds is so high so doctor suspect him about having hiv.as soon as i heard that i got shock because that kind of my boy friend may go to alots of call girl before we met.i think that if he have infection before 5 december,i got shock.now i get my 91 days anti hiv 1/2 p24 antigen ecl test result came back non reaction.viral load for syphilis was non reaction too.can i believe my result?is it considered conclusive.should i needs more test till 6 months?thanks u so much for your helpline info.your helpline is so helpful for me.so sorry for my poor english...

Sharing snorting equipment

Recently I shared snorting equipment (rolled bill) with my friends who i believe are HIV- (i dont have reasons to think differently). From what I remember i didnt see any blood on bill (I belive that if there was substantial amount of blood i would have noticed it). Additionally I think that i hadnt any cuts in my nose. So my question is : In this situation i have to test myself ? There was ANY risk ?

Lets assume that there was blood on rolled bill - ANY risk of hiv transmission ?

Sorry for my english because its not my native language but i hope you will understand everything what I wrote. Thank you very much for you help !



I had sex with a girl using condom, the condom was intact but slipped out like 20%. After sex, I withdrew my penis from her vagina without holding the end of the condom but the condom came out intact. Later, I read that one is supposed to hold the end of the condom during withdrawal to avoid leakage.from the base of the condom.

Can it be possible that her vagina fluid have leaked into the condom during withdrawal and infect me with HIV if she is positive?
Am worried because I asked the girl her status after the sex and she just told me its personal to her, I feel she may be positive.

Does this require a test?

Hiv transmission from bus.

Do anybody knowningly transfer hiv virus using needle when we are sleeping while we travelling in a bus or train.
Do we know if someone use needle while we had drunked.

Chance of a Rapid HIV Negative Test at 3 months turning positive?


First off thank you for the work that you do every day in helping folks with questions on such a terrifying disease. I am a young man who has had sex before, but I only recently started thinking about the dangers of sex and the transmission of HIV/STDs. Here is my question. Apart from the other times I've had sex in the past, I had sex with two callgirls, one in October and one in November. The first one was just oral and vaginal sex, but the other was vaginal and anal sex, again, all protected. Both told me they were HIV negative, but since then, I've had no sexual encounters altogether (mostly because I am just scared out of my mind).

I took an INSTI Rapid Test 66 Days (9 Weeks), 82 Days (11 Weeks), and then a final test at 95 Days (13 Weeks), all of which came back negative. I get that there was low risk to start, but so much stuff I read says 6 months is conclusive or 1 year is conclusive. What really worries me is that I'm in that 0.01% that receives a false-negative, only to test positive down the road. In these three months I have had headaches, a sore-throat, and sometimes have felt fatigue, but these have all been for 1 or 2 days at a time, or could be logically explained by something else - like walking out in the cold or not stretched before a workout.

I realize this all may be very trivial as opposed to other questions, but I just can't get this fear out of my head and would like to know what my chances are, realistically, of testing HIV-positive after the three tests that I mentioned above? One other issue of concern for me is that diabetes runs in my family, which I've heard can sometimes cause autoimmune problems - one of the reasons a 3-month HIV test is sometimes not reliable. I have not been diagnosed with diabetes or any autoimmune problems, but if I were to be living with diabetes and not know, could that have affected the three negative HIV tests I have already had?

Any help would be much appreciated. I just really want to see a day where the thought of HIV doesn't cross my mind in the span of 24 hours. Thanks?

Needle stick question

I am a health care provider, I tried finding the answer by looking through the history but I couldn't find one. My question concerns needles, is a (hollow) needle able to transmit the virus when stuck with one without a syringe attached to it? Syringes are very easy to spot in the health care environment as they are rather large, but a hollow needle (Detached from a syringe) by itself is very, very, hard to spot.

HIV Cut on Finger and Vaginal Secretion

A few days ago (I'd say three to four weeks) I satayed up late working when I had a cut on my finger while moving some books from one shelf to another. I've cut the skin the border the nails of my middle right finger and the skin was loose. It stopped bleeding shortly after that, but It was one of those cuts that still hurts when you make a fist.
The next day (about 5 to 6 hours later) I had sexual intercourse with a prostitute in a brothel, and at some point I used the cut finger in her anus (or vagina). When I finished, I noticed the skin was peeled back though it wasn't bleeding. It had a shade of pink and what appeared to be some secretion.
My concern is: If she has HIV, am I at risk? Is that the type of cut that can have me infected?

Condom reversed without my knowledge

I'm deep worried because I had sex with a sex worker and as I was drunk I don't know why she asked to change the condon. When she put the new one I felt some humidity in my penis. She also rubbed my penis vigorously, as it was flacid and at the moment I didnt think much of. Now I'm almost sure that she used the same condon reversed. After 9 days I started feeling the symptoms of the early stage, as muscle ache, chills, but no fever. After 20 days I got tested, it was a 4th generation test combined with antigen p24. The result was negative. What can I do?


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